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First of all, Lily was amazingly skilled with her tongue. Each of her motions was economically planned to produce the greatest amount of pleasure. The sheer physical joy of a loving touch might have been the strongest emotion of all. Lily knew what buttons to push on this part of the female machine. As the pleasure rose, so too did my sexual fog, as I was beginning to think of the phenomenon. My time in the sorority had rapidly shown me that there was a level of sexual arousal that I reached where rational thought fell away and I became a sort of animal. I existed only to receive sexual pleasure. Anything else faded. And this was the fogging of my rational mind that I slipped deeper and deeper into.

Finally, below that and barely recognizable to my mind (until later and in retrospect) was the emotional aspect. The complex emotions I felt for my sister were intensely contradictory. I was angry, I was hurt, and I was scared. But I also felt love for her, both because of the deep well of sisterly love that I hoped would always exist, and because I loved the pleasure she was bringing to my body. Finally, I felt disgust. This was wrong. I couldn't be feeling anything I was feeling. What would our parents think?

But my thoughts and fears seemed even more distant as Lily's tongue started to work faster. Her licking became less controlled. She pushed her tongue harder and flatter against my anus. She even made her tongue feel rigid for just a moment and I felt the bare tip of it press inside of me, then pull out and resume lapping,. Without thinking I brought on of my hands up to grab my breast. I squeezed my nipples and pushed my hips back, driving my ass hard into my sister's face. I was moaning loudly now, in unison with my sister. The rest of the house was floating away and I was desperate in my need for an orgasm. I'd never needed one so bad in my life. I felt my fingers digging deep into my breast. I was just about to move my hand away from my breast and down towards my clit, to give myself some relief, when I heard.

"Time!" Instantly, I felt Lily tongue pull away from my anus. My eyes fluttered open and the orgasm I had almost reached subsided slightly. The fear and disgust I'd suppressed rose to take its place. The room came back into focus and I saw the shocked faces of my sorority sisters. I looked around and saw that everyone's faces were flushed with the same combination of uncontained lust and also shame. They had liked what they'd watched but felt strange that they'd liked it. I found myself in a surprisingly similar boat.

"Very good, uh Ellie. Go back to the group," Heather said after a long pause. Even she looked like she had been slightly rocked by what she'd seen. Lesbian incest. That thought shot through my mind. It was enough to shock anyone, I guess.

As I returned to the group, I saw them avoid making eye contact with me. But I could sense that they weren't disgusted by me, I didn't feel any hostility. Instead, I felt that they were ashamed of themselves. That they hadn't stopped it and that they'd liked it. I turned and looked at the officers and they did the same.

Except my sister. At first, I could not tell what she was thinking. Her face glistened with my juices and her spit, her cheeks were red and her eyes were downcast. I could see her hard nipples through her shirt. Without realizing it, I noted in my mind that she looked beautiful. I thought about the pleasure she'd given me, but the weird circumstances surrounding it. I wondered if she was feeling the same thing that I was.

Finally, my sister seemed to sense that I was looking at her and she looked up at me. I almost stumbled backwards. I'd never seen hate like that in anyone's eyes before. She hated me, I could no feel it coming off of her. Regardless of what everyone else was feeling I could tell my sister was angry, ashamed, embarrassed, and confused. And she was blaming me. Whatever confused feelings I had before were multiplied a thousand times by two new ones, fear and guilt.

"Uh, let's keep the game going.

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