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While I was sucking his prick Dave informed me that he had a lodger who was probably on his way home, but I shouldn't be alarmed as his lodger would not do anything unless asked, but he told me his lodger also had very large prick .

I continued sucking Dave's cock, suddenly Tony, Dave's roommate, walked into the bedroom and exclaimed "MY, what have we here? Do you guys mind if I join in the fun?" he asked. The gay porn movie was still playing and Tony began to take off his suit, I continued sucking on Dave's nice big, thick prick, tasting the pre cum and loving it. Tony had removed his clothes and I was shocked when I saw his incredibly big, thick, very erect prick. Tony's prick may have been shorter than Dave's but maybe was a bit thicker. Tony was now lying next to me and started to kiss me, and suck my nipples as I continued to suck Dave's wonderful prick.

I was so turned on with two large pricks side by side I removed my mouth from one big thick prick and placed my mouth on Tony's thicker prick. I was so excited that I climaxed and shot my cum on the bed when my cock was not even being touched. I loved what I was doing. Tony said " stop sucking my I'll cum too soon". I wanted Tony to cum in my mouth but he said he "I want to fuck your ass". I was a little afraid of the pain I may experience with such a large, thick intruder entering me, especially after my last fucking from Dave when I was fucked stupid, but I was so turned on I really wanted it in me.

Tony told me to "get into the doggy position". However, I was told to "get in a 69" position by Dave so he could watch my ass being fucked while he and I sucked each other. We changed position and took each others prick's in our mouths as Tony applied some KY to his big thick prick and my asshole. Tony began by inserting one finger in my ass and pushing it in and pulling it out several times then two fingers in and out , I was really enjoying the anal penetration while I continue to suck a great prick, tasting the precum as my prick is being sucked and certainly leaking some precum of my own. Tony removed both his fingers and once again applied some KY to my asshole. Tony positioned himself so that his prick head was now at the entrance to my asshole.

Dave's cock was leaking precum in my mouth as I sucked his long, hard prick and Tony was now gently working his large prick head into my ass. It hurt and I moaned loudly as his cock head pushed through my sphincter muscles, but I groaned deeply and start begging him to "push more of his prick into my throbbing anal passage". Tony began to push deeper and deeper, his prick was so big and thick going into my ass it was painful, really stretching the muscle and invading my deepest recesses, but I was helping him get it into me by moving myself back onto his invading monster. Due to my previous sexual experiences with Dave, my asshole was feeling less pain and more pleasure as Tony's long, thick prick was now completely buried in my ass. Tony then started to fuck my ass by pulling out until the head was just inside and forcing the length deep inside my ass. I could feel his balls touching my balls.

My own prick was firmly locked into Dave's hungry mouth and his massive prick was deep in my mouth.

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