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Mr. Clerk never expected his substituting to go like this.

Stepping out of the shower I felt almost revived with a glow of contentment as I dried myself off. With all the action I have seen in the past few days I was amazed that I was still going strong.

Entering the bedroom I began to pick my clothes strewn about the floor, while I was emptying the pockets I found a familiar item, it was the friendship coin. Throwing the clothes into the hamper I kept the coin with me I wanted to show it to Cindy.

Enjoying the feeling of freedom I didn't bother wearing any clothing as I strolled into the living room. When a wonderful sire befell me as I saw Cindy in the kitchen preparing food. She looked radiant standing there naked glowing from her orgasms. I sat lazily on the couch. Picking up the remote I turned on the television to see what is on, and to kill time until she finished in the kitchen. I never really noticed what was playing as I randomly flipped channels, I just looked at the friendship coin while reliving in my mind the wild time I had during my trip in the mountains. My mind had been opened to a whole new world I never knew existed, the wild experiences I had so far were beyond belief. There was a new hunger in me that wanted to explore this new sensual enlightenment.

Only a short time lapsed before Cindy entered the living room with a tray of different prepared finger foods. I was more aware of her sensual curves as I stared at her sensually exquisite backside as she bent over to set the tray on the coffee table before me. She sat against me on the couch as I began to sample the different foods.

Cindy sat still snuggled against me, She seemed content to just watch me eat. But I knew there was something gnawing on her conscience, and she was trying to decide on the right words before she began. After a few minutes she slowly began to tell me about her activities while I was preoccupied with work. It was almost a whisper as she began to tell me her story.

She had played with her friends off and on for all of her adult life even half of her teenage life, long before she met me. The three I saw her with were only a few males of the five to eight couples that relished their sexual gatherings all this time. She explained that she never told me about it, because she thought I would not understand. I had always been straight laced with her trying to be the man of the house. She had a genuine fear I would think she was a slut, and would not understand that she had been on a higher level of sexual awareness then me. But she was very persuasive in the fact that she loved her friends as much as she loved me.

I sensed a slight twinge of apprehension in her voices as she began to tell me the erotic story of her sexual life. Starting back in high school when Cindy and her girlfriends became a tight group and would have wild sleepovers at each other's houses exploring their sexual awakenings in each person's body. These girls had built a bi-sexual friendship that would last well into their adult lives.

During her college years the group of girls all stayed together as they entered the same college. In time as each one married and they eagerly shared their husbands with each other. Having wild erotic orgies in the dorm rooms. When one of the girlfriends in the group felt the need for sexual release, they only needed to find which husband was home and go see him.

She talked in detail about her 21st birthday and the wild party her friends gave her. She was undressed and laid on a large table while the girlfriends had completely covered her with whip cream. While the girls gathered around the table and they licked the whip cream from her silky skin. But this was the appetizer to the real gift they had in mind. Each of the husbands would take turns climbing on the table screwing Cindy until she had reached a minimum of 21 orgasms. I could see her nipples harden as each wild story was beginning to arouse her.
After college most of the girls moved into homes around the

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