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A threesome & an insatiable hair stylist overwhelm a waiter.

Nadia climbed in next and Richard kneeled on the extra mattress on the floor. "I dare you to get in bed with us." Margaret chided. "Well now." Nadia thought to herself. "This is interesting." This was pretty risky behavior for the typically play-it-safe Margaret. She thought she might as well join in. "I triple dog dare you." She breathed aloud.

"I dare you to get naked." He replied whilst removing his clothing in the darkness.

Nadia immediately pulled off her top, revealing her large rounded breasts in the pale light from the street. Margaret squirmed. Richard stood waiting while Nadia gave him the once over.


"I'm working on it." She said wiggling out of her pants and panties, breathless with anticipation. Richard crawled over her as she dropped her clothing to the floor. They talked for a time, easily laughing and joking. Their bodies beneath the green velvety covers however were in a riot of tension, his heated smooth skin sliding along her side.

Margaret refused to take off her clothing, although she did remove her shirt. Perhaps she was trying to open up, or maybe it was just her abject need to fit in. Nadia would never know. As far as she was concerned Margaret was not participating fully and therefore would never know the entire gamut of the experience, from the elation of ecstasy to the shame of betrayal.

He chatted casually with Margaret as his hand approached Nadia's breast. It was a silken touch, a quick rub across the nipple, enough to drench her full again with her odd passion for this man. Of course, Margaret couldn't see this interaction, so she thought nothing of it and continued talking on. Richard took Nadia's hand and placed it lightly on top of his manhood. She smirked with mischief and began to massage little circles over his engorged balls. She knew full well what she was doing. She was baiting him into action. He grazed his hand down the length of her body, resting it on her velvety bush of pubic hair. He forced her legs apart lightly and began to stroke the length of her slit expertly. He could feel the juices beginning to flow within her and took his time, finding the little hood covering her clit.

He applied slow easy pressure at first. As soon as he realized the power he had over her he increased the speed. His dexterity was simply amazing. She bucked and thrashed about a bit as he wiggled his finger ever faster over her highly sensitive nub. She was shaking all over and couldn't help herself.

"Oh my god, you're better than my dildo." She whispered into his hair.

"You have a dildo?" He asked, relenting for a moment.

She sighed. "Yes. It's pink. I named her Eileen." "Eileen?"

"Yeah, like the song: Cum on Eileen."

He laughed. "Get her out; I'm sure she can move faster than my fingers."

Nadia swooned, a man unafraid of a dildo. However, she refrained. With Margaret lying next to them she felt uncomfortable. She'd been in a threesome before, but then all three were participating. Margaret simply lay on her side, facing away from them, cut off.

He knew he was pushing her boundaries. He was amazed he got her as far along as he did. He looked at her through the gloom in the room. He leaned into her ear and whispered: "I want fuck your brains out."

That was all it took.

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