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Wife texts me for a lunch date.

" She reached up and palmed them both, squeezing lightly and flicked her thumbs across the button sized aeroules and stiff nipples; "I wish mine were as firm and perfectly formed as yours are. My mouth just waters thinking about sucking on them. Your neck is sleek and long, your face is incredible and that raven hair of yours, I just wanna run my fingers through it as I cover your bee-stung lips with mine."

Mandy's eyes started to tear up and she reached for Kris and pulling her upward, their lips met and her arms enveloped Kris. Their tongue met and they swapped spit as their bodies molded against one another.

Their moment was interrupted when Bull climbed off the sofa and snuck in behind Kris. He began running his hands along her sleek back and gorgeous bubble butt. "My God woman, your ass is fine! Hell I'd have a tough time finding a sistas ass to match this one." He caressed it harder, separating her lush cheeks and dipping his finger into her juicy hole, he pulled it out and it was covered in Richard and her own cum. He twirled his fingers around her puckered hole and that brought a reaction from Kristen.

"Oh yessssss Bull, play with my ass! I can't remember the last time I had a cock that big in me, especially my ass." She turned back to Mandy and slid lower and began sucking and nipping at Mandy's incredible tits. In doing so, she pushed her ass up higher towards Bull's invading fingers.
Richard snuck around the backside of the sofa and climbed up into the back. He positioned his stiff cock over Mandy, his balls were resting on her forehead and he gripped her chin and tipping it upward, he sank his cock into her waiting and open mouth. He began fucking it, sinking it downward, past her gag reflex and slid easily into her throat. He pulled back and loved how his black shaft was shining from the large amount of saliva she had in her mouth. He began pumping up and down, sending his cock in and out of her mouth and throat.

Mandy with her head resting on the back of the sofa, her mouth was tipped upward, facing the ceiling. Her dark eyes were watering, sending streaks of mascara down the side of her cheeks, towards her ears. She was having a difficult time breathing, having a huge black cock in her mouth and Kris pressed against her petite body, sucking and gnawing at her ripe tits. She struggled through and felt some relief when Kristen rose up off her body.

Bull slipped his stiff cock into Kristen's pussy; it was like having a bulldozer running through her front door. She threw her head back and even though his cock stretched her to the max, after the initial shock, she wiggled her hips and pushed back, wanting more, needing more.

The two of them got into a steady rhythm and Kris resumed sucking on Mandy's tits briefly. She slid lower and attacked that juicy pussy that was leaking like a sieve. She screamed loudly into Mandy's cunt and latched onto her clit and thick lips as she felt Bull's cock enter the elastic ring of her asshole. She felt Bull pull roughly at her firm, ass cheeks, but didn't attempt to go further. He waited for her initial shock to wane. She relaxed her ass muscles and she released a hot burst of air into Mandy's pussy. She slowly resumed licking at Mandy's cunt and her groans got louder and more frequent as she felt Bull's cock slid deeper into her ass.

Bull reached around and began stroking her large button just at the entrance to her pussy.

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