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Alyssa shares her fantasy. Consider this foreplay.

The feeling was almost too intense, sending bolts of electricity straight down to her now, god help her, throbbing sex. She knew what he would find when his fingers reached their destination. She knew now that this was not going to be a physical rape but a rape of her will. This man, this stranger, was going to make her submit her pleasure to him.

His fingers slid over the soft satin of her panties, his fingers curling to just press against her opening. He sighed softly in her ear,

"Yes indeed, just what I thought. I can feel your hot, wet pussy even through your panties. I bet your clit is throbbing already, just aching for my finger...isn't it?" His crude words contrasted with his calm tone to send waves of desire through her. No one had ever talked to her like that, used that kind of language with her, and it shocked her to discover that it turned her on. But she couldn't speak, couldn't admit any of this to the man. She just closed her eyes and let out a soft moan of both pleasure and despair as his fingers pressed harder against her nipple. The hand that was cupping her sex started a slow pulse in time with the other hand that started firmly pinching and pulling her breast. Her nerves zinged with sensation, her knees wobbled and her head fell back against his chest. Without even really touching her, this man was bringing Kate to the brink of an orgasm. She refused to believe it, she couldn't believe it, she COULDN'T let this happen. She weakly started to struggle, the tears coming again as she fought against him, against herself.

The arms came back around her waist and he walked her quickly over to the bed. Quickly and efficiently he bent and stripped her panties off as he flipped her onto her back. His hands grabbed her wrists and extended them up, over her head. Before she could think again, a loop of soft rope was wrapped around both wrists and then pulled snug, and she was bound.

"Can't have you running away little rabbit, now can we? I think it's time I got as comfortable as you are." He stepped back from the bed and started unbuttoning his shirt. Kate's eyes widened as more of his chest was exposed, then as he shrugged out of his shirt she let out a small mew of appreciation at his masculine form. He grinned at her, flipping off his shoes before slowly unbuckling his belt. Kate swallowed against a sudden lump in her throat; she had felt his size as he was pressed against her, now she'd get to see first-hand the cock that was going to be ravishing her. Cock, she thought, I have never thought that word before now. A blush started on her cheeks as she realized that even thinking the word made her wetter.

He had the button of his jeans undone now, and was slowly sliding the zipper down. Finally he pushed the jeans off his hips and down, and stepped out of them. There he was, naked. Her eyes focused for the first time on his huge, hard cock. Oh, it was beautiful. She unconsciously licked her lips, a film of sweat forming across her brow as a flood of images crossed her mind of what that cock was going to do to her. He saw that she was staring at him and chuckled again, low and sexy. He reached down and started lightly stroking himself as he stepped towards her head.

"Is this what you want? Are you thinking about all the ways you are going to feel this? Or do you want a taste first? Hmm? Answer me."

The first hint of steel came into his voice at the last, and Kate stiffened a bit. She struggled to find her voice, finally looking up into his eyes and nodding slightly. He grinned down at her and leaned in, supporting himself against the headboard as his cock brushed across her lips. Her tongue flicked out to lick across the head and he purred. The scent, the taste of him broke open the floodgate inside Kate; she suddenly leaned up and buried her face in his crotch, kissing and licking him all over, everywhere she could reach. He let out a delighted laugh of triumph and reached down to untie her hands.

"No more running away little girl, not from me and not from yourself.

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