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A demon talks about humans & their concept of evil.

"That's amazing. How did you do that?" she asked, breathless from her memory ride.

"It's not that hard. I just have to remember create an atmosphere around me and replenish the oxygen from time to time. Getting the gravity to match the first couple of times was a little strange, but when I think about it, a solution usually comes to me."

"Enough bragging. Since you won't be here for long, I need what only Sheppard Delgado can deliver." She pushed me back onto the bed and straddled my stomach, peeling off her tank top in one smooth motion over her head. Those firm breasts bounced free, light scarlet areolas at full erection. She released her long hair and let it cascade over her shoulders and onto my chest as she leaned in and kissed me with deep longing. Her pelvis was doing a slow grind on my wakening cock. I could feel it growing in my loose linen beach pants until it stood straight up from by body, pressing into the groove of her groin and ass. She started to dry ride my erection, never breaking our kiss. Just when I thought I could take no more, she raised her leg and her hip and scooted down my body, breaking our kiss. She pushed the bottom of my raw silk shirt up, exposing me lean chest. She kissed and nibbled my skin, biting my nipples in turn. She kissed her way down the center of my stomach and lowered the waistband of my pants, releasing my erection into the seaside air. She licked down on side of my shaft and around my balls and back up the other side of my cock. It was exquisite and delicate. When she got back to the tip of my cock, she opened her mouth and plunged the entire damp length deep into her throat in one shocking thrust. Her hair pooled on my stomach and down my thighs as she started driving her mouth up and down on my hard cock. She slipped her hand around my balls and squeezed them, just to let them know she was thinking about them. I could feel her nipples grazing my thighs on each deep suck. I was ready to cum, but I made myself wait, bringing my orgasm back from the brink.

I flipped her over onto her back in one swift move. I stood up at the end of the bed and pulled her legs until her ass was over the edge of the bed. I let my pants fall to the floor and kicked them away. I pulled hers off over her hips and then hooked my fingers in the side of her panties and removed them both with a cooperative lift of the hips from Elle. As I knelt down to return the oral favor, my cock slapped her cunt and I felt her twitch involuntarily. I buried my face in her sweet smelling pussy. It was nearly hairless except for a little groomed patch in a diamond shape right above her slit. I pressed my nose into that tight patch of hair and stuck my tongue deep into her cunt. She spread her legs wide in response, sliding her hips further off the edge of the bed and putting more pressure on my face. My tongue swirled and dived, darted and dug. I could sense her release coming.

I let my saliva and her juices slip from her cunt down the crack of her ass, lubricating the light brown rosebud guarding her ass.

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