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When time management becomes a sensual game.

They took their seats and I poured the coffee.

"Cream, with black lace. And wet." Announced Jenny.

Caitlin cottoned on instantly.

"Green." She said. "And yes, also wet."

They both looked at me. After a long pause, I ventured;

"Alright. White."

Two pairs of eyebrows raised expectantly. They waited.

"I could probably knock nails in with it." I boasted.

"Come on." Ordered Jenny. "It's time."


The ride up to the room was uneventful. Once inside, the girls wasted no time in stripping. Caitlin was no disappointment. Under the dress she wore a green 'waspie' type corset which supported black stockings. She removed the matching bra and knickers. Those ripe, freckled tits were pushed up by the corset. And yes, her full but neatly trimmed bush was the same fiery red as her head hair.

She and Jenny came together in a long kiss, broken only by them falling sideways onto the bed. Jenny had left on the, as promised, black lace trimmed suspender belt.

They made torrid but gentle love, for their own pleasure. I was just the audience. But a very attentive audience, I had a fine close view of their couplings. First, Caitlin went down on Jenny's depilated vulva, then Jenny returned the favour on Caitlin's furry mound. Jenny then used the 'Becky' method to bring Caitlin to the first of her many orgasms. No faking. They were all real. Jenny was keen to give Caitlin the tit-in cunt-treatment she had learned from Chelsea, then demanded the same treatment from Caitlin.

I have no idea how often each girl came, but after what seemed an age, they took a breather. I had started my spectating by stroking my towering erection, but had to stop. I was so hard. Caitlin dipped into her bag and fished out a strap-on dildo, which she offered to Jenny. Jenny put the thing on, with Caitlin's help, then took it in her hand and pretended to wank it.

"Shall I leave you two to it?" I enquired. I felt surplus to requirements.

"Oh no," replied Jenny, " we have plans for you."

She waved the prosthetic in my direction. Realisation dawned.

"Oh no. No, no, no." I protested.

"Oh yes, yes, yes, yes." They trilled in unison.

"Be a good boy and take it like a woman," quipped Caitlin, "think of it as practice for increasing you income. 'Arse for rent.' Come on. On your knees."

What the hell, Jenny loved it that way, was I missing out? I knelt on the bed. Caitlin greased my trembling hole and guided the artificial prick to the mark. Jenny was gentle, pushing just the tip in and allowing my sphincter to accommodate to it, then driving slowly all the way in. She paused again, then began to fuck me. Of course it hurt. Or did it? Was it just prejudice? I relaxed and began to enjoy it.

"His cock and balls wave about as you fuck him," said Caitlin, "just like my tits do when I'm fucked from behind."

Jenny had to see. Caitlin strapped on the plastic prick and after more lubing, pushed it back up my, by now, welcoming arse-hole. Jenny lay almost under me to watch the real cock thrash about to Caitlin's thrusts. Caitlin knew just how to do it and only pushed in enough for the artificial glans to stimulate my prostate. Jenny stopped my prick-flailing by taking it into her mouth and I could not stop a tidal wave of spunk from powering out of me into her.

The spontaneity and the sheer power, caught Jenny by surprise and she released the still spurting organ so that if fired it's contents into her face. I fell forward onto the bed as Jenny recoiled from the unexpected stream. The two of us lay panting as Caitlin watched, concerned.

I would be no good to either of for some time, I had just had the best come of my life. Jenny decided to call time and dispatched a rather bemused Caitlin, clutching her __300.

So I did not get the chance to part the hair of Caitlin's burning bush with my one-toothed comb. Not at least, on that occasion.

I quickly recovered, and excelled myself by spunking four times more that night, twice into Jenny's cunt and twice up her arse. Just as well I was not working the next day.


Two weeks later and I was looki

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