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A trip to Cozumel gives Beth a new start.

"No, it's ok these shoes have me a little wobbly today. Thank you."

"No Problem. Be careful now."

"I will, thanks again." There was a long stare that followed. Her light brown eyes beckoned me into her presence even further. I felt myself starting to blush, so I looked off. My mind was wandering as I panned the car aimlessly looking at this or that. I braced as the next stop approaches. She slides closer to me as another round of people file into the car. She is right under me but facing away from me now. The doors shut and I look down at her as she looks up at me. We exchange smiles just as the train departs. The next stop is a pretty dead station. Like clockwork though the train stops and this time the doors behind me open. I'm pushed out by lil mama as she makes her way out, behind me.

"Ummmmm, this isn't my stop miss lady."

"But it is today. You look too damn good for me not to have my way with you."

"Ummm, I have to be to work." The train takes off.

"Looks like we have to catch the next train."

Her little dominant ass had me backed onto a pillar by this time. I wasn't scared by any stretch, just wasn't sure what the hell was going on. Her voice was music to my ears though. If she keep it up, I going to be putty in her hands. She pressed up on me her small frame pinning me to the structure. My dick couldn't help but swell. The station was pretty barren but that was subject to change at any moment. She ran her hands down my chest and abdomen. I was frozen in complete awe. She wrapped one hand around my neck and pulled me into her neck. I breathed into her and fell into her spell. Her free hand roamed my thigh until she found my stiff dick.

"Mmmm... that damsel in distress thing turns me the fuck on. On top of it all my hero is a fine ass specimen." She was stroking the head of my dick through my slacks. "You've come to my aide now let me aide you." She found my zipper and burrowed her hand in my pants once the zipper came down. Only road block now was my boxer briefs. This "Damsel" began wrestling with my belt buckle, virtually clawing at my member. Once free she kneeled and planted steamy kisses around the head of my dick. I don't think I ever been this hard in my life. I could hear footsteps approaching from the other side of the pillar. That only added to my excitement. A cell phone rang the closer the person go, it was a woman's voice that answered the call. By this time the head of my dick had disappeared in to her mouth. Her mouth was so warm and wet I briefly lost my cool and moaned aloud. I heard the lady pause mid-sentence, as her voice stopped echoing momentarily. Her lips were inching deeper and deeper. I could hear the conversation resume, I too heard the next train approaching.

"Oh my fucking God" I mumbled partly because this shit felt amazing, but also knowing a packed train would be pulling up in seconds. It was as if the train was an overdrive switch for her, as she got more aggressive and sloppy with the toppy. "Shit here comes the train." I think to self. It stops, but she doesn't. The doors open and I look over. I see the lady who was on the phone walking to board. She looks over her shoulder and spots us just as she crosses the thresh hold. Her mouth drops. Her gawking causes a few more people to take a glance. They all had the same exact reaction. I saw a few phones go up, but the train began to ease on down the tracks. Slurping loud as fuck she continued to work me. I was fighting to hold my nut back, I didn't want to cum without filling her hot box with my rod. I watched her hands slip under her now rolled up skirt, between her ample thighs. She continued working me hands free as she began moaning on the dick. The vibrations sent chills up my spine. Just then I heard a few more people come into the station. It was time to test her out for real.

Her wet creamy fingers left her pussy lips and found mine as she stood to her feet.

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