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Harper is treated to a sexy show from Vivika while in class.

But then the story took an unexpected turn and Crystal found herself awake. The girl in the story received instructions from a master to begin her recruitment protocol. She pinned her owner to the bed and stared deep into his eyes. He couldn't look away, couldn't focus on anything but the pleasure as she slowly pulled him under a hypnotic trance. Crystal was appalled by the idea being commanded to hypnotize someone against their will. She only hypnotizes willing people who want to be blank obedient sluts.

Crystal was feeling horny and frustrated. It kept happening right at the best part, and every time it happened her arousal and frustration grew stronger. Fortunately there was always another story to fall into. This time Crystal was at the mercy of a dominant couple, Tristan and Melissa. They knew her greatest weakness. Tristan grabbed her by the hair and pulled tight. Her mind went blank. She felt paralyzed, powerless, and incredibly turned on. He kissed her deeply, then forced her head slowly downwards. She planted a line of kisses down his chest and tummy. He let go when her lips met his crotch and Melissa was there to take over.

Melissa was kneeling next to Crystal and already had Tristan's erect member in her hand. She began licking around the tip and she pulled Crystal's head in close so that they could both lick together. Their tongues met in a French kiss with a throbbing manhood in the middle. They licked up and down his shaft, pleasuring him together. Melissa took him into her mouth for a while, then she made Crystal do the same. She took hold of Crystal's hair and forced her head up and down, deeper and deeper onto his pleasure rod. Then she pulled Crystal's head all the way up so they could switch positions.

Melissa laid down and pulled Crystal's head into her crotch. Crystal got on all fours with her ass in the air, and Tristan took her from behind. He thrust into her as Melissa began grinding on her face. She licked with abandon and pushed her hips back to take in more of Tristan's cock. She moaned in pleasure as Tristan ploughed into her, and Melissa made use of her slutty little tongue. Crystal cried out "Oh yes! I'm gonna, I'm gonna c-"

She fell just short of that wonderful climax and found herself awake once more. The story told her that she could think about being a blank obedient slut all the time. It told her to make excuses and reasons not to worry about how often she wanted to go blank. She knew that was trouble. The reason she quit in the first place was because couldn't stop thinking about being blank. Now the story was telling her that was okay, and she wanted to accept it. The story went on to suggest that she accept and embrace the author's endgame, whatever that may be. That suggestion felt terribly out of place, but Crystal soon found out why it was there.

She found that answer in another story. This time she was a housewife, dusting the living room, when she found a strange booklet. It was an owner's manual for a Permanent Personal Servant, or PPS for short. The manual contained built in commands that a PPS was programmed to follow, instructions on how to reprogram a PPS's personality, and instructions on how to reset a PPS to her factory settings.

Permanent personal servants, the manual explained, are deeply hypnotized to perfectly obey their owner. However, their programming wears off over time and they become self aware. When that starts to happen their owner needs to leave this manual lying around. The PPS is programmed to notice it and start reading. The manual is designed to draw her into trance, exhaust her mind with a thought shattering orgasm, then reinforce her programming by having her mindlessly reread it.

The whole thing felt surreal, and Crystal woke up feeling worried.

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