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Heroine works out a scheme to get Bator for herself.

We finished dinner quickly and I reached across the table and held her hand. She smiled softly and the flame from the fire danced in her eyes. I kissed her hand gently and stood bringing her with me.

Wrapping my arms around her waist, she leaned up and kissed me as we started to walk towards the bedroom. The moon basked the bedroom in it's glow and we continued our kiss as I roamed my hands up her sides softly and began to kiss down her neck causing her to shiver slightly. She pulled the shirt off my shoulders as I lifted her top over her head and laid her back onto the bed, my eyes trailing down her body, and began to kiss at her neck again nibbling slightly. Lower and lower I kissed until I was at her pert breasts and took her pink nipple into my mouth, running my tounge over it causing it to harden at my very touch.

Her breathing was beginning to get heavier when I moved to her other breast and her hands began working at my jeans, unbuttoning them and working them down my hips and down onto the floor, causing my dick to spring from it's captivity to full attention. She pulled my head up from her breasts and kissed me deeply laying me back until my head rested onto the pillows. She nibbled at my ear softly causing me to close my eyes and submit as she dove down between my legs and began to take me into her mouth. She worked the shaft slowly and lovingly, bobbing her head softly up and down and sliding her hand along with it.

Her expert tongue worked the underside of my dick and I gasped softly as she moaned, tasting the precum and flicking her tongue about the tip. I felt her hands move underneath and begin to massage my balls, rolling them softly between her fingers and I knew I could not take much more of this treatment. I wanted desperately to pull from her warm mouth and slide myself into her but she would have none of it and worked me harder sensing I was near climax. Finally I could hold out no longer and I sprayed my cream into her mouth, hitting the back of her throat. She swallowed down every drop and stroked her tongue along every ridge to catch anything that she may have missed before rising again and laying down next to me.

I struggled to catch my breath for a few moments but I knew my love was not always a very patient woman. She kissed me softly, and I could taste my salty cum on her lips as she began to work my dick again with her hand trying to revive it as I slid my hand down her hip and began to undo her jeans. It would not be long before her jeans were on a heap along the floor and my dick was once again at full mast, straining to get some release but I would not rush our night together for it was my turn now as I kissed down her sides and rubbed her clit with my thumb as I nibbled softly along her inner thigh. She closed her eyes and shuddered with pleasure as I continued my upward trend and dove my tounge into her valley, running my tounge up and down her wet slit.

She moaned loudly as I continued to tease her with my tongue, running it up and down her pussy before finally flicking at her clit with the tip of my tongue and lapping generously at the juices that were leaking from her. She continued to breath heavily and ran her fingers through my hair while I continued to massage her, applying more pressure with my tongue before diving in deeper, drinking at all the juices.

Her taste was sweet and tangy. The nectar was intoxicating and I continued to suck on her until finally I could hear her breathing getting shorter and heavier, she continued panting before finally crying out loud and climaxed into my mouth, squeezing my head between her thighs. I began licking up as much of her juice as I could but she would not allow me to have much as she quickly reached down and pulled me up face to face. She kissed me deeply and began roaming her hands over my body, thrusting her hips upwards trying to insert me into her.

'Oh god, please enter me baby.

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