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"Mmm...well, should you take pictures of them and wish to share," he said with a wink.

Her face reddened slightly. Valerie swallowed nervously, sitting down and returning to the coffee service. "Maybe someday. When I finish..." she let the thought slip away, her eyes mostly kept down and away from Pat.

..."finish what?" Pat probed. "Finish remaking yourself? I can see the start you've made, and I barely know you. I'm sure Ben is as happy with the results as you are, yes?"

She shook her head just a bit and Pat nodded. He quietly took a plate of cake. "Come on, I'm too wet for this room. Let's go to the kitchen and check that coffee. We can talk about why we've never really talked before. Or anything at all, really...What prompted you to begin making a change?"

The pair moved out into the hall and down to the other room. It, too, showed the sign of being carefully seen to and kept up. Everything had a place and nothing seemed to be out of place from what Pat could tell. He could tell the kitchen was used, though; it had that sort of lived in feel to it.

There was a smell that he couldn't put a name to hanging in the air. It might have been a type of potpourri or very mild incense, but he wasn't sure. Whatever it was, it fit the room nicely, and blended in with the sounds also.

From the counter by the stove, the coffee machine was just finishing up. The mild little drip it made mingled with the rhythmic hum and whirl of a washing machine that Pat could just make out running in the background somewhere.

"It's just silliness," Valerie was saying as she took their cups and began to fix coffee for them. "I read something that sparked a thought that I needed to try and improve some things, that's all. How we would all get along better if we knew something more about what makes us tick. So, I decided to begin finding that out with me. It's sort of a special present for me. My birthday is in a few weeks." "My birthday was earlier in the summer," Pat remarked. "I'm just about to crest the next hill. Forty is a hill, a milestone, isn't it? I mean still. The way things seem to be happening with regards to keeping people healthy and fit these days I never seem to remember when I'm allowed to consider myself old."

"You're only as old as you feel."

"True enough, I suppose. At least, that's what they'd have you believe." Pat took a deep breath and sipped at the coffee cup he held. "So, umm, what exactly did you mean by tick?"

Valerie laughed. "Well, I was referring to general interests, but you can read into it whatever you want." The merriment in her eyes radiated out between them, and Pat ran a hand over his chin as he thought for a moment.

"Ah...well, let's I even have those any more? I sometimes wonder." Pat turned his head to glance in Valerie's direction and found her eyes already on him. "I mean, I still have my writing. Sometimes, I manage to squeeze in a roleplaying session or a movie; but between work and helping out Allan, I'm more than a little tied up."

He smiled, adding, "Not in a good way, either. You mean stuff like that?"

Nodding, Valerie said, "It's a start. I know what you mean about finding time for such things. I never have the time for all the reading, writing, and movie-going that I would like. You've seen the kids. They're good...very good...but three of them is still an awful lot of time and care. Now that they've all started school, I've begun to pencil in some volunteer time here and there, maybe a day in the gym or out biking, but have yet to get back to hobbies."

Just outside the kitchen windows, the rain took a turn towards the heavy side. Pat felt what was coming before it happened. A large crash of thunder announced to everyone for miles that the storm was not only back, but bigger and closer than before. Valerie started at the noise, and Pat stepped in without thinking and laid a hand on her shoulder.

"It's just noise, you know.

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