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A follow-up session with Dr Love to fulfil her fantasy.

Is that too weird?"

"Oh, Honey, no! Not at all. I'm guessing it is hereditary because my father did, too and, as long as we're in confession mode, I get aroused from smoking, too. When you were about fifteen years old, I got a little turned on every time I asked you, just like a few minutes ago, to get my pack of cigarettes so I could see you holding them.

"Wow, Mom, that's amazing. I can get turned on just seeing your pack sitting on the table. As I focus on it, I get, well, you know."

"An erection?"

"MOM!!! Jeez, Mom, really? Well, yes. To be honest, I'm aroused right now just watching you smoke."

"Well, now. I'm just a bit hot myself but I think it's time to change the subject. What do you say we go into the living room and watch a movie?"

Mike put one of his mother's all-time favorite movies, Sand Pebbles, into the DVD player, started the video and sat next to her on the sofa. The movie played for about twenty minutes before he decided to put his left arm around her shoulders. She slid towards him then he laid his hand on her shoulder and she immediately stiffened, for a split second, before relaxing.

A few minutes later he began to massage her shoulder. Jean was so content sitting next to her handsome, masculine son that she slid closer to him and rested her head on his chest. He looked down at her as she looked back at him and their eyes locked. He could smell the aroma of her shampoo and her smoky breath as he put his cheek against hers then kissed her earlobe, licked it and nibbled it. In her ear he whispered,

"I love you, Mom."

Jean placed her right hand on Mike's left thigh then they kissed. Lips only, at first, he started to kiss her cheek and forehead then she kissed him on his cheek before they began pecking at each other's face until their lips met and there they lingered. As their breathing was getting heavier, their lips parted simultaneously and their wrestling tongues pushed to get into each other's open mouths.

Mike broke off the passionate French kiss and began to kiss and lick her cheek as he moved down her jaw, to her neck and finally sticking his tongue into her ear. Jean reached her left arm to his right side and hugged him tightly and he nibbled her earlobe again.

"Mom, I have never loved anyone as much as I love you right now."

"I know, Baby, I feel the same way and I have, for so long, wanted to be this close to you."

"Mom, I want you to know I have never wanted to make love with anyone as much as I want to make love with you right now. And you'll notice I said make love 'with' you, not make love 'to' you."

Their lips met and their tongues lashed at each other trying to push into each other's mouths, again. She moved her hand from his side down towards his crotch. As he continued massaging her shoulder with his left hand, he began to fondle her breasts with his right. Suddenly, they both sat up straight and looked at each other, eye to eye. Neither blinked. His erection was straining to get out of his pants and Jean's vagina was drenching wet and hot!

"Mom, I love you more than anyone. You know that, don't you?"

"Yes, my darling, Son and I love you the same. I am in ecstasy having you this close to me. I need you."

"Do you remember what you said to me when I first arrived home? How if I weren't your son what you'd like to do with me? Something about dragging me into your bedroom, wasn't it?"

They got up from the sofa, with the movie still playing on the screen, took each other's hand and trotted to her room. They were both intensely aroused. Ultra horny, if you will. They were taking their clothes off in a mad rush. They were naked and standing face-to-face, admiring what they each were beholding.

Mike's erect penis was sticking out, and up, and dripping pre-cum.

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