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When one body exerts a force on a second body...

As she lay there kissing me I dropped my hands to the hem of her t shirt, pulling it up as my knuckles dragged over her smooth skin.

She broke the kiss and lifted up, letting me take it off. As she freed her arms she slipped her shoulder straps down and wriggled them down and off. Her breasts bulged out as the cups fell away and she twisted it around her to undo the clasp.

Her nipples pointed up, the white triangles framing them contrasting sharply with her tanned body. I looked past them and up into her face, seeing the excitement shining in her eyes as she smiled.

I reached up and pulled her to me, flesh to flesh as I embraced her, feeling her breasts crushed against me and her hot breath on my cheek. She was content to lie a moment before pulling up to resume our kiss.

I brought my hands around and slid my fingers to take her breasts; she arched and gave me free access, letting me cup them from the side with my thumb pressed on her nipple. She moaned into my mouth as I began to circle, the weight of her hips increasing the pressure on my helmet wedged in her crotch.

She broke the kiss and I urged her sideways, letting her roll onto her back as I rolled to my side and twisted around onto my knees and leant in to suck on her nipple. While my tongue played my hand came to her mouth and I rubbed a finger over her lips, letting her suck it into wet it before planting it on the other nipple.

I played with her breasts and nipples, sucking and licking each turn after turn till she lay moaning with pleasure, her hands rubbing through my hair. I swapped again and trailed my fingers down to her waistband and then down over the silky material to cup her mons.

I could feel the dampness through it and the outline of a tiny thong under it, I pressed in with my middle finger and massaged it, sliding it around as I pressed down. Her moaning increased and suddenly she arched her hips, bringing her hands down to push her leggings down over her hips.

I scrambled around to help her, manoeuvring myself to pull them down her calves and off. I tossed them off the bed as her legs fell open in front of me, revealing her pussy in all its glory. I was surprised to see her heart shaved pubes, she'd had it shaped a few days ago judging by the stubble.

"For my boyfriend, to take my heart with my virginity," she said, following my eyes.

I glance up at her and leant forwards. And aimed my tongue at the little curl left covering her hood and clit, brushing through the hair as I parted her lips and pushed her thighs wide.

"Ah," she cried as I found it.

I pressed my tongue in and drew it down, parting her lips as I traced down the valley. She gave a sigh and pulled her legs wider as my hands slid up her thighs, letting the aroma out to excite me more with the flood of pheromones.

My thumbs were massaging her outer lips while my tongue played inside, ringing her tunnel and finding it small. Her moaning brought me back to her clit to hasten her on, give her a first orgasm that would make screwing her to the second one easier.

Her skin was slick with her hard nub easy to find, I made a couple of crossing passes and then as she pressed against me, I sucked it in and squeezed with my lips as my tongue fluttered over it. She let out a small cry and I bent my head to glance up and see her massaging her breasts, her head twisting and rolling.

I released her clit and began to stroke the alphabet over it, feeling the slight shiver pass through her before she suddenly jerked and cried out. She shuddered and I drew slightly back, only to feel her hand press down and push me back in, lapping at the juices as she trembled again.

As she relaxed her hand slipped from my head, I backed out and moved around to lie beside her.

"Are you ready?" I whispered in her ear.

She turned her head and reached to touch me. "Yes," she said softly back.

I eased myself over her, splitting her legs and balancing on my hands.

"Go on, take it and put it in.

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