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Young guy takes time to settle down, but does it stylishly.

Well actually she said she wanted to fuck his brains out. Then there was the night of prom where something had happened between the two of them in an upstairs bedroom.

"Really? I don't think phone sex would keep your relationship going."

I knew it. She wanted my boyfriend. She continued to talk before I could speak.

"Plus it's not like you couldn't still have phone sex just because you're not in an ongoing relationship."

She did raise a valid point.

"And I'd think that one of you could always make the drive to see each other. To me that'd be way hotter sex than having to sustain the relationship all the time." She finished her convincing argument.

Not that I was actually considering keeping a relationship with Brandon when I went to college. I felt deeply for him but knew statistically speaking that it wouldn't be in our favor. I was actually going to try and stay single my first year or two so I could focus on my grades and eventual degree. But she didn't need to know that right now.

"You make some good points Ash," I began as our teacher started the roll, "but we both know you can't wait for me to leave so you can seduce him again."

Ashley lowered her voice to a whisper, "I don't want to seduce him, I want to fuck him!"

I wanted to respond but the teacher glared at the two of us so I stayed silent.

As far as Brandon was concerned I only saw him in passing for the morning periods. It wasn't until lunch time that I got the chance to sit down and talk to him. Unfortunately for him I had given Ashley's comment some thought and managed to come up with something fun to try with him.

"Hey babe!" He greeted me with a smile.

"Hey yourself! How you feeling?"

"Oh I'm just fine today. Can't wait till we are done with this place and enjoy summer." He paused. "And I really can't wait to see you in a bikini again!"

I could feel the color rise in my cheeks. "Really? You want me in a bikini?" I decided to tease him a bit.

"Hell yeah. You're quite stunning in case you didn't know."

"I just meant that I thought you'd rather see me in my bra and panties, or nothing at all."

Now it was his turn to blush. "Well yeah of course. I mean uhh, I'd love to!" He said a little awkwardly which made me giggle.

"Hey, why don't you sit next to me instead of across from me?" I asked him.

"Well um," he looked around at the crowd of students, "I don't really want to stand up right now." He hinted.

"Oh really?" I instantly knew I had aroused him and something came over me.

I slipped off the shoe on my right foot and moved it forward till I found his knees. His eyes widened at my boldness but he also smiled and put his hand on my foot. The contact wasn't yet sexual but I could feel a warmth grow inside of me.

I let him move my foot until I could feel his hardness. I ran it along the full length and back again.

"If you want me to sit next to you I think you'll have to be the one to move." He grinned.

I stroked him for a few more seconds before I stood up and walked around to his side. He put his hand on the bench seat, palm side up. I just smiled at him and lowered myself until my butt was only an inch or so from fully sitting down. He squeezed and molested me for a few seconds. I don't mind saying that I loved that he loved my butt. When his hand moved to my inner thighs I quickly sat down though. There was no way I was letting him go that far in the lunchroom.

"Aww you spoiled my fun." He protested.

"My butt is one thing but that was too far." I explained.

"Well let me feel your ass again." He suggested.

"Nope. It's off limits now." I realized I had a great segue into what I had been thinking about all morning. "In fact ALL of me is cut off until the weekend."

His smile quickly disappeared.

"Unless of course, you do something to entertain me." I could feel the Cheshire grin form on my face.

"What um, what do you mean?" He seemed confused.

"Well let me explain. You really like my butt right?"

"I think I tell

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