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Depressed on her anniversary, she gets a surprise.

Her legs were crossed, the same black skirt and boots revealing the same portion of tantalising skin.



She smiled at me, a friendly smile. 'Shall we go?'

'Oh.' I cast about for something to say before settling on 'Yes.'

She nodded, smiling again, and tilted in her chair to swipe her bag from under her desk before standing up in a graceful, smooth motion, going without a fraction of a hesitation from sitting to standing. 'Would you..?' she asked, motioning towards a small pile of books on her desk. 'Since you were so kind yesterday.'

I acquiesced, and followed her out of the room, my eyes alternating frantically between the curve under her skirt, the white length between skirt and boot and the just-visible mark of her bra -- I could barely see, but it was white today -- against the back of her skirt. She locked the door, and I followed her down the stairs, holding the stack of books out to my side so as to be able to see her. 'Where are we going?' I hazarded, trying not to fall over under the combination of weight and distraction.

'Just somewhere we can talk,' she said, and I heard again the sleek power concealed in her voice under those layers of nervous innocence. She must be getting excited too.

I could feel the front of my jeans beginning to stretch out in anticipation. I wanted more than nothing else to leap on her right there, but my fantasies were interrupted by footsteps coming up the stairs and past us. The teacher who had been typing in the staff room yesterday nodded politely as he passed, and I resisted the urge to punch him.

We exited the building and headed for her car, a small vehicle the same shade as her top. It was, like she herself, in pristine condition, cleaned regularly, and ran very smoothly, making gentle purring noises. I deposited the books in the back seat, where she carefully placed her bag, and put my seatbelt on.

She was a careful driver, and her seatbelt nestled perfectly between her large breasts, highlighting the valley between them with such precision that I would almost have thought it knew what it was doing. I was glad it was her driving and not me; I could see the toned muscles in her legs moving as she depressed the pedals, and her breasts moving slightly as her arms surrounded them to hold the wheel. When I tore my gaze away to glance at the road, however, I realised something.

'We're going out of town?'

She nodded, keeping her eyes on the road.

'I didn't think there were any caf__s out this way...'

'There aren't,' she said in a beautifully measured tone, and my heart skipped.


'We're going to my apartment.'


She had said it so calmly, as if it were nothing, but my cock took it as far more than nothing. My mind filled with visions of slamming myself into her, letting her warm mouth overtake me, filling her completely -

'Are you alright?'

'Oh. Yeah.'

We spent the rest of the drive in silence. My heart almost matched the revolutions of the engine, beating hard in my chest, and I was sure she noticed my suddenly ragged breathing, but she said nothing, simply watching the road and driving as if nothing were out of the ordinary. I would have been crashing, speeding, doing whatever the hell I could to get there as fast as humanly possible, but she was restrained and cautious. I barely even noticed when we arrived.

'This is it,' she said. Again with the calmness! Her voice barely ever modulated from pure serenity, and it was beautiful and it was frustrating and it was turning me on so fucking much.

Her apartment was plain, modest. Like her, like her car, pristine and minimalist. I had come to expect this. We entered, again in silence, to a cream-coloured room with a modest television on the wall, a sofa and armchair and a small wooden table. I placed the books on the table carefully, watching her as she bent slightly to drop her bag next to the sofa.

'So what are we doing here?' I asked tentatively.

She looked me straight in the eyes.

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