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A romantic tale of erotic swapping.

And hell, I can't say the thought hasn't crossed my mind."

They finished their meal, Justin leaving a hefty tip behind as they left. Hands still clasped, they walked out the doors and gave the valet their number for him to return the car. Angela shivered a little in the open air. "Cold?" Justin asked.

"No, just not as warm as when we went in, and this dress doesn't cover much." She smiled, one hand indicating the length of her torso.

Justin drank in the sight as he looked down at her, her nipples noticeably showing through the thin material and answering the question of whether she was wearing a bra. "Well, you look absolutely amazing. Fantastic is an understatement. Here," he said, taking off his suit jacket. "This should help some." He draped it across her shoulders and put an arm around her back, pulling her in. "Thanks Justin. You're such a nice guy." Angela smiled at him, giving him that warm and slightly uneasy feeling. "Don't worry about it" he said. "I don't get cold easily. Plus, it always amuses me how people here call 70 degrees in November cold. I guess growing up in a place where in snows and rains in the winter makes me wonder how people in Phoenix can call sunny and 70 cold. Ha! It is a beautiful night though." The valet pulled up in the car, Justin tipped him, then they both climbed in, heading for Myst.

During the drive and at the club they discussed their personal lives, where they grew up, family, friends, the paths they took to work at the same place. The next few hours went by quickly as they danced and drank becoming more and more comfortable with each other. During one particular dance Angela was grinding her ass against Justin's throbbing crotch, both of them gyrating and dancing to the music. His hands traveling the length of her torso from mid-thigh to shoulders, lingering every step of the way. She ground back against him, his cock firmly between the globes of her ass, nothing but thin material between his cock and her ass. Both were breathing heavily by the end of the song, clinging to each other as they moved across the dance floor to the bar.

"My, you're a big boy!" Angela hollered into his ear over the thumping strains of music. "If I didn't know better, I'd say I did that to you." She grinned squeezing his cock through his pants, then pulling away and ordering drinks for them. Justin tossed a couple large bills on the counter to pay for their drinks and the previous round. "I'm so wet I can't think straight," she said, nibbling his ear, the alcohol obviously affecting her inhibitions.
"Maybe we should lay off the booze a bit," Justin said, obviously wanting her, but not if she was inebriated. He wanted her to be herself and not just another drunk chick he took home like back in his crazy college days. "I don't want you to do anything you'd regret."

"I'm drunk but not stupid, Justin. I know what I'm doing; I just finally have the courage to say it. I've always thought you were hot and tonight I've realized how great a guy you are." She stood up on her toes and planted her soft full lips against his, hungrily kissing him.

At first he hesitated, but then kissed her back with equal force and passion, their tongues swirling together. Justin kissed along her jaw line tracing it with the tip of his tongue, his kisses trailing down her long smooth neck, one hand entwined in her hair holding her head, the second hand pulling her closer to him by the hips.

Angela moaned in ecstasy, hands on the back of his head pulling him to her as he kissed along her collarbone and the hollow of her throat. She could feel her pussy was soaking wet and pulsing with a mind of its' own as she ground herself against his thigh. She needed him now and needed him in her. God, she was so horny!

Justin kissed her throat and neck, moving his lips down to her breastbone, just above her cleavage, kissing and nuzzling her flesh.

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