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Sarah's sex teacher is a big surprise with a big surprise.

As you correctly assumed, the view of my bedroom at home was displayed.

"Your stepmom should be in the room momentarily," Rachel told me sweetly, although I knew she was in Mistress Raven mode commanding Barbara to perform. I watched as she sat down and patted the other chair indicating I should join her. She was wearing her bathrobe. I could sense she was naked underneath. I could also sense this might be a turning point in our relationship. Or maybe that was just my heightened arousal. I went over to my closet and stripped out of my clothes putting my own bathrobe on before joining her. I would have liked to have time for a bathroom masturbation session to take the edge off, but that wasn't to be.

We had seen each other naked getting ready for or returning to the shower with increasing frequency. I think we both had an exhibition streak. I knew Rachel did. Mine might have been borne on my unspoken desire to please her. Either way, sitting next to her preparing to watch a live porn performance was a definitely change in our relationship. Barbara appeared soon after I took my seat. She was wearing her red silk nightgown. I'd always loved the way it hung to her curves (she would wear it around the house when dad was home) but somehow it was extra-naughty that she was wearing it for Raven. She was holding her laptop. She sat on the edge of my bed and began typing. If she suspected we were watching, she gave no indication she knew. The framing from the camera was perfect.

"Thank you Mistress for this afternoon's task," she began. "I loved paddling myself. I ended up doing thirty spanks on each cheek and yes they were firm. I was all tingly and warm by the time I finished and put in the plug. I sat down on my desk chair to take a picture of me getting ready for you. Sorry it is a little blurry. I was so excited by the feeling of the plug on the chair, I couldn't sit still.

You have trained my ass to love being full. Will you fuck it properly when we meet? I mean, I can't wait for you to claim my pussy as your own. But will you do the same to my ass? Please."

My inability to Jill off after getting back to the dorm so Barbara's message was definitely having a quick effect on me. Rachel's breathing was also becoming more labored. We were both looking at the screen and not each other as Barbara continued.

"Having Julie over was very naughty fun," she said. "Thank you for suggesting it, Mistress. She had no clue my ass was bright red or that my ass was stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. It was tough not to fidget when I was sitting in front of her, but that was not as tough as suppressing the desire to jam my fingers in my pussy. She is so cute and looked so innocent sitting across the table from me. I can't even imagine what she would think if she knew I was your slave. In my mind she asked what was wrong with me and I couldn't help but confess. She then stood up, walked around the table and grabbed my hair forcing me to bend of the table. My little tennis skirt would offer no protection and she would spank me again for being such a bad mommy and would twist my plug back and forth. I would be moaning in pleasure but would not cum until she slid her fingers between my legs and into my very receptive pussy. I'm pretty desperate to cum, Mistress. Thank you for having me go into Julie's room. I'll cum twice as hard knowing I'm on her bed. I'm putting on the spreader bar now."

The flash flood had returned between my legs. I stared straight ahead at the screen not wanted to know if Rachel could see my condition. Barbara was certainly not helping me calm down.

"I hope you like this nightie.

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