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Jessica needs to move. The man in charge takes charge.

"Oh, well, what can I say?" I say joking flipping my hair flirtatiously, still incredibly nervous wondering what was going on behind his gorgeous eyes. I look at Brandon's seat and he has disappeared. He must have gone to the bathroom, but I was so transfixed with Colt that I didn't even notice that he left. "But it doesn't matter anyway because, alas..." I hold up my wedding ring finger and point to it, "I have a husband."

Colt keeps his stare, but doesn't say anything. I don't want to seem weak so I keep the stare on him. I feel a wetness drip down my inner left thigh, as the silence grows intense. His phone vibrates one more time, and the name reads 'Becca.' Damn, this stud is seeing at least 3 different girls and couldn't care less, as he makes no reaction to it. He leans forward and takes a drink. "So tell me about him."

Even after all that, I was shocked by his boldness. "My husband?"

"Who else?" He gives an evil grin. I wish he'd stop doing that. It was driving me insane.

"He, uh, he..." I didn't even know what to say. "He looks a lot like Brandon actually, especially when he was younger."

"What about now?" he says almost interrupting my sentence. I can tell he is very interested.

"Well," I look at Colt's arms and chiseled chest stretching his t-shirt. "He has gained quite a bit of weight." I notice Colt's eyebrows rise at my comment. "I mean that just happens as you get older," I say defending Clark, but more importantly defending myself. I didn't want Colt to think I married a loser, and in that moment for the first time in my life, I started feeling resentment for marrying Clark. 'Why couldn't he have kept his weight under control?' I thought.
"You haven't, it seems. In fact, you have one of the best bodies I have ever seen," Colt for once is not grinning. Instead his face is completely blank. The compliment left me frozen. I couldn't even breathe. I had forgotten how. I am staring at the most gorgeous man I have ever laid eyes on and he thinks my body is the best he's ever seen. Colt kept his stare on me, and it was too much to handle. I felt he was challenging me, he was challenging my husband and he wasn't even here to be challenged. My resentment for Clark grew. 'Colt's right, I have kept my body in shape, why couldn't Clark?'

"Are you two enjoying your meal?" I hear in my ear. I quickly snap my head in that direction and see the same waitress there, her eyes glued to Colt as well. For once Colt looks away from me and I felt the tension leave my body.

He looks at the waitress, his smile returning, "Everything is just fine," he says.

I feel a hint of jealousy as he looks at her. Her voice squeaks out a bit to eagerly, "If you need anything, just ask." She puts her hand on his shoulder and lets it run down his chest ever so slightly, and that hint of jealousy fills my body. Brandon returns to his seat as she walks away.

"What's going on?" he says looking at my face. Apparently, I was not hiding my emotions as well as I thought.

"Oh, nothing," I lied. I knew I couldn't look Colt in the eyes without being transfixed again and needed a chance to collect myself. "If you just excuse me, I'm going to go to the little girls room."

I stand up and as I do, so does Colt. Taken aback by his sudden chivalry I look at him again. There is no smile; he is just plainly looking at me. I felt upset. 'Why wasn't he smiling at me? Did I do something wrong?'

I am able to leave without making a further of a fool of myself. In the bathroom, I walk into the stall. I slip down out of my jeans and look at my panties. Like I suspected, they were soaked. There was a large, coincidentally, baseball sized wet spot in the center, and I could smell my scent drift up into my nose. I quickly pull them up and walk to the sink. I look in the mirror. I notice my eyes are wide and my face is just a little pale. I start taking deep breaths. 'What is wrong with me? I am a happily married woman, and he is just some kid. Go back out there and treat him like that.'

After I think I have myself convinced, I walk back out

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