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Ongoing story of a young man's training.

"Then, I'll be sure to send copies of my report to Daddy and his wife."

"No! Please don't." She begged.

"Well?" I asked.

"OK! I'll be here." She had resigned herself to doing as I instructed.

She didn't know it yet, but Alex had just become mine. As I helped her to a standing position and led her to the car's passenger door, I told her, "Don't be late, or the reports go out.

As Alex seated herself, I told Mr. Clayton, "Now, get out of here, and don't come back." With a wide grin, I added, "Drive carefully, now. Ya hear?"

The next night, I was finishing a patrol round when I noticed her. It was just a few minutes past 1:00 AM, and Alex was sitting in the passenger seat of my car. She was startled when I walked up and said, "Alex, I'm glad you could make it. Come on in the Security Office."

Without a word, she got out of the car and followed me inside. When we entered the well lighted office, I could see Alex was indeed a lovely young thing. She had long brunette hair that framed her rounded face. Her hazel eyes seemed to be hypnotic. She had worn a dark blue blouse and matching knee length skirt. Nicely shaped legs led to her white tennis shoes.

When I sat to write my patrol notes, Alex went to her knees and started to unzip my pants.

I told her, "Wait, not yet, and not here."

She looked a little confused. "Don't you want a blow-job?"

"Yes, but not that sloppy thing you do. Let me finish my patrol report. Then we'll get started."

Alex bowed her head and said, "Yes, Sir."

After finishing my log entries, I took her hand and led Alex to the office kitchen. When she was seated in a chair, I opened the fridge behind her and offered her a glass of orange juice.

She took a sip of the juice then quizzically looked at it.

"That'll be the vodka." I said. "There's a bit of vodka to help you relax. You may as well enjoy your blow-job lessons."

As Alex sat quietly and slowly drank her screwdriver. I, still behind her, reached over her shoulders and gently squeezed and massaged both tits.

She took a big sip of her drink and looked up at me. Was that the beginnings of a smile I saw. In a short time, her hardening nipples were evident through her bra and blouse. She finished her drink, leaned her head back on my chest, and indeed, she was smiling.

I made her another drink and returned to massaging her tits. I was in no hurry. As she began sipping her drink, I unbuttoned her blouse. Pulling her bra up exposed a nice firm set of tits. They were topped by hard nipples the size of large peas.

As she finished her second drink, I began pinching her nipples and rolling them between my thumb and first finger. Alex moaned with each pinch and tilted her head back to look up at me.

I bent to her and kissed her soft lips. I could taste the orange juice on her lips as she returned my kiss.

I then moved in front of Alex and sat on the edge of the table. Rubbing my cock through my pants told her it was time for a blow-job.

She leaned forward, unzipped my pants, reached in, and pulled out my half hard cock. Alex immediately put my cock in her mouth and started her sloppy bobbing.

Placing my hands on both sides of her head, I gently pulled her off my cock, and said to her, "Alex, let's do this right. Start by licking all over my cock like an ice cream cone, only from bottom to top. When you get to the top, kiss and lick the head. Then suck my head into your mouth. Slowly suck as much of me into your mouth as you can. Use your tongue to swab my cock while it's in your mouth. Keep swabbing as you suck. Slowly move your head up and down taking as much of my cock into your mouth as you can.

Alex was a very good student. Almost instantly, she did as she was told.

Her improving oral technique soon had me ready to erupt. I told her, "I'm going to cum. Keep about half of my cock in your mouth, seal your lips around it, and suck firmly. Swallow all you can."

Like the good little girl she was, Alex obeyed my every instruction.

As I pumped my load of cum into her mouth, Alex swallowed rapidly.

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