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When Samuel dreamed of becoming a girl...things happened...

It triggered a nauseating response at the pit of her throat.

She remembered touching Alec's penis for the first time. It was slender, not half as thick. Compared to this blunt, scary tool it had looked... elegant. But she'd never even thought of kissing it, let alone taking it in her mouth. At their wedding night, he'd fumbled it into her vagina in the darkness of their bedroom. She recalled how full it had made her feel, and how scared she'd been. Alec told her there might be pain, but it would get better. There was and it did. At times, after that first time, she'd even enjoyed him entering her - mostly because of his closeness and for the cuddling afterwards. He held her then, still panting from the few intense minutes of his exercise.

But she'd hated the slime running from her slit and down her thighs.

When she was 12, the woman who'd home-schooled her had one day taken her aside. What she talked about had filled Juliana's nights with horror. She'd dreamed how big, hard weapons plunged into her body, giving her a swollen belly until it exploded to produce a stream of blood-soaked children. The teacher told her it was the curse of womanhood and that she should bear it with patience - never complaining.

Juliana saw Dr. Charrier's face hovering over the girl's bobbing head. He must have walked over while Juliana had concentrated her attention on the sucking mouth and the glistening cock. His hand rested on the girl's hair; his flushed face was close to where her mouth slurped at the penis.

"Right," she heard him say. "Now take all of it, little slut, right down your dirty throat." And the girl did, gagging and turning red. Two male hands held her down for at least a minute. Right when Juliana wanted to jump up and protest, the girl came up, coughing and panting like a drowning swimmer - slime and saliva gushing from her mouth.

"Good girl! Good girl!" The doctor clapped his hands.

"Now do it again." She did. And she gagged. And she did it again until the young man pulled her off his cock and lifted her on the table. He pulled up her skirt and rammed his leaking pole into her crotch. Her cry filled the hall, echoing from the ceiling.

The man took her knees and pushed them up and apart, all the while pounding his cock into her. Juliana felt the table shake; the glasses tinkled with every push. The girl's moaning turned into a constant wail. She might be in pain or in lust; it was impossible to say.

The doctor had followed them. His face was now where the man's cock plunged into the girl. He caressed her belly with his hand. His stream of encouragements drowned in the sounds of the fucking couple. Juliana saw his other meaty hand pushing the guy's behind. The sheer violence shocked her. Her eyes search the girl's; they were wide open and staring at her. Then they rolled back - all she saw was the white. The girl's spine arched until she only rested on the crown of her head. Her mouth opened wide, but the wailing stopped abruptly. Then she started shaking.

Every conscious thought left Juliana's mind. Her eyes and ears registered what happened, but only her body responded. It tingled and trembled. All sensations tightened into a ball that churned in her lower belly. The leather of the chair seemed to melt against her glowing ass. Someone sobbed; it was her voice, but she didn't know. Her hands were fists, pushing her dress into her crotch.

It was only through a mist that she saw the young man pull his cock from the girl's vagina. Its purple head spewed ropes of white slime onto her face, her throat and the lovely dress.

The girl lay still now. The young man had sunk down on her, panting. The doctor's red, sweating face was suddenly right in front of Juliana's.

"You liked that, didn't you, Mrs. Austin?" he said, his breath hot and sickly sweet. She felt his hands cover her fists, softly patting them. "Who would've known you have such a sweet dirty mind?" He chuckled.

"Good girl." Then he turned and called out:

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