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After a terrible day, I just wanted to unwind...

'The names Lorkan' He smiled dusting his hand over his thick jumper before extending it to a seemingly motionless Elise. Elsie peered round him at Steven 'Your brother?'

Lorkan abruptly blocked her field of view with his broad heavily laid body and once again extended his hand, this time his face didn't hold such causality now preferring to smirk at her instead.

'One and the same and the only one he got.'

Steven huffed starting up the staircase to Lorkan's newly designated room with the duffle bag in his hand 'That's not true.' He didn't look back, his brother tended to make people feel uncomfortable for a small time when they knew Steven first, in looks he had heard, that they looked very much the same but in personality they were worlds apart.

'Well the only one he likes'

'Again not true' Steven huffed reaching the top of the stairway and veering left to take Lorkan's bag into the spare room.

Lorkan offered Elise an appraising look 'He's just shy about his affection for me.' Lorkan once again extended his hand 'I'm Lorkan Maynard, Stevens older brother and you are Elise...forgive me my brother didn't give me your last name.'

Elise considered the gruff hunk in front of her, yes he had the magnificence his brother shared but his lay hidden beneath a thick line of stubble on his face and a travellers wardrobe that spoke of nights sleeping rough or in hostels, a deep set tan lay seamlessly about his forearms and face that could only be achieved standing in the scorching sun of the African desert. His appeal was obvious but so were the warning signs of a carefree rogue who would take advantage of her home, her hospitality and potentially her body. Elise blushed at the final thought, instantly bristling at the attraction she felt coursing.

'Mrs... Elise Fairborough'

Lorkan surveyed the petite beauty in front of him, her delicate features accentuated by the firm cut of her tailored outfit, and the soft pastel green made the blush that appeared across her cheeks and neck evident, exciting.

'Well it's great to meet you MRS...Fair borough.' Lorkan beamed dropping his hand at the sharp expression Elise enfolded at his callous use of her title.

Elise couldn't help but roll her eyes 'Anyway, you can take the rest of your things upstairs to the guest room on your left, Steven will show you where to put you're...' Elise squinted at the dirty shoulder bag he carried 'items while you stay.'

'And where will you be?' Lorkan asked abruptly startling Elise.

'I...I'm going to be in the kitchen; I'm rustling up some lunch for you guys. I imagine you must be hungry after traveling for so long, Steven told me you were last backpacking through Ireland before coming all the way to America?'

'I was' Lorkan didn't disguise his casual perusal of her exquisitely dressed body as she spoke, causing the blush on her neck to travel between the collar of her shirt, over her breasts.

Elise struggled for words, silence engulfing her as she could do nothing but watch like a deer in headlights as he prowled her body. A deep guttural moan elicited from his chest as he final reached her eyes. 'I didn't expect to have met such a good welcome party when I stayed with my brother; I was expecting a cold floor and a small flat when I heard he was working as a it?'

Elise nodded.

'I'm pleasantly surprised.'

A cough vented from the top of the staircase and filtered through the silent hall instantly. Elise and Lorkan tore their gaze and met with deep brown eyes and an unhappy mien.

'Lorkan...Come let me show you to your room' Steven interjected, a hint of irritation lacing his innocent words.

'Sure' Lorkan smiled swinging his body towards the staircase without a second look at the startled deer Elise resembled as she turned towards the kitchen.

'You guys be ready in an hour.' Elise noticed her voice sounded unsteady...panicky even.

'Will do.

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