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Jennifer's office life is about to be turned upside down.

Since no one paid him for it, he could call it a Christmas gift to his customers. He agreed that it sounded like a good deal and he started getting ready to go. I asked if I could go with him for company and just for the heck of it. He agreed. I made some hot cocoa in a thermos and threw my coat on over my pjs. Pretty soon, we were off. Curt and mom stayed in case our boy woke up.

Dad and I hopped in the big truck and were out into the winter wonderland. I had fun. The low rumble of the truck as we went about the work was comforting. We quietly began plowing driveways and parking lots in the late hours of the night.

Shortly after we got underway, I noticed he had the heat cranked. I was hot wearing my winter coat and stuff and removed them right away. Now all I had one was my pj set. I caught Dad looking a couple times and could see him fidget in his seat. I knew he had to be getting hard.

I asked if he was hot and he asked if I could help him get his coat off. I leaned over to help and on cue the straps slid down and one of my big tits popped out onto his arm. We both laughed and after his coat was off I sat back and didn't bother pushing the pj top back up. Dad looked over and asked if I was gonna. I told him I was still warm and this felt good. I still had a nice sheen across my collarbone and cleavage.

Dad kept glancing over and fidgeting, and man, I could see he had a nice package growing. I asked him if he was okay.

Finally he said, "Baby, I don't think you want to know what affect you are having on me right now." "Dad, I think you need to show me." I said reaching across and cupping his package. I began undoing his zipper and he looked on uncomfortably.

"Honey do you think we should be doing this?" he asked. "If your mom or Curt ever found out about this, they would be furious and proudly kill us both."

I laughed at him. "Dad you know how frisky mom gets when she drinks rum, That egg nog tonight probably has her so horny, I'll be surprised if she isn't bent over the couch right now with Curt balls deep already!

He chuckled as he raised his butt and I helped shimmy the jeans down his leg. The truck rumbled on quietly as the snow came down outside. It did go through my mind how naughty we were being. I leaned over and licked the head of his cock. I moaned quietly as he gasped. I licked the head and began sliding my tongue back and forth along the shaft. I was truly savoring this moment. My daddy was always the first love of my life and now I was enjoying him in a new way that I never expected. I was giving him such pleasure and I was enjoying myself too.

I was leaning over to him and with my top hanging low he could feel my big 36FF jugs across his arm. He was moaning with his head back when I felt his hands reach over and slid my straps down my arms. My tits spilled out and I could feel his warm firm hands tugging on my nipples. My tits are not very sensitive being so big and he must have known because he was tweaking and tugging on them just right to get me revved up. I really loved knowing my own daddy was playing with my tits while I was sucking his engorged cock.

I was sliding my nails up and down his bare legs, just lightly scratching. He must have liked because I felt him swell up and little and give me a light buck. He pushed my tops down to my waist and was caressing my tits, my back, my hair. I couldn't wait anymore I had to have him inside me.

I sat back, his cock coming out of my mouth with a slurpy pop. He eyes never stopped venturing over my body as I slip my pajama pants down and off. He looked a little worried.

"Honey, are you sure you want to do this? I mean a little fun is a little fun, but are you positive you want us to fuck?"

"Oh dad, I know I want you inside me.

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