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When was the last time she did anything spontaneous, or that anything of that sort happened to her? She could tell the elation she was subjected to earlier was his mild change in plans, but she expected something more. She wanted something more. More immediate.

She decided to initiate it herself, and instead of a bath she would take a nice long warm shower. Just herself and her shower head to enjoy the evening. Thought free with wonderful beads of water to keep herself away from anything serious.

With that she shrugged out of her bra and panties and kicked them off to the corner and turned the shower on, lightly stepping her toe into the pool forming at the mouth of the drain before finally moving in and closing the glass door of the shower/bath.

Ordinarily she doesn't take showers, and so it took her a few minutes to gauge the water just right to the point where it was extremely warm without burning.

Melt away the anguish. She kept replaying that thought in her mind as she began fiddling with her hair to keep it dry as the water rained down on her from above. With her eyes closed, she decided to hell with it, and let it fall down. She didn't really care at the moment what it would end up looking like afterwards, she just wanted to get away.

What she would give for something, anything, to erase the doldrums of boring everyday life from her memory.

Unfortunately, the world does not work that way, and she nursed herself more under the torrent of hot water that pelted her. She slowly began to get into the mood of relaxation, and she silently wished she had put on some music or lit a candle. After a good while she moved outside of the reach of the shower head and began soaping off. She didn't want to turn the water off for fear of not being able to duplicate the same perfect mixture of cold and hot water. She almost laughed at the thought of it.

She helped people deal with their troubled lives for a living, yet it took her quite a while just to get the proper water temperature in a shower.

She was off in her own little world, so much so that she did not hear the slow creaking of the door as it was quietly tempered open. Nor did she feel the presence of a stranger in her midst.

She was in her own little world, indeed, but she was not alone.

The soft strike of a match again did not warn her of the impending danger. The man was of medium build and he had a sweater on with utility pants and boots. He also had a mask on. Realizing the situation, with her undergarments kicked off in the corner and her unaware of him in the room with her, he kicked off his boots quietly, and removed his pullover sweater revealing a dark long-sleeved shirt underneath. He rid himself of his socks and belt.

Watching her distorted naked body through the steamed glass was erotic enough, but the sounds she made while rubbing the soap across her body was enough to stir any man to arousal. And our predator was no different.

The sweet scented smell of vanilla filled the air, and she found it rather odd, since she had not used that flavor in quite a while. She looked out the glass, but saw nothing out of the ordinary. That creepy feeling of not knowing whether someone is playing a trick on you or if it is your own mind at play slithered into the forefront of her thoughts. She called out once, but there was no reply. She decided to wash the soap out of her eyes and investigate, and as she turned to face the showerhead, she heard the glass door slide open.

Fear gripped her every being.

Powerful hands gripped her body, and a low guttural moan was exerted as she was pressed up against the far shower wall. She was terrified. She wanted to scream, but found no voice to do so. Her assailant gripped her around the waist and reached up and covered her mouth with his hand, though it would appear he did not need to.

She was caught, and she knew it. She had left the doors to balcony open, how could she be so completely stupid...

Prayer was her only answer now, as she quickly recited more th

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