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Tammy introduces her neighbor to her body.

Somehow Melrose found out about the affair and being a heavy Christian, acted quickly and decisively. They were going to sue me as well but couldn't as I was an employee. As a partner John was fair game. At first John wasn't worried, thinking he would be covered under his Professional Indemnity insurance. That particular bubble lasted another three days. Wilful negligence they called it. John was breaking the company's anti fraternisation policy at the time of our tryst, so they left him out in the cold."

"How much was the suit for."

"Four million. It only took John two weeks to negotiate that down to two and a half though. He decided to settle out of court. The trouble was he didn't have that kind of money handy. Even after he totally re-financed the house he was still a bit short. He said he had a few million in long term investments but that it would take him a few months to get hold of it. That's when he laid the guilt trip on me. He pointed out that our affair was all my idea and so I felt obliged to help him out. I wasn't surprised that there was only half our money left in my account. I gave John the whole $275,000 left in them. Well, not gave, lent. We drew up an agreement and everything. John put his copy in the safe and I hid mine in my suitcase."

"Tell me Sue, did Early file for divorce?"

"No, strangely not. Luckily I checked and he'd cancelled my car insurance and registration but nothing about a divorce. I was going to wait for him to do it so he had to cough up the money."

"I know there's more Sue. You didn't just screw John happily ever after."

"Don't joke like that Jen. No, I can't recall John and I ever having sex after that. Every time we went to do it he got this blinding headache. I mean, I thought it was women that did that. I think it was a psychosomatic response for him. He'd started to associate sex with me with bad things happening. It suited me though. Having sex with John by that stage was making me feel nauseous."

"Did you have any contact with Early after that?"

"Only when I left an abusive message on his phone after my mom rang. I didn't know it but John was bad-mouthing Early to my friends. I suppose in self-protection Early contacted all my friends and family. God it was bad Jen. He'd not only played them the recording of my confession and later abuse but shown them a video as well. I didn't know, of course, but when we'd rung Early from the pool, you know, during our performance, he'd been filming us. I've never seen it personally, but apparently it was obvious what was happening. God, I'd turned Early into a monster. "

"So how did your mom take it?"

"Not only my parents but most of my other family and friends disowned me. You included Jen."

"I know Sue. I felt pissed off. Not only for what you'd done to Early but the way you'd lied to me and deceived me as well. You know, lying to me that you were giving me the two days off as a reward when all along it was to get me out of the office in case Early rang."

"Yes, I'm sorry about that Jen."

"It's no longer a problem for me. So where did that leave you?"

"Without any family or friends. With only having John Dickhead Stickner for companionship. It got worse. Just about every time we went out to a restaurant or coffee shop we met someone we knew. They either ignored us or were downright rude. One of our old neighbors even spat at me, I mean, right in the restaurant. After a while we stopped going out."

"You should have known that Early was always popular Sue."

"Yes, I know, but none of it was my fault. Well, after that, stupid me got drunk again, rang Early and abused him. It turned out that he recorded the call. The next thing I know I've got a restraining order against me. Not allowed within 300 feet of Early or the house."

"So there you were, John and Sue against the world."

"Yeah, paradise.

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