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Jill grows to like Steve - a lot.

At that moment, the very same song that Josh sang to Bri the first time they met come on the radio, Bri moved towards Josh on the bed, looked deep into his eyes and kissed him so softly, so deeply.

As the kiss broke, they just look at each other not knowing what to think.

"Josh, I've always loved you too, I just wasn't sure if you really loved me too, but after that kiss, I know" Bri said.

"Bri, I love you, you're my best friend I just wanna be with you" Josh replied

"I was scared, I'm a virgin, and I didn't feel like you'd be attracted to me" she said

Josh just took her by the hand and kissed her deeply, laying her back on the bed. He softly rubbed her cheek as he kisses her so deep.

"Don't ever be afraid of that, I want you" Josh said.

"Then take me" Bri replied.

"Are you sure baby?" Josh asked.

"I'm sure, it wouldn't make sense with anyone else" Bri replied

Bri pulled Josh's shirt off, and pulled him back down on top of her kissing him passionately, teasing him with the motions of her tounge as she lightly scratched his back, Josh removed Bri's shirt, exposing her gorgeous breasts. Josh kissed down her body, playing close attention to her breasts, kissing/sucking on them gently, as he gently carresed her pussy through her pants.

"MMm" Bri moaned.

He slowly pulled Bri's pants off, he stared there gazing at her in nothing more than her colorful panties.

"Just when I thought you couldn't be more beautiful" Josh said

"Hehe" Bri giggled, "Come down here" she said.

Josh leaned down as Bri gently kissed his neck, she gently stroked what was now growing in Josh's pants, Josh layed beside Bri, and began to lighly rub her pussy through her panties.

"Don't tease me" Bri said.

Bri sat up and kissed Josh, he rose to meet her kiss, but she continued down his neck to his chest, lightly kissed his nipples, as she rubbed his cock through his pants, she pulled his pants off and began kissing down his body, kissing his abdomen she gently rubbed his nuts as her mouth advanced closer and closer to his cock. She gently licked the tip, kissing it softly as if she was still kissing his mouth.

"Ohh" Josh softly moaned out.

Bri smiled at her accomplishment of teasing him, she got on all fours beside him as she gently took his cock in her mouth, she may have been a virgin, but she knew how to suck cock, from movies/books. Her mouth moved slowly up and down the shaft of Josh's cock, the tounge teasing the tip with each stroke, Josh took Bri by the head and guided her up and down his cock. She begins to take it deeper into her mouth, moving faster, her hand slowly jacking him off, Josh pulled Bri's panties off and began to rub her pussy. She let out a moan through her mouth being full of his cock she was slurping and sucking his cock deep, Feeling a coming orgasm, Josh stopped her/

"It's your turn" he says.

Josh fluffed a pillow and layed Bri down, lighlty running his hands over her soaked pussy as her kissed her neck. He made his way down to her pussy, the wetness glowing in the dim light of the room, he looked into her eyes from his position between her legs and slowly licked circles around her swollen clit, stopping occasionaly to take licks teasing the entrance of her pussy, he slowly worked his finger into her entrance and stimulated her g spot as he continued to lick her pussy. Josh sensed by her breathing an orgasm was near he lightly sucked on her clit as he stimulated her g-spot.

"Oh baby, I think I'm gonna cum" She softly whispered.

Through a half smile he licked her clit, she began bucking her hips, as her legs clinched, she pulled his face depper into her cunt with her hands as she came, all over his face, he never stopped licking, until her orgasm subsided.

"I'm ready baby, fuck me" she said.

He leaned down and kissed her mouth, as he spanked her pussy with his cock, teasing her he rubbed it up and down her wet pussy, he slowly penetraed her, being extra gentle not to hurt her.

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