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Hubby "dresses up" for wife's lingerie party.

Ashley headed back to the bedroom to remove her dress and put her regular clothes back on. While she was doing that, I asked my wife what the "number one" rule was.

"I told her, no matter what, do NOT have sexy with her date tomorrow night. Ashley has always been quite promiscuous, by her own admission, and I told her that, if she had sex of any kind with him on this kind of date, he would think that she was essentially his escort. He throws around some money and she gives it up. I told her if she wanted to try and develop a real relationship with him, she had to wait and make him earn her." My wife explained. I nodded in agreement.

Ashley emerged from the bedroom, thanked my wife and said good-bye. My wife and I wished her good luck and told her we expected a report on Sunday.

Sunday evening rolled around and we had not heard from Ashley. My wife and I had dinner and then settled into our typical evening ritual: she in some cute little nighty, curled up on the couch watching TV and me in my recliner, reading the paper, both of us with a glass of red wine nearby. I could tell that my impatient wife was miffed that Ashley had not reported in.

It was about 9pm and Ashley called the house. I answered the phone and she asked if it was too late to come over, return the pearl necklace and tell Lynn about her evening. I told her to come on over and informed Lynn that Ashley was on her way.

A few minutes went by and Ashley knocked on the door. Lynn jumped up to go let her in. Lynn then escorted Ashley to the kitchen table, poured her a glass of wine and then sat down to have Ashley give her all the details from her big date with the doctor. I remained in my chair, reading the paper. I knew that, after Ashley left, my wife would give me the executive summary.

About 30 minutes went by and the girls finished their conversation and a bottle of wine. They got up and Ashley called out to me.

"Good night, Mark. Thanks again for all your help." She said.

"Good night, Ashley. Sounds like you had a very nice date last night. I'm glad to hear it." I replied as I put my paper down in my lap. Ashley then turned to Lynn and hugged her tight.

"Lynn, I can't begin to thank you enough for all your help. I had a great time last night and that wouldn't have happened without you. You're like the big sister I never had. I promise I'll return the favor one day." Ashley said to her as they embraced.

As I watched the two women embrace, I noticed that their eyes were moist and -- for the first time- I began to appreciate the depth of the relationship that had formed between them. My wife then walked Ashley to the door and locked up for the night.

My wife returned to the living room and walked up to me. She stood before me and I admired her sexy little body. She was wearing a sexy midnight blue silk nighty that was short and showed off much of her sexy backside. My wife has a tiny waist and torso accentuated by thick hips and ass. Think Jennifer Lopez with maybe an extra 5-10 pounds. Thick, short and very sexy.

As I admired my wife's sexy little body and held her gaze with mine, she reached under her nighty and removed her panties. They were a pair I like very much: low-rise cotton bikini, white background, green border and multi-colored Victoria's Secret logos all over. I liked them because they were cut low, showing off the top of her gorgeous, plump ass and cut low in front, always giving me a peek of the top of her full, feminine bush. She held out her panties to me.

"Here. Feel them, smell them. I'm so wet." She said.

I took the panties and found the crotch. Sure enough, they were soaked with my wife's pussy juice. I was amazed. I lifted them to my nose and deeply inhaled her wonderful musky scent. My wife's cunt always smelled and tasted fabulously. I inhaled again but this time looking into my wife's eyes. I was dying to know what caused my wife to get so turned on but from experience I knew now was not the time to ask. Later.

"I want to fuck you. Now" My wife said seductively.

She took me by the hand and led me to

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