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Game time!

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" she purred as her perfectly manicured nails traced over my cock through my underwear.

I let out a gasp at her touch, which prompted her adorable face to beam with delight. Slowly she jerked me through my briefs, breathing faster, her face getting flushed with desire.

"So tell me." I managed to gasp, "What was it you wanted to do before class?"

Without muttering a word Maria yanked down the last barrier to my cock and engulfed me deep into her young, eager mouth.

"OH FUCK!" I panted. Instinctively my hands grasped her head as she bobbed up and down over my shaft, sucking me deep into her throat, the vibrations of her moans only adding to the intense sensation. Knowing Maria's lust for my cock I shoved it as deep into her mouth as I could, until her lips were pressing against my skin. We stayed that way for a moment as she milked my cock with her throat. Just as suddenly she pulled her head back and released me, the office air cold on my warm, wet cock. Maria stood and sauntered to my desk, leaning her elbows onto it, her ass high in the air, barely covered by her skirt.

"I was asking if you had time to bend me over your desk and fuck my tight wet pussy." Maria beckoned.

Immediately I was behind her, lifting her skirt and admiring her round, hard ass as it cradled her bright red thong. Even after two weeks of non-stop sex I was still awed by Maria. Her 18-year-old body was absolutely perfect. She had curves, but very little fat. She was toned, and her youthful cuteness only made her sensuality more prominent. As I groped her ass with my hands I let my cock slide under her, caressing her pussy lips and clit through the soaked satin of her thong. By now Maria was so wet that the satin clung tightly to her, and as I slid my cock back and forth against her, I could feel her pussy lips embracing me through the fabric.

Maria moaned loudly, especially as I thrust forward and the head of my cock hit her hard clit, which I could feel poking out in a desperate bid for attention. My hands continued to massage her ass.

"Fuck you are sexy." I muttered as I watched her arch her back in ecstasy.

"Not sexy." she countered in a raspy voice between shallow breaths. "Slutty" she continued "I am slutty because I need your cock. I need to feel that hard, big cock inside me." Maria gasped as I quickened my pace, rubbing her pussy and clit with my cock.

"YES!" she squealed. By now my cock was rubbing her rapidly, and Maria was humping back against me.

"Yes what? I teased her as I gave her ass a playful slap.

"Yes fuck me." she cried "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me...."

Maria was getting louder, and even though my door was closed I knew she could be heard outside. Of course there was only one way to make her stop begging to be fucked, so I grabbed the tiny string of her thong and ripped it to one side. Maria gasped, but before she could fully process what was happening I buried my cock fully into her.

Knowing what was going to happen I simultaneously leaned forward and covered her mouth with my hand. Maria's entire body bucked forward, halfway onto my desk as my cock invaded her and she screamed a muffled scream into my hand. Maria was sopping wet, her inner thighs glazed in her sex, but she was also 18, and her pussy was incredibly tight. The combination nearly made me cum instantaneously. We stayed that way for a minute, me struggling to maintain control, as Maria's pussy slowly stretched over my rock hard cock. I let my hand trail down from Maria's mouth to her tits, rubbing her nipples through the sheer lace of her bra. The guttural growl deep in her throat told me that Maria was ready, and sure enough I felt her begin to grind back against me.

"Is this what you wanted? I teased her as I began to slide my cock in and out of her velvet vice. Maria only groaned in response, her hips moving faster, responding to my own quickening pace and my hand rubbing and pinching her nipples through her bra.

It didn't take but a minute for both of us to

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