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Daisy makes the biggest decision of her life.

She took a step forward and straddled him, pretending to do a lap dance as she ran her fingers over the bristly short hair at the nape of his neck. She continued kissing him, stroking his face, and moving her hands down his chest, running her nails through the hair, and tracing slow circles around his nipples.

Unable to move very much, he kissed her, moving his lips up to her eyelids, and to the spot just below her ear. Her hands moved down his ribs to his waist, and she traced the bulge in his pants with one fingernail. His hips twisted under her touch and a wicked smile danced across her face. "Let me help you with that" she murmured in his ear.

She swiftly opened his pants, and worked them off, but was careful not to brush against him. "No, no, that will be later" she teased, as he strained forward with his hips. He tried to hook one foot around her legs to draw her closer, and she responded by going to the closet for neckties.

Once both of his legs were tied to the chair, she resumed her striptease, slowly opening the zipper of her own pants. Turning her back to him, she eased her pants down over her ass, revealing a thong bikini. His eyes grew even wider as she turned to face him again and he realized that she had shaved her pussy. The sheer material made it obvious that she was now completely bare.

Her hands resumed moving over her breasts, and down over her abdomen, pinching her nipples, then stroking with the flat surface of her palm, moving closer and closer to the bikini. As she got more aroused, her fingers stroked over the silky material, and her breathing grew more rapid to match his. He was completely aroused - his cock was throbbing and a few salty drops were already appearing on the head. His repeated efforts to convince her to untie him were now replaced with shorter, coarser remarks, telling her what he wanted to see her do to herself, and it made her feel even more sexually powerful.

Hooking her thumbs under the sides of the thong, she slowly slid it down, giving him a side profile as she bent over. She was rewarded by a long, low moan from him, as his cock twitched in agony. Her legs were trembling and she sat down on the bed, then propped herself up with a pillow so that she could look into his eyes as her hands continued their slow, erotic dance over her body. Her legs were spread wide open, directly in front of him, and he could see the moisture glistening on her bare lips.

With one finger she traced down the edge of one swollen lip, and back up the other, avoiding her clit, which was already beginning to swell. She repeated this two times, and then slowly placed one finger into the opening, trailing the moisture out as she continued teasing herself.

Her left hand finally moved away from her nipples and slowly she spread the lips out fully, giving him a delicious view that he could only stare at. With two fingers of her left hand, she moved the hood of skin back to reveal the tiny bud that gave her so much pleasure. She had almost forgotten him now, as she circled around it with the tip of her damp finger, dipping into her juices again and again as the electric current jolting through her body grew stronger.

Her hips began to raise and lower, and her fingers moved more rapidly. His hands ached to move over his erection in time with her motions, but he was still completely bound. He could tell from her gasps and whimpers that she was close to an orgasm, and he grew silent as he enjoyed watching her bring herself to ecstasy.

She shuddered and bucked as she furiously moved her fingers over herself, pushing two fingers into the opening, now drenched with moisture and quivering. She cried out as she rocked from side to side, clenching her legs around her own hand as the waves of pleasure rushed over her.

After a few moments, she opened her eyes and smiled at him, a sultry smile that let him know she had never completely forgotten him, and had been more aroused by his presence.

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