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A couple explore a special club.

Jill shoved her tongue deep into Carol's mouth causing her knees to almost buckle under her with the excitement of the moment. As Jill's wet hot tongue explored Carol's mouth her hands roamed all over Carol's body. Jill explored inside Carol's blouse, under the skirt and stroked the exposed skin of her thighs above her nylons. Carol murmured into Jill's mouth as caresses sent shivers through her body as Jill seductively stroked her breasts and thighs. Carol's desire intensified as Jill stroked her pussy through her damp panties.

Jill dropped to her knees and raised Carol's skirt pushing it up to her waist. Then she hooked her fingers into Carol's thong panty and slowly peeled it down her thighs and off her legs. Jill then held the panty to her nose and inhaled the sweet smell of Carol's sex. Next Jill steered Carol back against foyer table and helped raise her up until she was sitting on the table. Jill smiled wickedly at Carol as she pushed up her skirt and then dropped slowly in front of her. As Jill spread her legs Carol couldn't conceal a moan and she had to stifle her gasps with the back of her hand. Carol could feel Jill's hot breath on her sopping wet pussy. Carol then started to place delicate kisses upon Carol's naked thighs and the sensation of her wet lips on Carol's skin sent waves of excitement through her. Jill ran a fingertip down Carol's slit causing her to groan with pleasure as Jill's fingers honed in on Carol's engorged clit.

As Jill inhaled the sweet odor of Carol's pussy as her tongue darted out for an exploratory lick and then she lapped excitedly at Carol's quim. Jill began to lick Carol from her little dark puckered asshole to her clit. Jill then pulled Carol's pussy lips open and exposed her pink pussy as her tongue darted in and out of Carol's now dripping cunt. Carol felt as if she were being fucked with a little cock as Jill stiffened her tongue. Using her thumb Jill rubbed Carol's clit and she also dipped her fingers into Carol soaking wet pussy. Jill then took one very wet finger and slid it into Carol's tight asshole. Oh how good it felt to Carol to have something in her ass again. Jill sucked Carol's clit into her hot mouth and slid her fingers into her pussy and one into her ass. Carol groaned with the pleasure of the raw sex and her love of anal sex betrayed her. Soon the intensity in Carol's ass, pussy and clit built up to the boiling point and she came noisily with her juices spilling from her and into Jill's waiting mouth.

Jill hurriedly took Carol by the hand and led her to the bedroom. Once in the room they frantically removed the rest of their clothes. Carol knew it was her turn. Jill stood by the bed as Carol moved behind her and placed gentle kisses all over her body. She started at Jill's shoulders and worked her way slowly down to her buttocks. Carol was enthralled with Jill's body with her firmness and smooth skin. Carol began to lick and kiss Jill's hips planting kisses all over her sensitive body. Carol couldn't resist sinking her teeth into Jill's firm ass cheeks causing her to shiver and gasp in surprise. Carol turned Jill toward her and then kissed the inside of her thighs and worked her way steadily toward her pussy. Carol kissed the area around Jill's pussy and inhaled the sweet aroma produced by the aroused secretary.

Carol loved the smell of Jill's pussy and she was desperate to taste her.

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