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Holding each other's bare bodies was to them pleasure enough.

"Suck me, Nitya." Elil leaned back on the sofa and Nitya held one breast and sucked, and as she sucked Elil smoothened her hair and told her how much she loved her darling. She then fondled her friend and when Nitya invitingly lifted up one thigh she rubbed her pussy and then with finger moistened in her juice (not Nitya's) and delicately touched Nitya's clitoris.

"Your clitoris is lovely Nitya. I fell in love with it the moment I saw its hood in the photos." She felt it with her fingers and then she spread the lips and when it protruded out she touched it with the tips of her tongue and then she licked it in slow swipes. Nitya was lying on her back and Elil was on top on her elbows and knees. Nitya placed two cushions and reached for Elil's pussy and started licking. Soon they were in the classical sixty-nine position with their pelvises moving in rhythm. Elil, who had a better hold of Nitya's sensitive spots, gave her a powerful orgasm, and once she had hers Nitya's reached for Elil's clitoris and gave her one of equal power. The two lay hugging each other by the pelvis with hands describing circles as they rubbed on the rear.

"I am hot Nitya. I wish there was a cock stretching my vagina."

"I too Elil."


Elil and Nitya became lovers. They had a lot of catching up to do after the many years they have been suppressing their hunger for each other. On every weekday they met after lunch when their husbands were away for work. Lovemaking was much more satisfying than what they experienced with their husbands. Sex culminated after a long session of loving intimacy. For their husbands, and all men presumably, sex was the sole object of lovemaking. Men did not lay great store by foreplay. Depending on their moods they have some foreplay and then they penetrated, ejaculated, and then turned round to sleep satisfied that they have proclaimed their manhood. The partner had no place in that equation. After all this men have the supreme gall to complain that their wives show no interest in sex.

For Elil and Nitya lovemaking was a long and leisurely process. They lay with no clothes on, touching, hugging, pecking, and fondling chatting the while of this and that. Genital stimulation was later almost as an afterthought. They always obtained orgasm from licking. It was at that point that they wished they had their men to 'stretch' the vagina. That was the term they used for sex with their husbands-stretching, not the F word or any of its synonyms. The best period came after orgasm when they just lay cuddling. If they had known the Afghan saying, 'men for breeding, but girls for pleasure,' they would have endorsed it totally. Sex with their husbands now diminished considerably in value.

The men meanwhile, blithely unaware of the changes taking place in the attitudes of their wives, were focussing on enlarging their photo collection.

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