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Girl in garden watches couple in window.

The first couple of glamour sessions went really well. I was able to pick up some good tips about lighting and posing. The girls were quite pretty but didn't match up to my Julia. It was as I described just some head and shoulder work and fully clothed with the girls then getting on swimsuits.

I was showing all my photos to Julia and she was happier and our boudoir sessions were even improving from a photographic aspect anyway (I don't think the sex could possibly get any better).

A couple of days before my third glamour session I got an e-mail from Jim saying that the model had to call off sick and we would have to cancel. He was sorry but we would still have to pay for the rooms.

I was disappointed with the news and then an idea crept into my head. Julia was much better looking than the girls we had at the other two sessions and she was a natural. So why didn't I ask her? The sessions were tame. No-one there knew us as a couple. I didn't need to tell them she was my wife. I'm sure she would love it, and we could continue in a more risqu__ vein when we got home.

Julia wasn't sure. I showed her all the pics from my two earlier sessions again, and explained how nice the guys were and she would love it. And we could have a great session when we got back. She eventually agreed on the strict understanding that it would be only down to swimwear and that she would be completely anonymous.

I quickly e-mailed a return message to Jim. I knew a girl who would be perfect and she was available for our session. He was obviously pleased and sent an e-mail to all the members telling them the good news that our session was back on.

I couldn't wait for the evening of the club shoot. I could tell Julia was nervous and she was getting very turned on by the thought of posing for lots of guys.

Julia had a very nice bikini with triangles of red cotton and strings to hold it together. She asked if I thought it would be OK to wear for the swimsuit part and I readily agreed. She looked so hot in that bikini. I suggested that she wore the green button through dress that she had worn for our first hot digital session and she thought that would be good too.

The session was due to start at seven so we set off at six thirty for an uneventful drive across town to the pub. We went up the stairs to the rooms and I was surprised to see Jim and a couple of burly looking guys who I hadn't seen before. I introduced Julia to them saying "This is Jayne our model for the night" Julia shook their hands Jim said that these two were usual members of the glamour section but had unfortunately had to miss the last two sessions but they were very keen to meet a new model and especially one as pretty as Jayne.

The rest of the guys started to arrive and we set up the scene on the small stage with an old chaise lounge that we used for these sessions with the usual white paper backdrop. Julia was whisked off to the small cloakroom that the girls used as a changing room.

All the lighting was set when she stepped out of the cloakroom and strode to the stage. She looked fabulous wearing that slinky green button through dress. Some of the guys took a sharp intake of breath when they saw how beautiful she looked. There were a few lurid comments whispered that I caught hear of and I hoped that Julia hadn't heard them.

She stood on the stage hands on hips and gave a really sexy smile as the cameras started to click.

Julia really was a natural she gave them the over the shoulder look that had so turned me on when we had our first hot session alone. But this was different; she was now seducing the whole club. I began to feel just a little jealous and nervous. Nonsense I thought to myself just take the pictures.

She even did the bend over and wiggle of her rear that brought wolf whistles and applause from the guys. I had not heard that for any of the earlier girls.

Julia sat on the chaise lo

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