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You savor an exhibitionist encounter.

For all their respect for Canadian tongues, they couldn't fathom a Canadian speaking the Hebrew tongue. I didn't mind this little misunderstanding by the two women. Listening to people talk when they thought I couldn't understand somehow appealed to the voyeur in me. To tell you the truth, the two women talked so fast that it was all I could do to follow the thread of their conversation while pretending I didn't understand a fucking thing.

The gist of their conversation, I gathered, consisted of Taliah attempting to convince Gyula to try oral sex. Apparently Gideon Katan had never had his Hebrew tongue into Gyula's pussy, something that Taliah was convinced that Canadians were best at. Of course, Canadians are world-class when it comes to muff diving. How Taliah gained this knowledge working behind the desk of a three-star Jerusalem hotel was a fact I probably didn't need to know.

If Taliah was tongue deep into oral sex, Gyula was equally reluctant to try a licking. She had prissy hang-ups about whether she had gotten herself clean enough for oral sex and whether I would like how she tasted. As the conversation wore on, I had to agree with Taliah. Gyula wasn't too bright. As for me, I learned a lot of new words for feminine hygiene matters in Hebrew.

The other thing that fascinated me was the relationship between these women. I sensed that Taliah didn't like Gyula an awful lot but Gyula was too blonde to figure this out. However, Taliah hung around Gyula just to have a crack at the guys that a blondini in Israel attracted. Taliah had an industrial-strength inferiority complex when it came to her looks. Tonight, Taliah was lording it over Gyula. Taliah had discovered me and wasn't she great for bringing me to Gyula's attention. I let Taliah take her power trip. I played dumb on Hebrew and let Taliah translate or ignore me as she saw fit.

While I was expanding my Hebrew vocabulary and investigating female relationships, I took the opportunity to look Gyula over. Gyula was quite pleasant on the eyes, almost cutsie-poo. She dyed her hair blonde and her makeup and nails were impeccable. She could have been a high fashion model if it wasn't for her big Israeli hooters. Gyula had a rack on her almost as big as Taliah's. The fashion industry doesn't want spectacular boobs to compete with the clothes. Gyula's job as a clerk in a fashion boutique was as close as she'd get to the fashion runway. From her stylish clothing, she obviously believed in her product.

Eventually, Taliah convinced Gyula to come along for the, umh, ride and try out oral sex. Taliah basked in her newfound power as the three of us made our way back to my room. Taliah also hadn't figured out yet that I had a slight command of Hebrew. She talked incessantly how the hotel was a bottomless pool of foreign zain, both circumcised and uncircumcised. All of this was in aid of impressing Gyula. Finally, the three of us were in my room. Taliah did all the work, taking my clothes off. Gyula stood there as if she never saw a naked goy in her life.

"See, he's circumcised, just the way I said he would be."

"Ben zonah! You never said that he was this big. What am I going to do with this log?"

"What are you saying, Gyula? They don't lay their zain on the desk when they check in. How was I supposed to know that he had this monster between his legs? If you don't want to eat this hunk of meat, then I'll have it all to myself. Just leave now."

"No way, my friend. I need a bit of zain so much that I'll even jump this stump."

"So you see it my way then. First, I'll let his beard tickle my thighs while he eats my pussy. You don't appreciate how good foreigners are at eating pussy. Did you remember to bring the galoshes for some protection?"

They both pushed me on my back on the bed and started to undress in a businesslike manner.

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