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I've had my eye on him for some time.

I swear I will break in and kill you if you don't let me go. I will hunt you all down and take you out one by one if you guys do not release me at this very moment."

Cindy leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. "It will be okay hon. This will all be over before you know it. You will thank us later, trust me."

Ryan grabbed a soup ladle from the drawer and softly ran it over Terra's breasts. I couldn't believe her nipples could get any harder, but they did. I was starting to get hot so I turned the fan above on. I was shocked when Ryan tapped her nipples with the soup ladel and told her to calm down or there would be more of that. Terra cussed him out and spat at him. Ryan tapped each nipple a little harder and told her this was her last warning. I pulled her hair back into a ponytail while Cindy began to tease Terra's vagina.

Cindy slid her middle finger up and down the Terra's slit, spreading her juices around her swelling clit. I started running my fingers up and down Terra's ribs knowing how sensitive her skin was and how much it turned her on. I commented on how Terra seemed very horny despite her rejections of being touched.

Terra replied, "I wouldn't mind if I knew I was going to get off. I know you guys are going to tease the hell out of me. This is so fucking unfair."

Ryan set the ladle down and began running his fingers over her cheeks and ears. I remembered telling him how much that turned her on back when her and I were an item. Terra thrashed her head back and forth and told him to go back to Ohio. Ryan ignored her and just continued to torment her.

I looked down and watched Cindy's finger slide down Terra's pussy and sink one knuckle inside of Terra only to slide its way back up her slit. It was intriguing to watch her lips separate as the finger slid up and down. I thought it would be fun to put Terra in a total submissive position. I went to my bedroom and grabbed a clean hand towel and my blindfold. As I walked into the kitchen I listened to Terra continue to rant and rave.

"I have heard enough. I will shut you up." I said as I stuffed the hand towel in her mouth then placed the blindfold over her eyes and ponytail.

I whispered into Terra's ear, "Sit back and enjoy the read my love."

I sat back and watched Ryan massage Terra's breasts and nipples. I watched Terra's chest raise and lower in short deep movements. I could tell she was really turned on. Cindy continued her teasing tactics as she slid her finger up and down Terra's now spread lips. Terra's hips were setting at the edge of the chair and would raise to meet Cindy's hand each time she circled the clit or slid her finger deep inside Terra's sopping pussy. I admired Cindy's patience as she did not increase the speed of her finger. She continued to methodically slide her finger slowly up and down Terra's slit.

I felt we needed to do something different so I called Cindy and Ryan into the living room to discuss a game plan. I could hear Terra grunt as the hands pulled from her body. I knew all too well the torture her body was feeling as I was in that same position just a night ago.

We sat in the living room for more than fifteen minutes building a strategy. When all the plans were laid out we set the plan into action. Ryan followed me into my bedroom to gather some of my toys while Cindy headed back into the kitchen. We returned with a feather, warming lotion and a few toys.

Terra's skin hairs stood on end as the fan cooled her body. We were silent as I handed the feather to Cindy. She ran the feather over Terra's body starting with her hands, moving up to her neck then down her chest. Cindy circled Terra's globes, ran the feather down the right side of Terra's ribs and moved across her stomach to the left set of ribs. I opened the warming lotion and began spreading it over Terra's breasts. I rubbed the lotion in knowing the warmth of my hand and the growing warmth of the lotion would drive Terra insane.

The warming lotion intensified as air hit the skin.

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