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The Windup and Return.


"You are special, Bridge. You were special to me before we started this. You are more special to me than anyone now," Sian said as she moved to kiss her again. This time the kiss was much deeper. It wasn't out of control but they were both putting all the feelings they had into it. Sian felt Bridget's hand slip around her neck and her body press into her. Her mouth invited Bridget's tongue inside. Its explorations were tentative and gentle, not nearly as bold as Sian's tongue. Still Sian loved the little flicks. Her lips closed on Bridget's tongue and sucked it in deeper.

Both of them had their eyes closed and were fully focused on each other so they didn't notice Tempest coming back to the table with a woman about her age. They stopped just short of the table to give Bridget and Sian a little space, expecting them to realize they were there. After two minutes, it was apparent that they might have to wait a while. Tempest finally turned to the other woman. "Wow," she said. "I want to get kissed like that! I hope you can live up to that, Kelly!"

"I've been waiting all my life for a kiss like that so I can't promise anything," Kelly replied. They both started to giggle.

Even with that, it took a few seconds before Sian and Bridget realized they were no longer alone. When they did, they separated with a little start. Bridget smiled a little shyly at Tempest but she felt no embarrassment. The kiss just felt right. Sian glared just a little and muttered something about poor timing. All that did was make Tempest and Kelly laugh more.

"Hon, we gave you time. You were just oblivious to the rest of the world," Tempest said. She introduced Kelly and then with a very innocent look on her face said something about how nice privacy could be.

Sian snorted and looked at Bridget. "I think Tempest is jealous of our kisses and is kicking us out so that she can try," she commented to her. "Let's go dance some more."

"Well that's not quite as fun as what we were doing, but I'm good with that too," Bridget said as she slid out of the booth. Ignoring Tempest, she looked over at Kelly and told her that she hoped the bar hadn't been set too high for her. She winked at Kelly who winked back and replied that she would try her best.

That ended up being the only break they took. Between Tempest and Viola, at least one of them was at the booth to watch their stuff the rest of the night. That left Bridget and Sian free to dance as long as they wanted. They both had so much fun that other than a couple of pauses to go to the bathroom, they danced non-stop. They often danced very close but they never let it get as out of hand as the first time. And their kisses never lasted very long, but there were many of them.

Unlike the beginning where they danced with the group, Sian and Bridget only paid attention to each other. Once when Sian was at the restroom again, another woman tried to come up and start dancing with Bridget. It took a moment before she recognized the attempt but when she did, Bridget just moved over and got on the other side of Kate and Liesl. That effectively cut the other woman off. She moved around and tried one more time, but Bridget moved again. This time Kate and Liesl both formed a wall for Bridget. After waiting around for a short time, the other woman drifted off long before Sian got back. Bridget said thank you and gave each of them a kiss on the cheek. When Sian rejoined them, Bridget put her arms around Sian's neck and danced very close for a while. It was only when she could no longer see the interloper anywhere in sight that any space between her and Sian opened up.

Viola was the first person from the group to leave.

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