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recover and act normally after that?"

"You are pink as anything. After Nicole fixes your makeup, Tom is going to sit there wondering endlessly about what the elusive Duchess did after lunch."

Chapter 22 - Cocktails with Tom

Our arrival at the Connaught was in excellent style. The limo had a clear shot at the curb and drew up with a flourish. Anne alighted, adjusting her wonderful wide brimmed hat in the late afternoon sun and looking every inch a Duchess in a mauve dress with white contrasting pleats, whose hem ended precisely at her knee. The scalloped bodice revealed a generous but not unseemly amount of decolletage. Nicole and I followed her in, discreetly a step behind. Tom was in the lobby, waiting, and came forward to take her hand with a slight bow. They smiled at each other and he offered a French kiss on each cheek. We shook hands with him and went toward the lounge.

Anne received the finest settee in the room, and glanced around for possible friends. Finding none, she carefully sat in a cushioned chair and said, "Tom, it has been an age since we have seen each other. Possibly at Ascot when the Duke was still with us?"

"Lady Anne, it has been too long. You are bearing up after your husband's unfortunate encounter with a tree?"

After drinks were served, he looked at me and asked, "Adrian, what are you up to, bringing me to society London with your two ravishing ladies?"

"Tom, first of all, we wanted to thank you for your help with Fashion is Our Name. These two, and several others, have been doing incredible work to get our new London production facility up and running. Second, we would like to talk a bit about Philip's disappearance. As you and I discussed, Anne has an accidental involvement through her aunt, and there is the question of what to do next."

Nicole smiled at him and said, "Tom, you know better than we do that Philip was a private and curious man. I miss him, but wonder, now that some time has elapsed with no contact, whether he really intends to have a new life in Slovenia. He certainly provided well for Adrian and myself, and if he wishes to sever his ties, we can live with that."

Anne added, "Several of us are visiting the Continent next month to display FION's clothes in selected shops. I suggested to Adrian and Nicole that this would be an opportunity to talk to my aunt and followup on what little else we know."
Tom's darting eyes gave away the thought he was having about being outnumbered.

"You realize, parts of this can't be discussed in public? But perhaps if you provide a rough itinerary, I will inquire of friends whether certain contacts would be helpful?"

I spoke up, "Yes, that is precisely what we had in mind. The women will travel in style with trunks full of dresses, and their humble valet will have free moments here and there to explore leads and conversations."

Anne picked up on this immediately. "Tom, he is a little large to be a valet, but if we see to his proper clothing, he will do, don't you think?"

Tom was having trouble containing himself. "Lady Anne, given his recent accomplishments on the rugby field, he should be enrolled in bodyguard training before you leave."

An initial smile on everyone's faces turned serious. They all looked at me, realizing their young friend and lover might have protection duties.

"Tom, thank you for thinking of that. I'll ring in the morning for a contact."

I shifted the conversation to a calmer subject. "Soon, we will need additional working capital. Nicole and I are willing to pledge assets, but shouldn't we be thinking of a regular banking relationship?"

He was quick to respond. "Yes, absolutely. They will want to see preliminary financial statements, of course. I'll provide a reference to one of our banks and get you an interview. My friend Cedric is an accomplished rugby player and will talk your ear off and then give you a generous line of credit."

Anne reached out her hand to me.

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