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Everything turns to Gold.

I struggled to keep the car in a straight line. She began to tease me, by running her tongue around its head very slowly.

Soon, it was dripping with her saliva and I felt my prick throbbing in her hand. I was going mad, as she began to slowly pump it with her little hand.

I told her how good it felt and put my hand on the top of her head. Then, I began to run my fingers through her long hair as she began bobbing her head in my lap.

Her lips began to smack noisily as she accepted more and more of my hard cock deep into her throat. Her mouth felt like warm, wet velvet suction.

"Mmmm, cum tastes so good but you already know that," she said as she pulled me from her mouth.

She giggled at the last remark she made. So I grabbed her by the back of her head and shoved my cock back in her mouth.

Now she began sucking on its full length. I felt my sperm move inside my nuts. When she sensed this, she removed her hand from around my cock and gently began to massage and caress my nuts as they swelled.

"Oh they're so full. They must ache for release."

I wanted her to go faster. I felt the need to cum. But instead, she sucked it very slowly. My cock throbbed wildly in her mouth, so she stopped completely and just held me deep inside.

Once the moment passed, she began to roll her tongue around the head of my cock, teasing me some more.

I begged her not to stop this time. But she did, again and again and again.

When we finally arrived at my apartment, I was fit to be tied besides being ready to cry.

She looked up at me from my cock. It was nearly purple now from all of her teasing.

"I want to tie you to the bed. Can I?"

"Will you finally let me cum?" I asked hoarsely.

"Of course I will darling... eventually."

So I stuffed my cock away and ran up into the house with her. I practically dragged her inside.

"Get on the bed and I'll be right back," she said.

I stripped off my clothes and got on the bed, then waited for her return. When she reappeared, she had taken some pillow cases out of the closet and told me to lie down.

Then she very efficiently tied me down. My head was at the foot of the bed and near the end.

"Now let me get naked too," she said.

My cock was ready to burst and as she pulled off her clothes, it began leaking cum.

"I'm ready to have some more fun with you now," she said.

She crawled on the bed and began sucking my cock again. She wrapped her little hand around the shaft again and began to pump it ever so slowly.
"Please, no more sucking. I can't take anymore of this. Either let me cum or stop. I can't take it anymore!"

She felt my balls and how swollen they were.

"That's a first. I've never heard you beg for me to NOT suck your cock. You know, I wonder if all of your friends' balls were this swollen with cum before they filled that glass tonight for you.

Thanks to you, they all left quite satisfied. You really are a good friend. I bet we could pull that off as many times as we want. Would you like that? Every weekend you could drain your friends that way."

I ignored that remark. I just wanted to cum.

She reached into her purse and pulled out a vibrator. She slid it into her pussy as she began jerking me off again. I was out of my mind with lust. This bitch had this whole thing all planned out. Well, at least this part anyway.

She continued to hold me near my breaking point, as she now fucked herself with her vibrator. Her pussy was really wet and I wanted to fuck it so bad.

Then she stopped pulling on my prick and lay on her back with one leg across my chest and one behind my head. She slid forward till she was so close that I could smell her cunt. Her legs were spread wide open and her pussy was practically an inch from my face. Then she slowly began fucking herself with her vibrator again.

She knew what this was doing to me and she didn't stop until she had two orgasms.

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