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Sunday and Monday.

He was gnawing now, talking a whole breast at a time inside his mouth feeling its superb texture on the surface of his tongue. She had not intended to become aroused, determined that she would pay his price and leave, but she could feel nature taking over. Her nipples ached at his touch and her pussy moistened and grew in size between her legs. She needed him to touch it so badly and she pushed his head down her stomach towards that destination.

His hands had already travelled south and were now making there way up between her parted thighs, taking the thin cotton folds of her skirt with them.

If the scent from her upper body had caused his head to spin, the narcotic mixture of her perfume and the scent of arousal from between her legs released a sexual animal within him. He pushed her roughly onto her back on the table causing her slim legs to fly up and apart. Her dress gathered loosely around her waist and he was able to descend into the black copse of hair that guarded her hidden grotto like the thorn forest surrounding the castle of sleeping beauty.

Like that fairy tale prince, he was guided to his goal by the glowing redness coming from the private place where the princess lay - a princess that he knew, would be awakened by a kiss.

And awakened she was. He had no sooner parted the hair that covered the outer lips of her silken tunnel and stroked her inner folds with his outstretched tongue, when she groaned and threw her legs about his neck to draw his whole face hard up against her moist softness. Simon sucked strongly and she squeezed her legs tightly together.

At first, only the slurping noises of wrestling wet flesh and the moans of pleasure from deep within her throat broke the ethereal silence of the room, but as she came closer to her petit mort - her 'small death', the volume of her moaning increased.

His tongue, numb now from the many minutes of deep licking, relaxed as his lips took over and surrounded the taught stub of flesh waiting impatiently at her crimson entrance.

As he rolled and sucked all three centimetres of this fleshy finger, she came with a scream of , "You baaaasssstard - bite it, Yess! - you baaassstard -ooHHHH!"

Propelled only by her shoulders and buttocks, she launched a head-on charge at his face with her pussy, intensifying an already mind-blowing orgasm. After three such charges and a lot more explicit language she relaxed, spent, onto the table and Simon slumped backwards into his chair. She lay as he had left her with her legs spread wide so that when Simon opened his eyes, the view that awaited him was that of her swollen red pussy glistening with cum and perspiration in the pale light of the moon.

It was Simon who moved first, he leaned forward to remove his shoes and socks, then stood to remove his shirt, slacks and shorts.

Diane, hearing the rustle, propped herself up on her elbows and surveyed his body.

She had expected to be excited by what she saw but felt doubly blessed as she scanned his, almost hairless, sun-tanned chest with its well-formed muscular structure.

His body wasn't one of a weight lifter, Simon did not work-out in a gym, but preferred more natural pursuits like walking, climbing and sailing. This kept his body well toned and free of any surplus fat.

Her eyes dropped lower to his penis and a lump formed in her throat.

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