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Becky gets the post-hypnotic suggestions removed... or?

"Ted said that if you caused any problems then he'd break both your arms and maybe worse."

"What are we going to do then," I asked pathetically.

"We've just got to go through with it honey," she told me. "With the tips I make then it shouldn't be more than three months or so to pay him back."

"But I can't expect you to go through that for three months Debbie," I tried to reason with her. "No husband should expect his wife to accept treatment like that."

"It'll be OK George," my wife continued, reaching up to put her hand on my arm. "I'll be OK, I promise you."

"No," I declared. "I just can't allow you to suffer like that."

"That's the worst part about it honey," Debbie then said, giving me a look close to despair.

"What is?"

"Promise you won't hate me George," she demanded.

"I could never hate you Debbie," I proclaimed. "What could be worse than the way they've made you suffer?"

"You're sure?" she asked nervously.

"Of course I'm sure," I replied, and waited to hear what she had to say.

"I enjoyed it," she whispered meekly.


"I enjoyed it," she repeated. "The first half hour or so was truly dreadful, but once I'd got used to it, then it didn't seem so bad. Then one of the men there told me that he thought I was the prettiest girl in the place and asked if he could have a proper look at my bare breast rather than just the flashes he kept getting."

"The bastard," I muttered, unable to believe what my previously innocent little wife was telling me.

"He told me that he was fed up with all the big busted woman there, and thought that my natural little breasts were beautiful."

I breathed in deeply to calm myself. What the guy had said was true as far as I was concerned, but I couldn't stand the thought of my wife having to put up with crude comments like that.

"I did it honey," she continued, almost weeping. "I'm sorry but I did it. I pulled my top aside and stood there with my bare breast out letting him look at it. His friends as well for that matter. I'm so sorry but I just stood there sticking them out at the whole table to look at."

"I can hardly believe what you're telling me Debbie," I struggled to say, though I could also hardly believe what effect her words were having on me. I was upset and there was no doubt about that, but like before, my erection was actually making me feel uncomfortable.

Christ! What sort of husband did that make me?

"George," Debbie took up the conversation again. "You're taking this awfully well honey. Much better than I expected."

"Well ..... That is ..... Oh I just don't know what to say Debbie," and it was true. I was totally lost for words to describe my outrage, but couldn't pretend that other very strange feelings were emerging.

'There's something else then that you'd better know honey. Might as well get it all over and done with now I've started."

What next? I had no idea.

"The other night," she began to explain. "When Ted told me to take my top off, then I couldn't believe that I actually went and did it, but by the time I was down to just my panties, I was desperate to get naked. I felt so hot and horny George. I simply wanted to get the rest of my clothes off and I was terrified that they wouldn't force me into stripping completely. When he started to feel my breasts and things I just lost it totally. Then when all three of them had their hands all over me out in the hall, I was in heaven."

"Is that it?"

I think my voice squeaked!

"Just about," Debbie admitted at last. "I love you honey and I don't want to hurt you, but I can't lie. You mean too much to me to lie to you."

Oh Shit!

Where the hell do we go from there?


You think that was enough for any man?

You think it was finished for the night?

"I've got to go shopping tomorrow straight from school," she announced a little later, after we'd some how or other managed to get dinner ready and eat it. "I'll be a bit late home."

"Fine," I said. What else?

"I'm going clothes shopping," Debbie continued, staring over at me.

"Fine," I repea

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