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Story of a beautiful young mixed-race woman's coming of age.

After noticing two different professors staring at her breasts, Jan began wearing lower cut blouses and even abandoned her bra. She would flirt with them at school networking events or when encountered out at restaurants.

One weekend we got away for relaxation to a hot springs spa in the desert. Sounded like a great place for Jan to relax from the stress of her classes. Actually the stress grew a touch when we entered the springs area. Clothing was NOT optional, but fully nude required, as well the pools were shared by others. Thus it was a shock to realize that we would not only be seen nude but would be sitting with nude strangers only inches away.

Though we had to walk by everyone nude, we found a secluded tub in the corner that was empty. The stress quickly evaporated with the warm soothing water. With my eyes closed, I was drifting off when I heard Jan gasp. A distinguished man pulling off his shirt, Jan identified as Professor Dylan. As Jan sunk down into the water, I could tell she was hoping to not be recognized.

He had apparently noticed Jan when he walked in, as he looked up with a smile beamed towards us while now clad in just his boxers. He seemed to not mind pulling them down exposing his cock to a student. As soon as he was naked, he began walking directly to our tub.

I soon found myself shaking hands with my wife's second professor crush. She had told me story after story of "accidently" giving him opportunities to see down her cleavage or even up her skirt. He was now getting a chance to see her completely naked. Well, would have other than her arms were strategically placed for maximum coverage. She also kept her body completely submerged. Even as I stood to be introduced.

Even in another environment I would have noticed how his hair was kept long, like a professor who was too preoccupied to get it cut, yet his beard was nicely trimmed. In this environment, being nude and all, I also noticed his pubic hair trimmed as well. I had heard about how being nude together creates a feeling of equality. I could see that, but even nude I felt a feeling of respect for this man. He certainly was not nerdy and his cock alone demanded my respect.

I watched my wife's face turn even a deeper red as I asked him to join us. She seemed to relax as he informed us that his wife would be here any time. He even pointed to her entering the springs area as I was suggesting the two of them joining us is even better. I slid slightly to my left, making next to my wife the easier place for him sit.

His wife, Ellen was very proper and professional looking as she walked purposely towards the changing, or rather stripping area. Almost reading my mind, he told us about her work environment being very stressful and professionally rigid. He continued that he loved to arrive at the springs first and watch her completely change back into the free spirit he fell in love with. Sliding a little closer to my wife to see better, he began almost a play by play of her ritual of undressing mixed with yoga relaxing techniques. I was transfixed upon her sitting in a lotus position with her shaved pussy fully exposed to us.

All too soon she stood up looked around, found her husband, and almost skipped towards us. We had a wonderful day soaking and talking about anything and everything. The discussions were so comfortable that I did not even notice Jan's process of relaxation. I am not sure when she first moved her arms from covering her breasts and I may have gone the whole afternoon without noticing a change. However, I did notice a smile grow across the professor's face. Turning to look, my wife was out of the water sitting on the edge of the tub. Not only were her breasts uncovered but he had a very clear view of her pussy."

As Jim's story trailed off, I looked up to see our wives were standing there listening.

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