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Hannah takes Jake speedo shopping!

Her lips were soft and moist.

The small pair of peaches on her chest moved in rhythm with her gentle breathing. She had her tiny well-manicured hands on her flat belly.

I slowly unbuttoned her top and exposed her small rounded breasts. I went in for a deeper kiss, enjoying her eager response. Her eyes opened slowly as our tongues entwined. She seemed so eager to please. After a while, I set her lips free.

My fingers tenderly caressed the nearest of her breasts. It was firm yet at the same time supple. She sighed faintly as I brushed my lips against her chin and down her lean neck. I couldn't wait to get to her alluring breasts. My tongue gently stroked her puffy nipple as I fondled her other tit, making her squirm and moan.

My hand moved down her chest, past her belly and down to her waist. I savored the feel of her soft skin under my fingers. She wore no panties as I pulled down her pajama shorts and revealed a small patch of hair covering the slight depression between her thighs.

She shyly tried to cover the curvy depression with her hands but gave up when my fingers found there way to the smooth opening of her pussy. She lay back and fondled her breasts as my fingers toyed with her clit.

I got on the bed, kneeling beside her and pulled down my briefs. My cock, now exposed and free, swung up and down in her face. She didn't look away as she seemed enthralled by its short but thick form.

"Hold it in you hand," I commanded.

She timidly poked at it with her thumb.

"Never seen a cock before," I teased as my hand went between her legs. She gasped when I stuck two fingers into her pussy. I stabbed at it until she let out soft whimpers. She responded in kind by grabbing my cock and rubbed at it roughly.

I grunted as her hands stroked my joystick like pilot flying a chopper in a stormy night. Impatiently, I placed myself down next to her and turned her on her side facing away from me. With her butt pressed against my pelvis, I rubbed her pussy with my whole palm. She cried out my name repeatedly. Just as I was about to stick my cock in her-

"Fuck," I muttered as I turned slightly and grabbed a condom from the top desk drawer. Better be safe than sorry, Danny boy.

She turned her head towards me as if curious as to why she could not feel me inside her. With the gumboot in place, I teased her pussy open and slid in like a knife slicing through butter. She winced as I forced it all in and left it in for an instant. Then it become a rhythmic thrusting motion as my erection and her pussy came together to provide us with unbridled waves of ecstasy. Her butt pressed back against me expectantly at every thrust.

After a couple of more pokes, I pulled out of her. Fervently, she ushered me on top as she lay down on her back and spread her legs wide open. We locked eyes as my cock penetrated her soft fleshy wetness. Her eyes closed halfway as her mouth opened slightly to release a slow moan. My thrusts were slow and deep as she straddled me with legs. I kissed her hungrily, my thrusts becoming more urgent.

She hugged me tightly as if in need of an anchor, her fingers digging into my back.

Finally, I threw a final pitch, going as deep as I could. I felt the cum flow from my cock in spurts, providing that momentary, explosive rush of ecstasy that sent me into seventh heaven. At last, I fell on my back next to her-both of us sweaty and breathless.

She gathered whatever was left of her modesty and covered herself with my bedspread.

"Shit! I'm famished," I sighed exaggeratedly and added cockily, "why don't you get your cute butt out of bed, run along to the kitchen and fetch me a tasty snack."

She gave me an incredulous stare. I sent back a goofy smile.

"I should probably leave, just in case Jackie wakes up and decides to pay me a visit."

"In the middle of the night? Is that like a lesbian thing, you and her are into."

She punched me in the gut playfully before reprovingly stating, "that is your sister, Dan.

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