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"No anal," I gulped. "Right?"

"That's up to you," Lindsay said with a shrug. "I myself can't wait for one of those big black dicks to be up my ass."

"I'm in," I said. Immediately I was so upset at myself. How could I be so stupid? But after a few minutes I felt a puddle forming on my ass as my juices flowed out of my pussy. Just the thought of multiple big black cocks penetrating me had me all wound up.


The team was staying at a really expensive hotel downtown. Lindsay explained that they had two adjoining rooms that they might use, but they would probably want to fuck us side by side by side. That thought made me crazy horny.

We rode the elevator up to the top floor and knocked on the hotel room door. A naked black guy, about six ten, opened it. His cock bobbed up and down as he checked us out. A whole bunch of other guys, all of them huge, all of them naked, and all of them with stiff pricks, stood behind him with leering smirks on their faces. "I call dibs on the Hawaiian chick," one of them shouted. Hawaiian? What a jerk!

"Get in line," someone else shouted.

"Come on girls," our greeter said. "Get naked."

Oh, they hooted and hollered and whistled as Katie, Lindsay and I undressed each other. The pawed our tits and rubbed our asses and at least two of them had their fingers in my pussy before I even kicked off my shoes. I felt pressure on my head and dropped to my knees, taking the giant head of a black dick into my mouth. Someone got behind me and jammed his cock in my pussy and someone else, a white guy, stood next to me, his cock inches from my face, his hand moving up and down the length of his prick. I heard Lindsay yelling, "No. No. On the bed."

A pair of hands lifted me into the air like a little doll and deposited me on my back on the bed next to Katie. She already had a cock in her mouth, two black hands on her white tits and her legs up in the air with a prick thrust to the hilt in her pussy. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Lindsay next to her. She was holding two pricks in her hands, jerking them off, while another moved in and out of her mouth. I guess someone was fucking her, but I couldn't see that.

Soon whole bed was shaking as a cock plowed my pussy, another penetrated my throat, and two rubbed my ass cheeks. I felt the first hot spurt of hot cum on my stomach, then next on my eye, another on my eye again, and then a final blast on my breasts. When whoever was in my pussy pulled away, I came, sending a squirt flying.

"Sheeee-it," a guy shouted. "This girl's a shooter. Let me at her." I felt my legs going up and over a pair of shoulders and a cock pounding me. The one in my mouth was quickly replaced and it was all I could do to hold onto someone's butt to keep from sliding off the covers. I managed to wipe the cum from my eyes so I could peek at Katie. My God! Jism was smeared in her hair, sliding off her boobs and dripping from her nose. I could only imagine what I looked like, especially when another explosion of hot sticky liquid hit me in the forehead. I squirted again and again as more pricks probed me and more cum landed on my face. If there was a lapse in the action, I blew away the cum from my lips and shouted, "What are you waiting for?"

Someone growled, "Come here, bitch!"

"What," Katie moaned.

"Put your pussy on her face."

Suddenly, Katie was straddling my face, her sopping wet pussy pressed up against my mouth. I felt the bed sag as someone climbed on top of it and then a pair of black legs straddled my chest. Inches from my face, I saw a cock slide into Katie's cunt and felt a pair of balls hitting my chin. When she made some gurgling sounds I knew she was sucking a cock while she was getting fucked.

Then another sagging of the bed, then a tongue in my pussy, and then blasts of cum hitting my chest.

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