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Liandra is prepared for a party.

" She paused for a minute, pressing her head against the wooden frame of the screen. "And it scared me Father, it really made me want to change."

"I understand, my child," Tommy said. He couldn't believe his luck. He was right! Taking these dirty confessions had to be the best part of being a priest! "God welcomes you back with open arms, but it is very important that you confess to all of the terrible ways that you have turned your back to your Father's love. Tell me, child, what have you been doing at these parties? And just what do you mean by 'scare'?"

Andrea hesitated for a minute, deciding just where her confession should begin. Losing her virginity was probably where the majority of her sins began. She thought back about how it had happened as she slowly closed her eyes, beginning her confession to the priest.

"Father, I've had sex, with various partners. My first time was with my boyfriend I'd been with for two years. "

Flashback to that night

Andrea and Josh, her boyfriend, had spent the day together, like they did through most of the summer. It was a perfect day, which they spent by the lake drinking a few beers, smoking a little, laying in the sun together.

Both Andrea and Josh had fallen asleep, only to be woken up by a sudden downpour of rain. They grabbed their things and quickly ran to an empty boat house, to wait out the storm together.

It was a rickety little shack that hadn't been used in years. There were empty beer bottles and cans lying about, a few old folding chairs. There was no lock on the door. There were holes in the roof, so some rain got through, but it was good enough shelter for the time being. Outside, lighting flashed and thunder rolled over them.

Josh shut the door behind them, and the two dripping wet teens looked at each other and smiled. "I guess there's not much to do now but wait it out, huh?" Josh said. Needing a distraction from the way that Andrea's wet white tee-shirt was clinging to her curves, he took his pipe and weed out of his bag and loaded up a bowl, and they spread out their wet blanket on the dirty floor to sit on, facing each other as they smoked.

Andrea shivered as they sat on their towels, sharing Josh's pipe. She moved closer, leaning against him, kissing him lightly before taking one last hit from the pipe. She smiled as his arms moved around her, their lips meeting as Josh's tongue slid into her mouth.

She looked up at him as his hands moved down her sides, resting at her hips, giggling as his tongue flicked at her lips, her hands moving to his shoulders, slowly moving to the back of his neck.

Josh slowly laid Andrea down on their towels, staying on top of her as they kissed, their bodies sliding over each other. Her breath caught in her throat as the lightening flashed outside, Josh's hands holding onto her trembling body as she kissed and nibbled at his neck.

Josh groaned, her kisses and nibbles sending electric shocks up and down his spine. He felt her legs spreading underneath him, her short skirt riding up her thighs. His cock was getting hard in his swimming trunks, and he let out another low groan as his hardness pressed against her wetness, under that skirt, against the skimpy bikini bottoms she was wearing underneath. His hands moved down to her thighs and then up to her butt as his lips found hers again and he pressed his cock a little harder against her.

Josh wasn't sure what to expect. They'd messed around before, quite a bit, feeling each other up in the backs of movie theatres and cars, making out, stealing kisses, copping feels, but the farthest they'd gone when they were really alone was oral sex. They'd certainly done their fair share of grinding on each other like they were right now, but Josh was sensing a new kind of lust in Andrea's kiss.

Andrea looked up at Josh as his hands moved down her body, his hardening cock pressing against her as he kissed her again, both of them grinding against o

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