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Darcy comes to his tent.

For the next five minutes or so they danced around each other, kissing each other and caressing and fondling each other. They were wearing white lingerie, a full white teddy, stockings, panties and high heels. It was every school boy's wet dream, hell it was certainly mine.

The next track was something slower and one of the girls started unbuttoning the back of the other's teddy, pulling it away to reveal perky perfect tits. Natalie was watching me gawp yet again. I asked her if she was comfortable with this and she said it was making her horny. I was now starting to sport the beginnings of a hard-on. I was watching this while my girlfriend was there get wetter all the time.

The two ladies on stage were gradually and erotically stripping each other, nibbling a tit here and sucking one there, wow this was hot. These two blonde beauties were leaving nothing to the imagination. They licked rolled onto a bed that was placed on the stage, and started to kiss and lick each others body, they rolled into a 69 position and went at it hell for leather. Moans and groans filled the club, as the guests around the place all just sat there enjoying this erotic act.

After a good ten minutes or so the girls stopped their love making and for the fist time the DJ spoke English over the system and asked for a volunteer. Without a pause Natalie stood up and yelled "Meee!" then looked at me as if to say "what on earth am I doing?"

The DJ said that we have our volunteer and our waitress came over and led Natalie to the stage, where the two naked babes lifted her onto it, they ran their hands all over her body. Natalie was wearing a small dress with just two thin straps over her shoulders and the only thing underneath were a pair of red thong panties. It did not take long for the girls to realise this and they started to slip the straps of Natalie's shoulders.

I got up to stop this but was pushed back down by the male stripper standing behind me, at least he was now fully dressed but in a security uniform and I was guessing there no-one that would argue with him. This guy was huge and I knew he was in every sense of the word.

Suddenly there was a shriek from the stage as Natalie's dressed fell down to her ankles revealing her small tits. She tried to cover them with her hands but the girls pulled her to a pole pulled up her arms and picked up two pairs of handcuffs that were hiding behind the pole. They cuffed her hands up to some hooks high on the pole, leaving Natalie exposed to all in the club. The rest of the customers were all applauding, they must have thought this was part of an act.

I tried to break free from my captive's grasp; I yelled that this should stop. Again Katarina came out of no where and said "Don't worry, just relax and you will both have a great night". Her words seemed to relax me and Natalie alike.

The girls continued in their exploration of Natalie's body, while she was helpless to evade their attentions. They took a nipple each to suck while their hands dropped lower towards her most private parts. They dropped to their knees and pulled down the tiny thong revealing Natalie's smooth shaven pussy. Again there was applause around the room but I was still uncomfortable. Once again I questioned Katarina, she told me not to worry and come with her. She led me to her office at the side of the stage and said that she thought we would enjoy it here and that she had left a hypnotic suggestion that we come here. She complimented us saying that as soon as she saw us walk into the hotel she knew we would be perfect for the club.

I was outraged, I started to shout at her, but smoothly Katarina just said "Don't worry, just relax and you will both have a great night". Well that seemed to work as I calmed down a bit.

She then said that she thought I was wanted on stage.

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