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She shows off to convince Danny and Brian to play a scene.

It was something I would hear many times, "Did you Cum?".

Of course, we did have a second date. On that date, we ended in bed and she went down on me again. Much to my surprise, the blow job was totally different. She took my dick in her mouth and started moving up and down like she had been doing it all her life. She continued until I told her I was about to cum. I wanted to give her a chance to pull off before I did. No way. When I begin to cum, she kept my dick in her mouth and swallowed every drop with no problem. It was fantastic.

After a great night of fucking, sucking, and eating, I told her how great it was and what made the difference? She told me that oral sex was not something she and her ex-husband did, but she knew from the last time it was something I enjoyed. She told me that she she went out and bought a book on how to give oral sex so she could please me. What a woman.

Back to Joe and Paula. Paula is a blue eyed blond like Ruby, also with a great body. The difference is while Ruby is 5'3", Paula is almost 6' tall. Since Joe and I were single in an industry where most people are married, we stood out with these two beautiful blonds as dates.

After dating for a couple of years each, both couples got married. Since we were all in our mid 30's and on second marriages, we were pretty open with each other. Joe and I often kidded the girls about all of us doing something sexual together, or the girls doing something with each other for us to watch. They never took us up on it.

On one business trip, the four of us shared a two bedroom suite, with a large parlor in the middle. We came up with a rule that the bedroom doors had to remain open at all times. Knowing that Joe and Paula were in their bedroom fucking, turned us on and got us started. We found out from them that hearing Ruby scream when she climaxed really turned them on. Still, that was as far as it went.

Since we live on the Gulf Coast, storms are a way of life during parts of the year. With a severe storm approaching, we felt we had to leave until it passed. Joe and Paula asked us to come and stay with them. They live in the northern part of the state, out of harm's way. We agreed and drove the few hours to them.

While there, the ladies often wakled around topless. It certainly made Joe and I horny, so we suggested we get something going. As much as I would like to write something hotter for you, the ladies would not go for it. While we were there, the two couples had same room sex and all four had hugh orgasms, so all was not lost.

Since we live in the much larger city, Joe and Paula have more opportunities to visit us. Normally, if one or both come to town, they stay with us. One time, Joe had a meeting in our city. Since it only required one night, Paula did not come with him. His morning meeting was at a downtown hotel. Since the organization would pay for his room, Joe was staying at the hotel rather than at our house.

We decided that the three of us would get together for dinner that night. We picked a restaurant just a few blocks from his hotel that had balcony seating overlooking the city. We picked Joe up at his hotel and drove to the restaurant.

We all enjoyed an excellent meal and each other's company. We were on our third bottle of wine and were feeling no pain. Somehow, we got on the subject of fantasies that we have during sex or masturbation. I think the wine was kicking in.

Joe suggested that we all tell the group a fantasy. Everyone agreed. Since Ruby was the odd person out, being the only female, she should start.

She said that she thinks about the two of us on an island beach at night under a full moon with the waves rolling in. We would cum together and hold each other in the sand. A typical chick fantasy.

Joe was next. He surprised us by telling us that his big fantasy was to be naked with Ruby. He would rub her and lick her until she begged him to fuck her and make her cum. He would enter her and they would fuck until they were too exhausted to do it any more.

We were all silent for a moment.

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