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Epilogue - Hal's final tribute to Karen.

Down the stairs and at the doorway to the softly lit room, she stopped and looked in, her cunt leaking at the thought of the pain and pleasure waiting for her inside.

To one side there was a four poster double bed, draped with light muslin. However, a closer inspection would also reveal heavy rings set at the top of the posts from which she could be suspended. Other rings and chains were fixed at each corner, and there were further rings at the feett that allowed her to be held bent over the mattress, her feet on the floor, her upper body pulled flat onto the covers.

She smiled as she remembered one scene where he had fixed her spread eagled, standing on the floor at the foot of the bed, facing up to the pillows where he sat. She had been blindfolded, but she knew he was delighted to see her firm breasts pulled up, her wet cunt exposed, and her body available to him. He had spent ages flicking the tip of a schooling whip over her breasts, nipples and pussy until she had broken. At that point she had begged him with tears to fuck her tight arse hole. He had done just that, her still tied up, and as he had shed his seed into her rectum, he had triggered her own violent and pent up orgasm with his fingers on her clit.

She turned away from the bed and walked towards the far wall, feeling the slight give of the dojo matting covering the floor. Heaters kept the temperature comfortable, allowing them both to spend as much time as they wished naked in that room, whatever the temperature outside.

At the wall, she looked at the collection of toys he had displayed there, each on its own hook, available for instant use. There were his collection of floggers, some with turned wooden handles, others with handles of studs and leather strips. The softest flogger was a fur tail, and they went up in severity from suede and horse hair tails to long leather thongs with multiple small knots tied in each strand.

She stroked the implements, imagining the thud and sting of each on her flesh, imagining the pain and rush of wetness they brought. And inside, she slipped further and further into her submissive head space.

She looked at the paddles; some wooden, others of leather. One of them she took down and smelled. The scent of oiled leather never failed to make her catch her breath and twist her gut in expectation. With reverence, she placed the paddle back in its place. What she wanted, needed, was a toy with more bite that this.

She moved along to his canes and riding crops. The previous night she had felt a yearning for the fierce sting of their impact, the raised wheals and intense high they gave. She stroked each one lovingly, caressing them with the same care that she gave to her Master's cock, her bottom lip caught in her teeth in anticipation.

She chose a red and black braided crop with a large leather tongue at the end. As she took it down she felt a sense of rightness in her, a settling of her mood. This was to be her Master's implement.

Carefully, holding the crop across her palms like a priestess carrying an offering, she carried it to a table to one side of the door way and placed it there for Master Boaz to pick up when he so desired.

She returned to the center of the room, facing away from the door, and undressed. She removed the wrap sweater and the light silk camisole. She had not worn a bra that day, relishing the feel of her hardened nipples with their rings stroking the cool fabric of her top. She unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the ground, then slipped the lacy wisp of her thong over her hips and down her thighs until she was entirely naked, her shaven cunt glistening with her arousal. Only her high heels were still on, and she stepped out of these, touching the floor with her bare feet like a temple dancer.

As she turned round, she saw him standing there, his arms crossed, watching her. From his smile she could tell her was pleased with what he saw. She blushed at his frank stare and the obvious bulge in his pants, and she dropped to her hands and knees where she stood.

He picked up the

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