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A first holiday alone is a perfect Christmas treat

This man mostly called the chief of police, with a groan I check the listings for the hospital Frank is in. After speaking to a rather harried nurse she transfers me to the right phone.

"Frank I have a problem I've taken down three men and some guards. So far they all claim to not know who this Fantasma is. Twice now the men's phones show a lot of calls to the chief of police here in Mexico City. He just called this last one saying there seems to be an attack on his men. Either I'm killing off under cover police or the chief is Fantasma."

"Honestly it would make sense the chief down there is a career cop he knows the city and the underworld as well as anyone can. Don't worry you are not killing off cops there would be only one in the group. Keep those cell phones and give them to the press when you are done. Speak with the chief first see what he says." Frank sounds a lot angrier than you would expect, I suppose because it looks to be a fellow cop.

I hang up then figure out where the chief is, clear on the other side of the city. Not relishing a run through the streets with the people leaving their homes soon I take off. Wishing there were more center lines I run along the middle of the street as much as I can seeing a few cars. Seems like every single car screeches to a stop the driver staring after me, I admit I looked the first couple times it happened. Wishing I could go faster in spite of these twisty roads I make my way through the city the sun is starting to come up when I reach the right house.

I have to stop in rather awe of this house it is huge with a grounds of almost extreme length and depth. When the gates open I do not expect to be shot yet they do, I was just standing out in front of the gates. The iron gates are not even open fully when bullets come spewing out of the grounds into me. Their aim is much better here I let them empty their clips almost entirely into me then stand up.

"La muerte esta aqui." I shout at them then roar.

There are four of them just staring at me, when they start reloading I charge. The first I flat out punch then claw him twice opening up his torso before he flies away. The second I claw his throat before turning on the third and laying him open. The fourth man drops his gun I take a little pity on him and just snap his neck. Two more guards open fire from a second floor terrace as the garage door opens. I go after the two guards coming out of the garage firing at me as a car leaves in a very big hurry.

With those two dead I chase after the car, not very hard to do that, the driver burned rubber to turn onto the street. A man pops up out of the roof of the car to fire on me hitting me some and the cars we are passing more. I speed up and get on top of the car with a roar cutting his throat then lifting him out of the car and dropping him behind the car. With the sunroof closing I slip through the opening to sit next to a man in a suit.

"Why are you doing this?" His voice sounds very familiar, laden with an accent that brings back memories.

"I am looking for Fantasma his men executed an assault on the Detroit police. Everything points to you being this Fantasma, so I am here to ask you a few questions." I say looking at him then choking back a gasp, he looks and sounds like Miguel, luckily the wonderment of his speaking to me in English makes it easier.

He doesn't say anything, just sighs and pulls out a gun. I let him shoot me twice before taking away his gun and tossing it out the door. Not really surprised the windows don't open, chief of police is not well liked in a regular city. In the semi lawlessness of Mexico City there must be almost daily attempts on the chief.

"Why are you a drug lord?"

"Because I have been policia in Mexico City for twenty five years, in this time I have seen the people get poorer and the drug lords get richer. There is barely any attempt on curtailing them I deserve a nice retirement fund."

I groan at this, greed and ego pure and simple, I pun

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