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My aunty and I continue our passionate affair.

The large vibrator is now deep inside you and you love the feeling as it gently massages the deepest depths of your love canal.

Your body is his to do what he want and you can only think of one thing and that is to reach the top of that pleasure ride that he is taking you on so you can ride the waves of another intense orgasm. You can feel the orgasm beginning to build deep inside you and you love that feeling. You are closing your eyes and moaning your appreciation and you feel another vibration at the entrance to your butt. The nerve endings there are extremely sensitive and your body jumps with pleasure as the vibrator rests against the tight little hole. You raise your butt a little and you feel the pressure as he gently slides it in a half-inch or so and then out. Your body tenses with excitement, as all you can think of is take me higher lover. You look up for a second and see me watching your face and you smile and say "my body is yours dear." And you close your eyes again.

The vibrator slides in an inch and then out and then in an inch and half and then out. He continues to probe and your body is on fire with passion. The orgasm has taken over now and you have completely given in to your animal urges. You are pushing against the vibrator as it slowly assaults your butt and you can feel me start to slide the big one in and out of your pussy.

"Fuck me my darling fuck me with those vibrators of yours." You softly say as your body is trembling in excitement.

I slide them both all the way in and I say all in good time sweet cheeks. They are both deep inside you and the vibrations feel so damn good. The sensation of your butt being penetrated is like a fire that is consuming your body. Your muscles are twitching and you beg me to fuck you with them so I say just a minute or two more lover let things build up slowly first.

You feel me position myself above you and you look up to see my cock and balls dangling above you. You reach up and grab my cock to take it in your mouth and I say no not yet lover.

I am above you and you feel my tongue flick your clit and shocks of pleasure flash through your body again. You jerk violently as that passes through your system and I say "ok just let it build slowly."

Your body is twitching constantly now with the vibrators deep inside you but your clit is not being touched at the moment.

I tell you that you can now take my cock in your mouth and then you feel something get put in your hand.

I have given you another dildo and you reach up with it and place at the entrance to my butt.

My cock jumps in your mouth when you touch it to the entrance and you rub it around the edges seeing the muscles in my legs respond by tightening and relaxing so you know it is pleasurable.

Your body jumps again as you feel your clit getting some attention now and that orgasm is continuing to grow in strength. You know it will not be too long before you are consumed. The vibrators are now being taken out almost all the way and pushed back in both your holes. You cannot believe the sensations to have vibrators going in and out of both holes and this continual sucking on your clit.

You take that cock out of your mouth just long enough to say that you want to be used and fucked like you have never been before and then you lick the vibrator to give it some lubricant and you slide it into my butt a little a little.

The vibrators are now going in and out of you with a wonderful rhythm and you are starting to buck and heave as the orgasm is growing in intensity.

You can feel the head of that cock getting a little bigger so you know that I am enjoying this and getting closer too.

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