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Erik and Donna's first day as boyfriend and girlfriend.

She was raising her hips, humping like a whore against them, and my god she was so hot. I hopped off the bed and ran to the closet.

"What are you doing!? Get back here!!" I smiled wickedly at her and reached into the closet and pulled out Master's black bag of tricks. Her eyes widened as I reached in and grabbed a thick, 10" jelly dildo and tossed it on the bed. She squealed with joy as I tossed various toys on the bed.

I climbed back onto the bed and got on top of her in a 69 position. I rubbed her bald cunt lips up and down with my two fingers, tracing them up and down. She immediately wrapped her arms around my thighs and brought my cunt her mouth and started to suck and lick. I moaned loudly and took the dildo and started to work it into her tight cunt. I slapped the side of her ass and made her buck her hips against the fake cock. I pushed it in further. She moaned into my pussy, making it vibrate. I twisted the dildo around and forced it in harder. I smiled and turned the dial, making it vibrate on high in her sopping cunt. Her licking of my clit increased 10 fold as I fucked the dildo in and out.

Her cunt was being stretched out of shape with the large dildo. I felt a sharp pain in my thigh and felt the blood trickle down as she lapped it up. I swiftly slapped her clit.


She groaned and bucked her hips. I reached back and tugged on her nipples with on hand as I continued to slap her clit. I was riding her face like it was my last day on earth.


She was writhing underneath me, panting wildly. I fucked the dildo in and out her cunt a few more strokes. In seconds, we were both screaming. As I squirted my orgasm into her mouth and hers went all over the dildo. I pulled the dildo out swiftly and started to lick up her cum and she started to cum again, all over my face. I shook my face against her cunt until her screaming subsided.

I got off from on top of her and snuggled against her, kissing her softly. Sliding my tongue her mouth that I may taste myself, and she can taste herself. I pinched her nipple playfully, and she giggled.

She shot upright and looked at the clock.

"Oh my God! Look at the time! Hurry...get back into the bath tub!" We scrambled from the bed and ran into the adjoining bathroom. We both sunk into the now luke-warm bath water. We washed each other clean, giggling a bit when we washed each other's pussy a lil longer than we should have. We brushed out each other's hair and I put new jewelry on her nipples and pussy lips. She was slick and wet and ready for me again. I lifted an eyebrow up at her as I was on my hands and knees before her, replacing the rings on her cunt lips.

"Don't even think about it, sis, They will be home any second." I smiled wickedly up at her and lifted my mouth to her pussy and licked it up and down in long strokes. Despite herself, she parted her thighs wider to allow me better access as I started to suck on her cunt lips. I put my hands on her knees to keep her from buckling. I smiled up at her and buried my face into her pussy, working my tongue against her clit. Her eyes closed and she tossed her head back to the ceiling. I pulled my tongue away and sat back on my heels. "...if you don't want too..." Her jaw dropped and I ran back into the bedroom, her on my heels as she tackled me to the bed. She climbed on top this time and put her cunt right over my mouth and smothered me. I feasted on her cunt and felt her run something up and down in-between my cunt lips. I made my tongue stiffen as I wiggled it inside her. She pushed the dildo into my cunt and dropped her mouth to my clit. I bucked against the dildo, squeezing it in my cunt. I was eating her out like I wasn't fed in days. She rolled my clit in her teeth and that was it for me, I was cumming and I was cumming hard; screaming into her cunt. Her pussy was throbbing, squeezing my tongue and suddenly I tasted the warm gush into my mouth. I lapped up at it until there was no more.

She rolled off of me and snuggled me close.

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