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Model hires Eagle Scout to tie her up for a photo shoot.

t Shintani and Eve?"

Fallen replied, "I think so. I know that the woman is Eve. What I wouldn't give to be her Adam, why I would give Michael's left nut just for the chance."

"You would have to cowboy since your whole body isn't worth what my left nut is."

"Hell I spent more in beer for these little love handles than you spent at the gym to look like that."

"Well you wouldn't have those handles if you worked out."

"Hey pretty boy, work a day in my boots and that gym will seem like a picnic."

Bluesman looked at both of them and asked, "Are you mad at each other?"

Fallen, "Nope just bored."

Michael, "No, but I wish the girls would hurry."

Butterfly came in and asked Bluesman if there was something else on that TV besides cams. "No but I can get a shot of the beach and the ocean on one of them. See," he answered.

"Great leave it on. Now guys Crystal needs a little help to get over her jitters about the reunion," Butterfly paused and looked at each of them. "I told her we would stay with her till she felt like joining the others. First we have get her to relax around us then maybe she will feel confident enough to leave the bedroom. Bluesman be nice and recite some of your fine poetry to her. Dim the lights and you two behave," she said as she looked at Michael and Fallen.

"I don't want to behave. I have wanted to hold you in my arms and make love since I meet you. The way your face lights up and your eyes sparkle when you laugh, falls upon my soul like rain on dry dusty ground. I want to feed upon your lovely charms. Make love like a river that slowly filters through dappled ponds till it falls thundering and roaring over the edge of a precipice." Fallen put his arms around her and pulled her to him. He placed a long slow lingering kiss upon her soft full lips. Their lips parted and his deep blue eyes stared into her big brown eyes. "I want you now."

"Is it warm in here or is it just me? Hold that thought till I get back cowboy." She gave him one more kiss and left his arms to go and get Kay and Crystal.

Michael turned to Bluesman and commented, "It's easy to tell who's writing this page."

Butterfly was soon back with the other two. Bluesman sat on the king size bed and read them his poetry. Crystal leaned on Bluesman's shoulder and listened as he read from his notebook. They quickly forgot about the others in the room as they talked about poetry, writing, and each other.

Kay and Michael listened to the poetry and talked. They watched Butterfly and Fallen till good manners caused them to look somewhere else. When Bluesman and Crystal decided to leave they asked them to tell everyone that they would be along shortly. Crystal seemed to be doing fine now and left holding hands with Bluesman.

SpecialK had her hand in Michael's robe stroking his dick as they discussed the thread about favorite positions. He had her robe open and was gently playing with her nipple teasing it. They kissed and he began to nibble on her ear. She warned him that if he didn't stop he was going to be raped. He whispered in her ear, "It isn't rape if I go willingly." Michael's hand slipped to her waist and he urged her to roll on top of him. He licked the inside of her ear and she shivered. Their robes had fallen open and his hard dick was nestled in her curly brown bush. He leaned back as she wiggled against his pelvis feeling her wetness when he slipped between her lips. She moaned and he reached up and held her large breasts. She leaned down and kissed him, biting him lightly on his lip. She sat back up and slowly slid up and down on his now slippery pole, finally she leaned over and kissed him again. She slid upward till his dick sprang free and then slid down encasing it in the warm tight grip of her womanhood. Kay broke the kiss and leaned back placing her hands on his chest. Her long red fingernails made little dents in his skin as she made little circular motions with her pelvis. She drove his dick deeper and deeper into her until her weight rested on his thighs.

Kay loved the feeling of being filled with that hard flesh.

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