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Encounter begins in an unexpected fashion.

He shifted his position until his face was at her crotch, and he began to lick and suck her entire crease area, moving his tongue from her vagina's entrance to her clitoris and back again. He was making her wet, both from his saliva and her own juices which were now beginning to flow despite her terror and disgust.

Billy kept up his oral manipulations, enjoying the taste of his beautiful young girlfriend. He inserted a finger into her opening, both to see how wet she was getting and to add to her stimulation. It was at that instant that he realized she was a virgin, feeling her maidenhead blocking his finger. "Hey guys," he yelled to everyone in the room. "This bitch really is a virgin. Can you believe that. A damned virgin!" There were hoots and yells from around the room.

Paula was adequately wet enough in short order, and Billy once again moved up her body and repositioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He pushed in slightly, feeling the head of his cock touching her hymen. He looked her in the eyes and said, "Say goodbye to your cherry, little girl." With that he shoved his cock all the way into her, his balls slapping against the crack between her ass cheeks.

Paula had never before felt such a deep, searing pain. Her scream filled the entire room and most of the large house as well. She almost passed out from the mind-numbing extent of it. Then she felt Billy begin stroking in and out of her, further irritating the already torn and bleeding flesh of her most sensitive and private place. His big cock seemed to fill her to overflowing one instant, only to leave her deflated and empty the next.

And she was dimly aware of something else, too. Her personal horror at her current situation was slowly being superseded by another feeling. The intense sexual stimulation occurring between her legs and deep inside her belly was somehow beginning to feel strangely good. How could that happen, she wondered to herself. Here she was, being held spread-eagle on a couch by three guys while a fourth plunged his large cock into her, raping her totally against her own wishes. And she was beginning to enjoy it???

It was purely involuntary on her part, but she slowly began thrusting her hips upwards to meet each of his downward thrusts. Soon she reached his rhythm, and they began a perverted dance of love. And worst of all, she was beginning to moan as the pain was now totally gone, being replaced by the most intense pleasure she had ever felt.

While he had fucked several girls before tonight, Billy had never felt a pussy as tight and hot as the one he was currently thrusting into. He knew he couldn't last long, and he didn't. Less than seven minutes after his initial thrust he felt the familiar feeling deep in his balls that signals his impending orgasm. And, before he could slow his thrusting to make it last, it erupted from him. His body tensed, jerked slightly, and he began making short, deep jabs to get his cock as deep inside her as it would go and keep it there for his cum.

Paula felt his liquid release deep inside her, and she could even feel each individual spurt of cum released from his cock. It was too much for her, and she erupted into her own orgasm, complete with loud screams of pleasure such as she had never known before. She bucked her hips against him wildly as she sought to maximize her own pleasure. Finally she was finished, and her body slumped loosely down on the couch, his cock still buried to the hilt inside her.

Billy could not believe how wonderful his cum had felt. He kissed her face, then her lips, in a series of tiny lip-bites. She, on the other hand, came back to the reality of her situation and what he had just forced her to do, and she turned her face away from him as best she could. "Get off of me, you rapist," she half-whispered. "You rotten bastard," she also spit out. Billy removed his dick from her hot cunt and got off of her and the couch.

As he did, one of the guys who had been holding one of her legs took his place and quickly inserted hi

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