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Roger discovers Barbara and Julia together.

She felt her body tensing up, and she knew she was holding her breath. Not knowing how else to let this release take place, she felt compelled to scream. And that's what she did, she let out her first scream as her hips flew off the bed. As she came back down, Sean crawled up and held her.

After she had enough time to catch her breath, they kissed. Indy noticed immediately the difference in the taste of that kiss. She pulled away looking at the wetness around Sean's mouth and chin.

"What's wrong?" Sean asked.

Using her thumb, Indy wiped at some of the wetness she saw, and then tentatively stuck the thumb in her mouth. It was sweet and salty at the same time and very creamy. She frowned wondering if she liked it, and finally decided that she did.

"It's your cunny juice." Sean supplied with a smile.

"Does yours taste the same?"

Sean laughed. "Um...maybe. But overall everyone's taste is just a little different."

With a sly smirk, Indy licked away the rest of it off Sean's face.

They kissed again as long fingers worked their way towards Indy's pussy. "Indy, I'm going to slide my fingers inside you. It will hurt at first until..."

"I know, until the membrane splits. That's the only thing I've ever known." She commented sadly.

"We don't have to..."

"No, I want to. I want you to be the one." Emerald green eyes gazed into ocean blue. "I'm scared, but only because I don't know how badly it's going to hurt."

Sean let out a breath, and tenderly said, "It's different for everyone. For some it could be like a pin prick and for others...not."

"Am I going to bleed a lot?"

"Well, that also is different for everyone."

"I see." She bit her bottom lip then let out a sigh. "Shouldn't we put a towel or something down so I don't ruin your sheets?"

"We can, if you want." She got up and retrieved the very item from the bathroom. Folding it in half, she tucked it under Indy's hips. "There, better?" She received a nod, and then she decided to remove her jeans.

"Do you always wear men's underwear?" Indy shyly asked.

Sean smiled as she stood there in black Hanes boxer briefs. "Yep. They're the most comfortable. Plus it's sexy when I have a strap-on."

"A strap-on? What's that?"

"Oh." That's right Sean, remember, she's been shut in for half her life. "Um...never mind, I'll tell you later." She returned to her position next to Indy. They exchanged languid kisses until the kisses became heated. She slid long fingers through the downy curls and lightly stroked an erect nub.

Indy's hips began to move of their own accord.

Fingers coated in the young woman's essence slipped into her up to the last knuckle. The small body tensed harshly and Indy let out a scream of pain, but the membrane was still in tact.

"God...it hurts...ow, stop!" Indy ground out between gritted teeth.

"Okay, okay." Sean removed her fingers, and hugged the small blonde to her. She bestowed gentle kisses along Indy's face.

"Why isn't it over? Why didn't it break? Is something wrong with me?"

"Shh, don't talk like that." Sean gently stated. "There are rare occasions where a woman happens to have her virginal veil intact rather tightly. I don't know why that happens. We can try something different, if you're up to it." She stroked Indy's cheeks tenderly.

"Umm...alright, but it's going to really hurt, isn't it?"

"Well...I don't want to lie to you, but I promise, once it's over you'll be just fine." The tall woman got up and went to the bathroom.

Indy lay there wondering what was going to happen. She thought this was only going to hurt for a second and it would all be over. But she just had to be a part of that very small percentage of women who happen to have it more difficult. She hadn't expected it to hurt so much, and even though Sean pulled out rather quick, that short period of pain was intense.

Sean returned wearing something between her legs and lay back on the bed.

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