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A wail came from further in the tunnel, and a big brown female seemed overcome with grief. Jordan watched as she lay a stone on the body of a partially decomposed adolescent.

The recently deceased alpha had been dumped deep in the cavern, face down. Most of the bodies had been posed, and Jordan guessed that said something about playing their respects to the dead. The lack of care given to the alpha spoke to Jordan of the animosity the women of his harem felt for him.

There were other human remains in here as well. One wore shoes that looked like they were from the 1950s, and another had a wallet which identified him as Jim Stone of Telluride, Colorado. The license was issued in 1977.

Jordan kept the wallet. He would let Dr. Stein guide him on how to alert the family.

Each adult took turns moving among the dead, paying respect to some, and moving past others. They seemed to add a stone to the chest of their loved ones. Jordan could see some nearly buried under small stones, and others, like the alpha, unceremoniously dumped without a single stone.

The Sasquatch communicated among themselves with grunts and whistles, and within a short time, they began to leave.

Jordan followed Jane out, and was the second to last to leave. Once the living were all out, the big females worked together to replace the stones, sealing the mausoleum until the next time it was needed.

Jordan breathed the fresh air outside, wishing he could take deeper breaths without his chest threatening to split open. The scent of pine and wildflowers replaced the foul odor in his nose and mouth.

The females gathered and walked back to the other, bigger mine, where they slept during the day. Jane followed them, so Jordan decided to push his luck and follow. He was surprised when no one stopped him.

By the light of his flashlight he followed the group up into the solid stone mine shaft. As in the other shaft, the cavern opened up after 20 yards, and Jordan barely had to stoop to navigate the stone passage once inside.

The stench of skunk and body odor from the now-dead alpha permeated the place, punctuated in places by the softer, spicy musk of the females. One branch off the main mine shaft was clearly used as bedding for all the females. It was piled knee deep in straw and soft leaves.

There was a separate nest that smelled strongly of the alpha near the cavern entrance. Jordan walked deeper and deeper into the cavern, finding occasional relics from when the mine was still being excavated, a rusty pail and a pile of old rags caught Jordan's attention for a while.

There was a split, and one of the shafts went down into a flooded passage. The other climbed to an end 30 yards past the split.

There was no sign that the Bigfoot had used this mine beyond the first 40 yards. It seemed to be a place for sleeping and hiding from daylight. There was no trash, no excrement or food waste, and other than the beds and smell of musk, could be mistaken for a bear den when it was unoccupied.

Jane came to get Jordan as he was trying to see how far the submerged passage went. She took his hand and led him back to the nest where the females were busy grooming each other's fur. She began tugging on his clothes, and he took the hint and stripped naked.

He dropped his flashlight in the straw, which provided just enough light for him to see by.

It also allowed all of the females to watch him as his clothes came off.

For the first time all evening, the group was silent as Jordan stood before them, his erection quickly growing, partly from Jane's lust, and partly from fear.

You could have heard a pin drop as Jane pushed Jordan down on the straw floor and mounted him, taking his entire erection in one downward thrust of her furry hips.

Jordan looked around, and saw that the two young Sasquatch were playing, ignoring him, but 5 other sets of eyes were on them.

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