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They enjoy a night of sex and lingerie.

My tongue swirls around your areola before I take your other nipple into my mouth.

Sucking hard and biting softly, flicking your nipple into my mouth. My hand reaches under you back as it arches to pull you closer into my body.

I move back down your stomach, kissing slowly, getting lower and lower. I get to your sweatpants and reach up to pull them off.

I take my shirt off and move back down between your legs.

My hands reach under your legs and I kiss the insides of your thighs.

I kiss up your legs to your panties and then cross over to the other leg.

my fingers start to rub the outside over your panties, rubbing through to your lips... my fingers trace your pussy up and down, getting it nice and wet and then I rub your clit through your panties.

I pull your panties off and get back between your legs. My tongue softly touches your pussy lips as I start at the bottom and lick up to your clit.

I take your clit into my mouth and my finger finds its way inside you to rub your gspot.

I softly suck your clit in my mouth and press my tongue over it, licking softly up and down.

Your body arches and my free hand is under your ass, pulling you into my and you begin to move into my face.

My tongue moves faster over your clit, up and down flicking it as I push a second finger into your pussy.

My hands reach up to your breasts while my tongue continues to rub your clit.

I lick my fingers to get them nice and wet and then pinch your nipples, nice and soft. Your nipples harden and I flick them with my fingers as I continue to lick your clit.

You body starts to arch and I need to be inside you.

I move up and take off my pants; your body has helped me get nice and hard to fuck you.

I move up onto your body and put my dick at the entrance to your pussy.

I grab it and push it between the folds of your pussy lips, teasing you more, getting you wetter, and then I take the head to rub it on your clit.

Your body arches again and I push my dick into you. Your pussy stretches around me as I push into you. Nice and slow I push into you inch by inch.

You let out a soft moan as I reach my limit and fill you up.

I kiss you as I pull out and begin to fuck you.

In and out I go, nice and slow to let your pussy adjust to fit me.

I grind into you with each thrust to rub your clit against my pelvis.

In and out, deeper into you.

Our lips meet again as we moan into each other's mouths.

I reach under your legs and pull your legs over my shoulder, lifting your ass off the bed, allowing me deeper access.

I push into you again, deeper than before. Your body is trapped and pinned against the bed as I fuck you harder and deeper.

I pull out of you and flip you over doggy style. I look at your beautiful ass in the air as I move behind you. I position my dick back against your pussy and push in.

My dick slides deep into you as I meet your ass with my thrust.

In and out I slam into you, my body lays down on yours and I reach under to grab your tits while I fuck you.

I pinch your nipples as I thrust in and out of you. We both moan in the pleasure.

My hand moves down to your clit and my finger rubs against your clit and I continue to fuck you harder.

In and out of your pussy, my finger rubbing on your clit, pleasure shoots through your body like electricity.

I grab on to your hips for leverage and fuck you harder, I slap against your ass with each thrust.

In and out, pulling you into me with each thrust to get deeper into your pussy.

You feel so tight and wet.

Then I get a little rougher. I grab onto your hair and pull you back.

Your hands come off the bed as your body arches.

I turn your head towards me to see that look of pleasure from inside you and the pain from pulling your hair.

You look so beautiful as I can see the side of you breast bounce with each thrust and the look of pleasure on your face from each thrust.

I pull you back further so we are upright and pull your hair so you face is towards me enough to kiss you.

Then I push you back down to the bed and conti

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