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Something new for these ladies.

I stood up a moment and pulled down my shorts and briefs, before sitting back down. My cock was standing straight up and was already leaking pre-cum.

I told Lisa, "I know you said it has been a while and you want to enjoy this, but I'm afraid it's not going to last very long. What you did to Gretchen pretty much guaranteed that."

Lisa said, "I won't make you suffer, but I do want to enjoy this a bit."

With that Lisa began to lightly kiss my balls and from time to time rub her lips along the lower part of my shaft. She was careful not to go too high up the shaft so that I wouldn't cum immediately. Lisa's mouth felt wonderful but strangely, it seemed to actually be calming me down a bit rather than taking me closer to cumming. I guess once I realized it would happen; I was able to relax and just enjoy what I felt. Still, it wasn't too long before I really felt the need to cum and I told Lisa so.

Lisa smiled and put her mouth over the head of my cock and began to softly suck on it. It felt terrific. Just a few moments later, she began to flick the tip of her tongue on that sweet spot just below the head while continuing to suck on the head. You'll remember I told you that I knew that Lisa had sucked on Gretchen's clit while flicking its tip with the tip of her tongue. Well, this is I how I knew, because she did much the same thing to me. Oh my God, it felt good. I could feel the cum building in my balls and told Lisa so. I thought it would have been rude not to as I wasn't sure whether Lisa would want to swallow my load or not. At that moment, Lisa sealed her lips tightly around the head of my cock and began to turn her head back and forth so that the lips dragged along the ridge right below the head in the same kind of motion you would use to turn a doorknob. Oh fuck that was great. The cum raced up my shaft. I spurted into her mouth, but stay rock hard.

Lisa gave me a few moments to catch my breath and said, "Well, everyone has cum except me. I think I deserve some fun."

I said that I would be happy to go down on her, but that I'm sure I wasn't in her league in that regard.

Lisa said, "That's not what I had in mind. It looks like you are still UP for some action and I'd love a stiff cock inside me right now."

I replied, "So far, everything has been oral but actual intercourse was another matter."

Lisa said that she was sure she could make Gretchen alright with it and with that, she stood up and slid down on my cock. I didn't even realize she had removed her running shorts until I felt myself sliding into her. I didn't even have time to voice further complaint but she was hot and wet and tight and it felt terrific. I'm not sure I'd have resisted further even if I had time.

At first, Lisa simply sat still, getting used to me inside her. Then she began to slow move up and down. A nice languid motion at pace that I really enjoyed and seemed to be working for her too.

Lisa looked at me and said, "Chris, I do have one other special talent."

"What's that?" I asked.

Lisa responded, "When I really focus on someone, like I did with Gretchen, I can give them the most amazing orgasm they have ever had." I told Lisa that having witnessed her with Gretchen, I didn't doubt her. Because I had already cum once, however, I knew from experience that my second would not be as intense. I said it was just a function of being male.

Lisa smirked and said, "Wanna bet? What's more, I can make it happen without even moving up and down on you."

I should have known better, but I was certain that even if I had been wrong about Gretchen, I absolutely knew myself. So I said, "You're on."

Lisa said, "Let's see what you say in about 10 minutes." And she settled down on my cock, her ass resting on my thighs, her knees drawn tight to my hips. She pulled down the zipper on her top and let it slide from her shoulders. She had nice firm breasts with coral-colored nipples.

At first, all she did was rock her hips back and forth a bit.

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