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Great books are only a pretext here.

A lot of them probably went into risky places to get an early lead on the competition without realizing just what was at stake.

The thing is, pros are usually quite good at quickly gauging how much damage they can take without dying. But I'm guessing that throwing pain into the equation changed the game completely.

I was still ruminating over the news when I noticed that Kelly was staring daggers at me.

"What were you doing?" she asked warily.

"Nothing much- I just, wanted to get a feel for things."


I sighed.

She wasn't going to let this go, and this wasn't the kind of thing I could keep hidden for long.

Besides, she couldn't do much more than get angry anyway.

"I switched classes."

She stared at me in shock.

"To what?"


She blinked at me disbelievingly.


"It's better this way."

"Fuck you, we chose these classes after talking about it all week!" she was seething almost, but I knew she was acting out of hurt, not hatred.

"This wasn't a death game when we made those choices."

"Fine then, I'll change too. What do you want me to-?"

"No. Ranger is fine."


"It's perfect, and you already know how to-"

"How the fuck does ranger work with tempest, Josh?!"

People were starting to stare, and I guess I should have figured she'd be this upset.

Her assessment was after all spot on.

The ranger/rogue combo was one we settled on because of how well the two classes complimented each other; she could strike from range, and me from stealth; she could maneuver through difficult terrain and wilderness, and I could keep pace with her while remaining hidden.

It was a hit and run combo, but one that we'd played together in the past and were comfortable with.

The tempest on the other hand was a spellcaster class that focused on controlling combat in large scale battles, and providing support to multiple allies while keeping enemies at bay.

"Come-" I took her hand, but she pulled away from me.

I looked into her eyes, unable to stop myself from tearing up a little, and she immediately relented.

"Please- come with me," I tried again.

She sighed exasperatedly, and pinched the bridge of her nose.

It was what she always did when she was holding back tears, but she gave a little nod and I led her down a pathway that wound from the city to a little clearing before the woods.

There was nothing of interest here, and as a result it was more or less deserted.

"Ranger is safe, Kelly. I just want you to be safe."

"And what the fuck is safer than rogue, Josh? Or does your safety not matter?"

"It does- but Rogue skills aren't made for protecting others."

Tears were in her eyes now, and she was running her hands through her hair as they fell.

"If you die and leave me here Josh, I swear! I'll-"


I hugged her, and held her tight.

"I'm not trying to leave you, Kel. But I need to make sure you're safe. Tempest makes me feel more comfortable about being able to do that."

She fell to her knees, sobbing, and I held her until she calmed down a bit.

The last day had been hell on her.

I know she still felt guilty for getting us into this, but that didn't matter now.

The only thing that still mattered was getting out of here alive.

And worst case scenario:

This was just the beginning of the game.

* * *

"Okay- lemme hear it," Kelly muttered flatly, calming down from her emotional outburst.


"Your bullshit reasoning for switching to tempest."

She did have a tendency to see through me, but I was prepared to defend my case.

"Okay... Tempest is a more versatile class- it makes me much more valuable in a larger party."

"And that affects us, how?"

"I know we were gonna play together, but it might be dangerous for us to do that now. We'll need to join a party."

She grumbled, which left me feeling pretty confused.

What was wrong with joining up with a larger group?

"Is that it? Because rogues are pretty useful to large groups too."

"No- the main reason still s

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