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Snow White meets her tutors.

This man was making her mouth water and her pussy ache.

She felt his stubble scratch at her thighs again as he kissed and nibbled his way toward her pussy. Katy squirmed and moaned as he was so incredibly slow in his progress and she was ready to feel his mouth on her. He ran his tongue up and down the length of her pussy lips, just teasing them open the tiniest bit. Katy tried to press herself into his face, but he held her tightly against the table.

She felt him graze his teeth across her pussy and gently open her lips with his tongue and lick and lap at her folds, working closer to her clit, but not quite making contact. He slipped his hands off of her thighs and used one hand to spread her lips open and the other to start fingering her again, just as he started to suck at her clit and flick his tongue back and forth across it. He worked up an insane rhythm pretty quickly, sucking her clit then flicking his tongue across it while he worked a second and third finger inside her and never once slowed down for her to adjust.

Katy was pulling tight at her wrist cuffs, pulling herself into David's face and hand as hard as she could. She rolled her hips and pushed against him as much as she could. He slowed his hand just a bit, but sucked as hard as ever on her clit and Katy arched up off the table. Just as she settled back down he moved his mouth from her pussy and suddenly the nipple clips were taken off. Katy was overtaken with the pain in her nipples and the burn in her pussy. A warm mouth caressed her sore nipples as David started to finger her slowly again. Katy writhed on the table and continued to roll her hips into David's hand, wanting so much more than that now.

She whimpered and moaned as Marc moved from one nipple to the other with his mouth and hands. Then it was just his hands and his mouth was at her ear. His warm breath sending goosebumps over her neck.

"Are you ready to be fucked again?" he asked her as he nibbled at her earlobe.

"Yes, please," Katy answered quickly, tugging at her cuffs, pushing her pussy into David's hand as much as he was pushing into her pussy.

"Just how badly do you want it, Bitch?" Marc asked as he flicked her nipple, causing it to light up with pain once again.

David pulled his hands free of her pussy and stepped away from her.

Now she lay there; wet, wanting and writhing on the table.

They had managed to work her up to a panting need, and now intended to toy with her.

"I need to be fucked, please. Please fuck me," Katy begged. She knew he liked that, but it was a genuine need at the moment.

Katy pulled at her cuffs and tossed her head side to side. Her body was on fire with need. David brought his hand to her mouth and she eagerly licked and sucked his hand clean while he and Marc both pinched and teased at her nipples.

"Just a fuck, that's all you need?" Marc teased as he pinched hard on a nipple.

"Yes, Sir, please. I need to fuck. I need to come," Katy replied, out of breath and writhing in obvious need on the table below their hands.

"But who gets to fuck you?" Marc asked Katy, closer to her now, so she could feel his breath on her face and neck as he spoke.

"You do, Sir," Katy answered.

"Is that right?" he replied, and Katy noticed irritation in his tone, a bit sarcastic even.

"Yes. Sir," Katy answered, hesitating this time. Not sure what was wrong or what to say.

"Just because you get fucked does not mean that you get to come. Do you really think you've earned a second orgasm today, Bitch? I think you may be forgetting a few rules."

"No, Sir, I haven't forgotten. I just need to be fucked Sir."

"Well, David, what do you think?" Marc asked as David toyed with a nipple and looked over Katy's body still struggling on the table in front of him.

"Are you asking me if I'd like to fuck her? Because you know I'd like to bury my cock in her.

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