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A WWII tale of siblings and their lost spouses.

She was going to be gone for 3 days in California. Friday morning, I went to the computer and looked in the driveway for mom's car. It wasn't there, so the shorts came off and dick went up as I sat behind the desk. I went directly to Literotica and started looking at the "Loving wives". I love a good story about women who share themselves with others while hubby joins or watches. After looking at some new stories, my cock started getting hard and wanting some attention. My dick is about 8.5 inches (measured by my wife) and it is really thick. Anyway, I was stroking away and heard a noise in the other room. I got up to look but found nothing. As I sat back down I kicked my shorts to the side and leaned back in the chair resuming my pleasure. Then it happened, I looked up and my mother-in-law was standing at the office door watching me. I started to jump up but remembered my pants weren't on, so I leaned forward. She turned and looked off ashamed of what she was seeing.

I said "Pam, what are you doing, your car isn't here and I thought you were gone. I am so sorry about what you just saw."

Pam said she was sorry for walking in on me, that her car had gone to the shop and would not start.

I asked for a little time to get dressed and explain, but she turned and walked away without saying a word. I followed her to her room, and knocked on the door. She answered and told me everything was ok, she just wanted to be alone. I stayed at her door trying to think of something to say when I heard a small moan. I leaned into the door and listened and heard more small moans and whimpers. I reached out and slowly turned the handle to the door and it opened with no noise. I stuck my head around the edge of the door to look in expecting Pam to be crying. What I saw was Pam laying face down, her ass in the air with a hand on her pussy going to town. She was plunging two fingers in her pussy and her thumb was rubbing her clit. I stood motionless watching something I never dreamed I would see. My cock started to rise to the occasion while my mind wondered what I should do.

I made some type of noise and Pam jerked her head around to see me standing there stroking my cock again like before. She jumped over and tried to cover herself with the bedding.

I said "Turn about is fair play, right?"

She said "I guess your right, we need to talk so this doesn't get in the way."

She sat up and began unbuttoning her blouse, while I stood once again dumfounded. I wasn't sure what to do, or what was expected. She let me know then that she was sorry for walking in on me and she had enjoyed the show, but it made her realize she wanted more than a show. She took off her bra and I got my first look at those 36D tits of hers. She gripped a nipple and rolled it between her fingers.

She asked "would you like to suck on these for me?"

I could not resist and went to the side of her bed and grabbed her tit and started licking the nipple like I couldn't get enough.

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