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A troubled girl finds herself in an unusual treatment center.

"Wha... what?" Katrina gasped, coughing as the fog cleared from her mind, her eyes blinking hurriedly as she felt the younger man press against her. "What happened?"

"You almost drowned," Seth repeated, his hands sliding up under her arms, his fingers brushing against the side of her breasts as he pressed himself against her, his cock now fully hard pressing against her ass. "You're lucky I was here to rescue you."

"Rescue me?" Katrina moaned, still groggy as she felt Seth's fingers brush against her breasts. "You... you left," she gasped, suddenly realizing what part of Seth's body was pressing against her.

"I came back to check on you, Mrs. Taylor," Seth assured her, "you're lucky I did."

"No," Katrina stated firmly, her mind finally catching up to what was happening, trying to twist away from Seth as she felt his erection pressing against the soft flesh of her ass. "You held me down, tried to drown me," she accused him as she struggled futilely against the younger man. Katrina was in good shape but Seth was younger and stronger than she was, so her attempts to break free only drew a condescending laugh from the younger man. "Let me go," she demanded, her voice filled with anger as she tried not to think about his hard cock as it pressed against her ass or his groping hands as they explored her breasts.

"I don't think so, Mrs. Taylor," Seth laughed as she twisted and struggled beneath him, her struggles only managing to arouse him more as her body writhed against his. "Not until I get what I want from you," he assured her, one hand sliding down the side of her body to caress her ass, his fingers tracing along the leg-line of her bathing suit until they were pressing against the soft mound of her sex.

"No!" Katrina protested, her heart beating faster as his fingers explored her crotch, outrage filling her at Seth's liberties with her body even as she felt a slight twinge of arousal at his knowing touch. "You can't. This is wrong," she insisted, still struggling against the younger man. I'm old enough to be his mother, kept running through her mind, her shock and outrage at her situation bringing tears of frustration to her eyes as his fingers stroked her sex through her bathing suit. "No."

"Yes, Mrs. Taylor," Seth murmured in her ear, his finger tracing along the cleft of her sex, toying with her body as he pressed her against the side of the pool, his hard cock nestled between the cheeks of her ass. "I've always wanted to do this," he confided to her as his hand slipped into the leg of her swimsuit, his fingers caressing the bare lips of her pussy.

"No!" Katrina almost sobbed as she felt his fingers on her sensitive flesh, her efforts to break free redoubling as she realized that she couldn't reason with this young man. "You can't," she insisted once more as she felt his fingers exploring her most private area.

"I can, Mrs. Taylor," Seth assured her, his finger stroking along the length of her sex, slowly working its way between the lips of her pussy to stroke the sensitive flesh there. "I can and I will," Seth assured her, his finger probing the tight entrance of her vagina as his thumb stroked her rapidly hardening clitoris.

"You can't," Katrina moaned as she felt her body responding to the young man's expert touch, her arousal growing from the light and teasing touches of his fingers even as she fought against him, fought against her own blossoming lust. "Please, I'll do anything," she begged, hating the weakness she heard in her own voice as she pleaded with the younger man, her normal confidence undermined by her body's desire.

"Yes, Mrs. Taylor, you are going to do anything," Seth assured her, his finger curling into her, sliding deeper into her suddenly wet sex, "you're going to do anything I want."

"No, please," Katrina pleaded uselessly as she felt his finger thrust deeper into

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