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Margarete uses seduction to help Lise heal.

She groaned again. Hal washed his cum off his face with a damp washcloth and then returned to wipe her flank and bum clean. He returned again with Tylenol and water. Cody sat up slowly, rubbing her temples, and took the Tylenol.

"I'm hung over, Hal," she whimpered. "I wanna sleep more first."

Hal pulled the flat sheet off the bed and wrapped it around Cody's naked body. "Brush your teeth, Princess. Then I'll put you in the sleeper cab and you can keep sleeping while I drive. I have to keep the company happy." Hal decided this was not a good time to make her dress back up in the mini skirt outfit.

Hal coaxed Cody into the washroom where she took a hot shower while Hal brushed his teeth and gathered up their belongings. He wrapped Cody, still naked and damp, in the bedsheet. Cody snatched a pillow off the bed as he lifted her away, and clung to it tightly as Hal carried her out to the rig, hoping nobody would take an interest in the strange sight.

He made sure she was comfortable in the sleeper cab, gave her another Tylenol, tossed their stuff inside, and started up the rig. He trundled it across to the Flying J for a breakfast sandwich and coffee to go.

"You want anything, Princess? " he called back into the sleeper cab.

"No thank you," answered a faint, weak voice. Cody had sandwiched her head between the motel pillow and the one in the sleeper cab.

"Okay then keep drinking your water."

Hal quickly bought coffee, bottles of juice and sandwiches. He jumped back in and pulled out onto westbound Interstate 80. He was relieved to be back on the route, and relieved to still have Cody with him.

With Cody out of commission in the back, Hal wondered if he could go flat out to Reno. It would be a long day, but he had to make up for lost time. He also had things on his mind. Like whether he wanted to give up trucking and look up his friend in L.A. about a local delivery truck gig. Maybe settle down on the west coast. Hal drove resolutely west.

* * *

About two and half hours later, around Wells, Nevada, Hal felt a rustling as Cody emerged from the sleeper cab, still wrapped in the motel bed sheet. She slid into the passenger seat, dazed and bleary-eyed, looking out the windows at the taupe and olive scrub with the distant, crouching, grey-blue, bone dry mountain ridges.

"Where are we?" she asked.

"We're in Nevada, Princess."

"Are we going to Vegas?"

"No, that's too far south of here. We'd have to turn at I-93 and go south for six hours."

"Oh," said Cody.

"But we're straight on course for Reno," he added impulsively. "It's like a smaller Vegas."

Hal suddenly had a flash in his mind of Cody in a casino, holding a drink, laughing as she wore her tiny mini skirt with her bare bum peeking out every time she leaned forward too far. He felt a jolt of need in his stomach, and his penis started growing.

"Reno has casinos, but not like Vegas. No Strip," he added.

Cody nodded her head, and adjusted her bed sheet around her.

Hal glanced her way. He could see her bare feet emerging from the sheets, her bare soles showing, with her smooth, bare shoulders emerging at the other end.

"You feeling better, Princess?" he asked.

Cody nodded. "A little better. But I really have to pee."

Uh oh, thought Hal. He thought about the jug and then quickly dropped the thought.

"How badly do you have to pee?"

"Bad. Is there a toilet?"

"Nope. We'll have to pull over at the next turnout Princess."

"Where?" They both looked at the twin ribbon stretching endlessly to the horizon.

"I dunno but it has to be safe."

"So I have to pee by the road?"

"I guess it depends how long you can hold it."

"I can't pee by the road, I'm only wearing a bedsheet. What do you normally do?"

Hal hesitated.

"A jug," he said.

"What? Seriously?"

"Yes, seriously."

"Where's the jug?"

Hal reached over behind his seat on the driver side and pulled out a strange looking jug with a hose emerging from the top. The top ended in a cup.

"Sometimes truckers just use empty water bottles and toss them but that's not right.

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