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I took it out and looked at it, a text from Mary. I quickly downed my drink and looked over to Dennis, who had become quite intoxicated by this time. "Hey, I got to run. Are you going to be OK to drive?" I asked with a grin.

"Yea, you know me." He said patting me on my back as I stood. I nodded to him, turned and walked out the door. I got into my car and started the ignition. I was good to drive, as I did not have nearly as many as he did and I pulled out my phone again to read the message. "On my way home... See you in a few," it said.

I flipped the keyboard out and replied, "You're just now leaving Jason's?" I sent back.

I sat there for a few minutes, pondering the implications. She came back with "Yea".

"Why so long?" I sent her.

She came back with "We'll talk when I get home, driving right now" she answered.

Humph, I thought to myself and began my drive home. We lived rather close to the bar, so I beat Mary home and entered the empty house. Taking off my coat and kicking my shoes off I sat on the couch. A few channels flicked through and I heard her coming up the steps to the door. "Hey." I said as she walked in. "I hung out with Dennis tonight, at The Breeze" I told her.

"Oh really" she said walking over as she took her coat off. "What's he up to?"

"Same old, I told him about what we've been doing." I quickly shot out.

Her eyes grew and eyes widened. "You did!" she called out. "And what did he say to that?"

"He just laughed, and said he expected I would convince you sooner or later. Oh, yea he also asked if he could get in on it." I smirked.

"Eww... I hope you told him no!" she immediately said.

"I'm sure you don't have anything to worry about, he'd never even try anything, even if he knew I was OK with and he had a shot" I laid my hand on her thigh as she sat down on the couch. "It's not his style," I said.

She shook her head in an understanding manner, got on her knees and coupled my hands in hers. "Well, guess what I did tonight?" she asked me smiling widely.

"Uh... well, I guess it's going to be something sexual you did with Jason, right?" I answered with a smile.

She made a face and stuck out her tongue. "Don't take the fun out of it." She said. "But, yes. We fucked."

I smiled at her. "Aren't we a dirty slut" I said to her. She shot me a smile as she got up and began to unzip her dress.

"Don't you know it" She said right back pulling the top of the dress down and exposing her naked breasts. She continued to pull the rest of the dress down as I began to notice she was not wearing any panties, just like the missing bra. "You want to fuck?" She asked me with a smile as she climbed off her knees and came closer to my lap.

"Didn't you just do that?" I asked her.

"Well, some things never change... it was more like he did, sort of and I just laid there while he fumbled around. But, I'm really horny, because he's still really good with his tongue." She said with a naughty laugh as she reached up and started to undo my belt.

"So... other than the failed sex... what else happened, I'm guessing he went down?" I asked her, as she began to pull my pants off my legs.

"Um... I sucked his cock for a while, and yes, he did go down on me... for a long time actually. I mean it felt good, but I didn't cum." She said grabbing my cock with her hand. As she began to stroke, it to erection she continued "He's still as small as I remember though, which sort of made the sex a little boring." She chuckled as she bent down and took me in her mouth. She seemed to go all the way down my shaft, to the end of my dick with little, if no problem.

"Wow... you're getting rather good at the whole deep throat part of giving head, aren't you?" I asked her.

"Mm hmm" she mumbled.

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