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Not a genius like Dave, but not so dumb either."

"So John, what do you want to do? Do you think we can trust these four to make sure they stay on top of their work?"

"Well it seems that they have everything under control, so I guess I should take a step back and stop playing the concerned parent, not that I ever can stop being concerned, maybe I mean hide it a bit more." he grinned and held his hands up in a gesture of futility.

Brenda laughed and clapped her hands.

"John, what are you doing for a meal tonight?"

"Brenda, I don't have much planned, I never know what I'll come home too so I let events kind of happen."

"Good, what about you four, what are your plans?"

Sally, Pete, Nat and Dave looked at each other and shrugged.

"OK, what about we organise a big cold meat, cheese and salad meal cum buffet and relax a bit.

"OK, but I promised to help Nat with her essay," Pete said, Nat nodded.

"I've got an assignment to finish, but if you've got a table or something I can work at that, I've got everything I need in my backpack." said Dave.

"You can work at my desk upstairs and I'll use the bed, I'm only making notes from those books you brought home for me." said Sally.

"OK, that's resolved that, we'll eat early and you can then disappear upstairs to work, John, would you help me clear away afterwards?"

"I certainly would, that sounds a good plan, what should we do first?"

"First, girls can you help me prepare the meal, Pete, Dave, John, you can extend and set the table then get drinks for everyone, ok?"

Later they sat back after the meal and talked amongst themselves.

"Thanks Mrs B that was excellent, but now I've got to start that work or I'll be at it til midnight, come on Sal." Dave and Sally stood and left the room.

"OK young lady, let's get this done, " Pete stood and helped Nat out of her chair and they quickly joined the other two upstairs.

"Well I suppose we had better clear this mess away," said Brenda

John smiled and began to collect the plates and dishes together, taking them out to the kitchen and returning for another pile. Soon they had the table cleared and folded away. Turning to the kitchen they quickly stacked the dishwasher and wrapped and returned the uneaten portions to the fridge. The few items that needed hand cleaning were soon washed, dried and replaced in their home.

"Tea or coffee John?"

"Coffee this time please and with one sugar, thank you."

With the drinks made they returned to the lounge and sat back in the two armchairs.

"So John what do you do to earn a living?" said Brenda with a wink,

"Well I'm quite boring really, I'm an accountant in town with a small family business. I suppose that I'm one of the senior partners. It's just everyday small business stuff really. We don't have any major clients and all our work is pretty tame really." he grinned, "what about you, what's your job, Doctor, Nurse, Fire-woman, Politician, Model?"

"Well discounting anything too technical, I work as an office manager at an accountancy firm, but obviously not yours. As for model, that would have been in another lifetime." she laughed and noticed his twinkling eyes studying her.

"Well in that case, when we have need of an office manager I will attempt to poach you from your present employers with promises of lots of cash and less hours." he winked conspiratorially at her.

"Thanks John, although the thought of spare time would be a godsend, I seem to be continually running to catch up with myself."

"I know what you mean , despite David and Natalie's help I never seem to have a moment to myself. There's always something else to do and no time to do it." He sighed and then grinned.

"However, I don't mind because I love having the two of them around, and lately I can honestly say having your two as well has made for a much brighter home." He leaned forward and grinned,

"I am so glad that they met your children, I have dreaded them getting involved with s

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