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A young woman walks naked through the streets of Paris.

I wait for the next preferring to be alone in the elevator. During the elevator trip down, I reach into my purse and search for my sunglasses, hoping I didn't forget them and would have to run back up to my apt... phew! Found them. The doors open and I walk out into the lobby, almost run over by two small children chasing each other. "Hmpf!!" I think to myself. I attempt to push the door open, but am greeted with force as it turns to be quite windy outside. Pushing harder I finally get the door opened with a huge gush of wind, it flips up my skirt! Gasping I quickly throw my hands down to make sure no one was able to see anything, specially the two kids that just almost ran me over. I turned to make sure no one was there but was somewhat horrified to see my neighbour standing there waiting for the elevator, and was facing me. Our eyes met, and he had a twinkle in his eye; he saw... he saw my nakedness under my dress. Instantly my cunt twinged and I felt it becoming slick with my sweet cunt juice. I quickly lowered my eyes, blushing a deep red I turned and walked out the door, just as his elevator arrived. I quickly looked back and he smiled, waved and mouthed the words 'thank you'. OMG I thought; he saw my nakedness underneath. I smiled smugly, knowing that my nudity was now etched into his mind, teasing him the rest of the day. Suddenly feeling a little bolder, I let my hands off my dress and began to walk towards the mall, to where I was to meet you for lunch.

With my long, blonde hair rubbing against my back, the sun beating down on my bare skin and feeling the dress rubbing against my bare ass and cunt; I was getting wetter and wetter as I walked. As well a few car honks as they drove passed, each giving my cunt another twinge. My thighs were getting wet as my juices continued to trickle from my cunt. A few times the wind kicked up my dress allowing the drivers to get a quick flash and one car stopped and pulled over and asked if I wanted a ride. I politely declined and told him I was to meet you. He drove away muttering 'lucky bastard'.

By now my cunt was throbbing and my heart pounding; my inner thighs were wet and my cunt so slick with my sex juices. I finally arrived at the mall and headed straight to the Sports Grill and waited for your arrival. Two minutes pass and I feel your hand rub the small of my back, Electricity shoots through me as you pull me to you and touch my face and kiss me passionately leaving me breathless and melting into you. We find a booth facing the bar where several men are drinking their beer and watching a game. We both slide into the same bench, sitting close together. The cute young waitress takes our order and returns to the kitchen, and returns with our drinks. As I thank her, I feel your hand stroking my thigh causing me to stutter as I try to speak. Your hand slips under my dress onto my inner thigh and I hear you moan next to me.

You're so wet my sweet cunt. Why is that?"

I begin to blush furiously trying to find my voice.

"I... I am so horny my sweet Master!!"

Next feel your hand travel closer to my cunt; I gasp and hold my breath. I look down to see you sliding my dress further up my thighs. I look out to the men at the bar and back again at you. You look deep into my eyes, I am held there... frozen... captivated by you. I feel the cool air now on my cunt knowing that my cunt is now exposed to anyone in the restaurant. You slip a finger between my cunt lips causing me to moan, pulling out your glistening finger and put it into my mouth as I suck it clean. Two of the men are frozen in their seats. Their mouths gaping open as they watch you expose my cunt. You order me to spread my legs wider apart. Trembling with excitement and horniness, I slowly spread my legs.

The waitress brings our lunch and we begin to eat our lunch all the while my dress is hiked and my cunt is dripping down my thighs.

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