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Will he save the day and get the girl?

He chuckled as he watched me writhe under him. He knew what he was doing to me.

My orgasm was right around the corner when he stopped. His finger came off my clit and his cock slid out. I growled in frustration and pulled at the ties.

He chuckled watching me. He stroked his cock over me as I glared at him. I held onto the hope that he was just teasing and would resume fucking me, but he didn't.

I watched as cum shot from his cock, coating my stomach. I dropped my head on the bed and bit my lip in resentment. I needed to cum desperately.

I heard him leave and I sniffed as a tear rolled down my face. His cum pooled on my stomach before finding a curve to meander down. I wiggled around somewhat enjoying the feeling of it on me.

I sighed as I heard him go downstairs. I closed my eyes and tried to ignore the need between my legs. I tried but failed.

I laid there for what felt like hours before I heard his feet step into the room again. I looked up to see him watching me. He leaned against the door frame and studied me.

I ignored him, even as his eyes traced every curve, every plane of my body. I knew that he was planning his next denial but I didn't know how he would do it which was both thrilling and exacerbating to me.

I closed my eyes and held my breath as he stepped into the room. I felt his fingers lightly graze my skin as he followed the outline of my body. He circled his fingers around where his cum had dried on my stomach and side.

He circled around, coming between my legs once again. He crawled up, his face right in front of my dripping pussy. He took a deep breath.

"Denial is a heady smell on you, little girl," he said.

I groaned in response. I was on fire and even the sound of his voice made me clench in anticipation. Every nerve ending was on high alert and even the slightest movement by him made them scream for relief.

He leaned closer and dragged his tongue over my lower lips. My hands grasped at the bedsheets as my nerve endings exploded. With every lick closer to my nub he brought me closer to the edge.

Like a giant snowball rolling down a hill I could feel myself rush towards an explosive ending. I was writhing under his touch. Each time he licked my clit my back arched and the climax inched closer.

His fingers rubbed against my g spot as his tongue traced figure 8s around my swollen nub. I was almost to the point of no return when he stopped and withdrew.

I sobbed as my orgasm retreated just slightly out of reach. It hovered there, glaring at him in disgust as he reached under me and flipped me onto my stomach.

My arms twisted under me, rendering me even more trapped. He lifted my hips until my ass was in the air. His hands ran over my cheeks, exploring the soft skin.

I sighed under his touch. It soothed the storm within while keeping it tumultuous. I stretched a little into him, begging silently for more.

His head came off my cheek and I anticipated it settling between each one. Until, he leaned forward and bit it.

I yelped and thrust into him. It stung where he had bit, but it had only served to add to the churning inside me and I moaned as I felt my juices run down my lips to my thighs.

He chuckled behind me and traced his fingers over the marks. I groaned and closed my eyes at the pleasurable pain it brought. I tensed slightly at the same time I spread my legs a little wider, anticipating his next bite.

His hand cracked down right on the bitemark. I cried out as the pain stuttered the wave moving through my center.

He spanked me even harder the next time. I yelled and tried to move away, but I was held tight in that position.

He spanked me over and over. Spurts of 5 or 6 hits, varying in degree of stinging pain. In between he would massage the welts that were forming.

I lost count after a little bit. By the end of it I was a mess. I had bit the sheets under me, was moaning continuously and my thighs were covered with my juices.

I didn't even realize that he had stopped until I felt the head of his cock slidin

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