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They have each other on the porch steps.

A lot of couples around us, with most of the girls in small dresses or skirts. It was clear they had all read the book and were eager to see it acted out. I wondered how many were wet behind those crossed legs. In fact I wondered how many legs were being parted for the viewing pleasure of the ripped guys gyrating on stage. My wife is usually a bit modest unless she's been drinking, so at this point I started to think I should encourage her to do some showing of her own. This is something I've always fantasized about. As the drinks flowed I could tell she was squirming a bit so I asked if she'd like to remove her panties. She gave me that maybe look, which usually means how dare you and yes I'd love to all at once. But before she got around to it the show ended.

We walked up 7th Avenue to Times Square after the show, stopping at various shops along the way for gelato, street food and yes more drinks. There's never a dull moment in Manhattan. At some point I put my hand around her waist and did not feel a panty line. Did you? I started, but then I knew the answer. I laughed out loud. Here we were quite buzzed, laughing and having a great time in Manhattan surrounded by the usual crowds of tourists, and my wife had no panties under her little flowing dress. It was like our secret, and it was quite thrilling! The last time I remember her going commando in a dress was at a friend's party. That time there were about 30 people in a small crowded apartment drinking and chatting loudly, and as I glanced across to see how she was doing I realized I could see her shaved pussy straight up her dress. I didn't even know she was going commando that time. I went from flat to hard in about one second just knowing all these guys and gals could glance over and see her pussy. I love it when she's bold like that.

Anyway tonight we turned onto Broadway going north and stopped in front of the TD Bank courtyard on West 50th. We found a couple of open benches and sat to admire the Times Square lights. There were crowds everywhere, but as we sat holding hands my wife suddenly moved and sat on my lap. And sighed. Then she started swaying her ass back and forth grinding into me. I laughed. Her black dress was light and filmy, so I could feel all her curves through my jeans. Remember the time we had sex on Mt. Rainier? I asked. Yeah she said. We could try it here. With that she ground into me a bit harder. So I maneuvered her dress out from under her as discreetly as I could so her bare ass and pussy were now on my pants. Oops someone was coming.

We quickly stopped and pointed at imaginary things in the distance where the Times Square lights flickered. Phew, that was close. After looking around I discreetly unbuckled my belt and unzipped my jeans. I always go commando, mostly because I don't like my boxers bunching up and making me uncomfortable. In this case it provided easy access. Damn, someone else was coming. I pointed out more imaginary things at the Square. This time the passer by stopped and gave us a pointed look. He must have guessed what we were up to from my wife's weird angle sitting on my lap, but it's NYC so we finally stared back at him and he moved right along. If you're reading this, yep you were right.

Before another passerby could interrupt us I slid a finger over my lap and my wife raised slightly to allow access to her pussy. She was dripping wet. Ok, so she was as turned on by this as I was. Heck recently I've started whispering dirty stories in her ears while we have sex. Every time the story involves a public place with someone watching, she moans and starts cumming right away. So maybe I shouldn't have been surprised. I flipped my stiff cock upright out of my jeans and she sat back down, engulfing me completely right up to the base. We sat still for a minute. There was a girl on her phone nearby who kept glancing at us. A few seconds ticked by, but it felt like a year. My cock twitched inside her, and her pussy walls squeezed me right back. God she was wet.

Finally the girl must have guessed we

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