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A short story about an outdoor encounter.

I couldn't take any more and my cock exploded, filling her tight ass with cum as she screeched out yet another orgasm and then I collapsed on top of her, my cock still buried in her sweet ass.

As we began to catch our breaths, I noticed a slight change in her and figured the drug was wearing down, so I pulled out and told her to go shower again and I would fix her a cold drink. As the water quit, I had her drink ready and had redressed and now sat nervously waiting to see if I had succeeded. I noticed she had a peculiar walk as she returned to the kitchen, "You feeling ok?" I asked as she sat down in the chair, "Yes, just a little sore for some reason," and she drank her Coke and I showed her to her room and said goodnight, it had been a success, no recollections at all. My amorous activities made me sleep like a baby and I jumped when the alarm went off and nearly broke the clock shutting it off. I lightly tapped on Sandra's door and turned the knob, her sweet body presented itself to me once more as I watched her sleeping, her covers had been kicked off and she lay there nude, my eyes transfixed on her childlike innocence.

My cock began to rise, but I knew that she couldn't be touched without the drug, so I quietly closed the door and knocked harder this time, hearing her gathering the covers around her and say. "Come in," and I told her it was time to get up and set off to make us some toast and orange juice. I felt her enter the kitchen and turned to see her clad in the robe, I had forgotten about her clothes I had washed, and I set about getting them from the dryer and handing them to her. As she took them from my hands, her robe opened slightly and I got to see those pert young tits of hers once more as she blushed and turned away.

It took about 30 minutes to get her to where she said her aunt lived and she asked me to come in and meet her aunt, I was in a hurry to get to work, but said why not. Her aunt was a dark haired lady about 40, same eyes as Sandra, but a much fuller chest than her niece, "Thank you for helping Sandra out Mr.?" And I stammered, seeing her full cleavage, "Potts, Richard Potts," I said and she stuck her hand out to meet mine, "Annie Fuller," she answered back. Her hand was like crushed velvet as I shook it and my mind wandered as I imagined feeling that same hand stroking my cock, "Would you like some breakfast?" she asked, "No, need to get to work," and she smiled at me, "Drop by anytime," she said as I turned to leave, trying to hide my erection.

"Richard, would you like to have dinner with us tonight?" Sandra asked and I could see her aunt giving her approval, "Sure, what time?' and she said 6:30 and I left. My drug had been successful, so I set about making another batch, having used all of the prototype on Sandra last night and my cock stayed hard most of the day thinking about using it on the both of them tonight. One good thing about being a research chemist at a pharmaceutical company, no one asked you questions as long as you gave them results and I had paid very close attention at college and their new drugs were being made as well as my own. I stopped on the way to Sandra's aunt's house and picked up a bottle of wine, a perfect way to introduce my drug to the both of them. I rang the doorbell and Sandra answered, apparent that her aunt had taken her shopping as I glanced at the tight shorts and top.

I was surprised when she gave me a peck on the cheek and then showed me into the living room, Aunt Annie, Richard's here," and I watched as her aunt strolled in, her shape covered in a sundress, her legs quite appealing as the dress flowed when she walked.

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