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She comes home early to her ex and some friends.

Mikey looked slightly dazed. I was about to suggest we went back to my place after all when he leapt to his feet, pushed past me and raced from the auditorium. I tried to follow, but some old fool got in my way and by the time I got onto the street I couldn't spot him in the twilight.

I went back to the bar where we'd met several times in the days that followed, but Mikey was never there. Then, two weeks after our first encounter, I walked in and there he was, sitting all alone. Carefully, like a birdwatcher trying to get close to a rare species without making it fly away, I walked over. He wasn't wearing his uniform this time, just casual pants and shirt and a battered leather jacket. He was slumped in his chair, but quickly sat upright as he saw me standing over him. As before, I motioned to the chair next to him. "May I?" He hesitated for a moment, then nodded. I smiled, and said, "So, how are you, my friend?"

He smiled back at me, nervously I thought. "I'm good. I'm waiting for my buddies. They've gone to the zoo, and I said I'd meet them here." The poor Zoologischer Garten had suffered terrible bombing during the war, but was gradually beginning to re-establish itself.

I nodded sagely. "It's nice to see you again. You left rather abruptly last time."

His swarthy face blushed. "I...I don't now how I feel about what happened that time. Like I told you, I've never...done that with a woman before, not even Deena."

I picked up something in his tone. Had I underestimated my little Mikey? Curiously, I prompted, "But with a man?"

He glanced up at me and yelped, "No!" Then, more quietly, he said, "But...well, there was this guy at high school. I was on the football team, and he was the star. We hung out together, and it made me feel big, being the bud of this guy all the cheerleaders wanted to...you know. Well, one time, after training..."

He trailed off. "Go on," I prompted. My hand again rested on his leg.

He looked up at me. "This isn't easy for me. I don't even know why I'm telling you this. One time, after training, there were just the two of us in the locker room, him and me. We were laughing and joking, both butt naked, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, he reached out and kissed me. I don't mean on the cheek, this was full on the lips, more sexual than I'd ever kissed Deena, even. And he touched me - there, I mean. We heard someone coming and he moved away from me and made like it was a joke. Nothing else ever happened between us, but..."

"But you wished it had," I finished off for him. "And you wondered what it would be like, to hold another man's cock, to suck it, to feel him inside you..."

"Stop!" he cried, looking horrified. But I felt excited. My cock was pressing hard against my pants, and I knew without doubt that I was going to have Mikey before the day was out. I asked him, as I had before, if he wanted to come back to my home. He stared into his lap. "I don't know. My buddies are expecting me to be here." He took a deep breath, then half-whispered, "It's not right. What you did to me at the movie theatre - what we did - it's just not right."

I slipped my hand up his leg, to the top of his thigh. Leaning as close to him as I dared in public, I murmured, "But you did like it. Didn't you?" The outer edge of my little finger was actually touching his groin. I pressed it against him, stroking it up and down his erection.

He nodded miserably, and whispered, "You know I did. I can't stop thinking about it."

I gave him a little smile.

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