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A young mage is punished in front of his classmates.

Those breasts looked even larger than they were because of her wasp-like waist which flared out into extremely wide hips. All of this wrapped in chocolate brown skin made her look like a something out of a rap video.

The reason she never had a man certainly had nothing to do with her body it was her shitty attitude. Truthfully, while my wife was no slouch her mother was something else entirely.

I was looking at her swollen pussy lips and the fluid already running down her leg thinking how much I was going to enjoy this when she literally jumped on me impaling her. She let out what sounded like a roar.

Lena was lost in her lust. She started bouncing up and down my shaft all the way up and then she would just let go and impale herself again. If I didn't slow her down she was going to hurt one of us. I took Lena back down a notch so that at least she would guide herself back down my shaft and then reached out to see what my wife was thinking.

Natasha was in a super excited state similar to what I had learned earlier about her mother when she had watched us fuck. Her hand was working away at her pussy as her excitement built. She had her eyes glued to my dick sliding in and out of her mother.

There was something else though -- that jealousy. While excited she was wondering if I liked her mother more than her. Even though her mom was an infinitely better fuck I wouldn't let Natasha know that; that would be wrong.

I pushed insecurity and stopped blocking her anger but only allowed her anger to be directed at her mother. I left Natasha's head so I could focus on the hot piece of ass riding me at the moment. I couldn't believe what a hot fuck this frigid bitch was.

What a waste of good pussy she had been all that time. Her pussy was wet as hell and yet still felt tight as a vice grip. Compared to Natasha ...truthfully, there was no comparison. This was the best pussy I had ever had and before Natasha I had quite a few.

While vengeance was the goal I could not help but set aside that goal for a while to simply enjoy this woman's gifts. She was going to get what she wanted I was going to fuck her senseless.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and stood with her. I was still inside her and began lifting her in the air and slamming her back down on my dick like they do in the pornos. I was about to make her say something when she screamed that this was the best dick she ever had and I was going to make her cum.


I knew Natasha was growing furious with her mother. I kept fucking her like that for probably another ten minutes. She was so wet that I would slide her all the way off of my eight inches and then pierce her again eliciting a guttural groan. Finally, she came. It took everything in me to hold on to her.

I laid her on the couch and could see her pussy was severely swollen. I stood over her thinking what I should do next when she began, almost as if she were chanting, more -- more -- more.

I hadn't used my ability to make her do that. She was just in ecstasy and wanted more of it. My dick was still rock hard and I certainly wanted more so she was going to get more.

Looking down I could see that her eyes were barely open she seemed barely conscious but she kept begging for more and touching herself. I had to know so I entered her head seeking her thoughts. There was nothing coherent except for two words 'Greg's Dick'. Lena was at that moment not much more than an animal in need of my dick -- unbelievable.

I however needed her to at least appear coherent and so I spoke through her saying in a very loud way come on and show me how you fuck a real woman use that big dick to make me yours.

I didn't even need to enter Natasha's head as soon as I thought about her I could feel her anger at her mother. I on the other hand had to do what Lena said after all I didn't want Natasha's mother hurting her with the lie. It was too perfect.

I turned her up again.

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