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Cazi's journey continues.

Then a squad of Eleven Military and mercenary battle Mages came to supplement our numbers."

Then we got the all clear. Looked like a drill. I looked at him, "Have you investigated?" He shook his head, "Not yet I will trying to figure out who was directing my troops." I step down to the Guard Captain. "Page 7,002 is the beginning of the royal guards responsibilities. They take direction from a royal of Duke or higher in a crisis. I am Duke Eldar Silvertree. I am here on an investigative and diplomatic mission.

I had two squads on standby a mix of my mercenary unit,The Eleven Academy, and the Eleven Army battle mages. Your King was killed by your court wizard. As was my father. I was here in the aftermath. Based on the description of details I got from one of your Guard captains. Please step forward." He steps forward "His observations led us to believe the wizard was not destroyed.

He escaped or he turned himself into a lich. He was in the Royal vault. You lost two men when he blew the door off after the door had been cracked open. The Squad lead by me tried to engage this lich but he dropped some of the stuff he was trying to take to keep his phylactery-what held his soul. My spell helped to identify and track it. It is a rare spell that I had to negotiate to receive from another.

He teleported out at the last second before I could get close enough to strike him down. He destroyed twenty wizards who attempted to capture or kill him when your King and royal court was killed. He was and is a traitor to you people. The answer to your question is I made the order. I did not send her to standard safe location. Because he was the court wizard who knew all the safe locations.

I sent her to an alternate location. Know thy enemy. Now we could not alert you which is your next question. Because there was a detail on its way to the vault to get the royal burial shroud. We tried to stop them from opening the vault door but it was too late they already had it cracked. I put a wall of force to protect the two wounded as we pressed forward to close the distance.

We forced his hand with telekinesis to take his phylactery away he grabbed it dropping valuable gear in the process. Some very evil necromancer items. They have been secured and removed from the place for the safety of those here. They will be secured or destroyed away from the city. Now you have the information what will you do with it?" He looked at me, "Get my men back to work."

I sighed, "Wrong answer. Your men should be doing a room by room search of the palace to ensure that the threat is gone. You should also have at least two if not more squads guarding the very open Royal Crypt. I would suggest you read you job description at what to do after a found threat is believed to escaped the palace. You need to ensure. I do not have the time to hand hold all of you.

You have taken on new jobs because of this slaughter. You should be looking at your laws and what is applicable to royal guard activity. You should be setting up new safe areas to move the Princes to as the exiting locations are compromised. We are talking a bout a traitorous court wizard who was to protect and instead destroyed. Pick up the pieces and adjust. I walked over to the Captain, "Did you inform him of our concern the wizard was not dead?

That he might be a lich from your discussion with me previously?" He looked at me, "It was even in my written report." I look back to the head guard and look at him, "You have a steep learning curve. You have been thrust into this position of responsibility. Step up or step aside for someone who will do the job." I walked back over to the Princess, "They are your men."

She looked at them, "Room by room searches three squads guarding the royal armory. All shifts working double until after the funeral to protect those coming in and the royal members coming in this evening. The safe rooms I want a plan for them a day after tomorrow work with my military and economic advisers." He nodded to the Princess and took his men away.

I looked at th

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