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Bad boy puts the moves on his mom.

He watched her shaved pussy lips slipping over his thick cockhead feeling it slide easily up her hot, moist cunt until it began climbing deep into her slick fuck channel.

Cathy's eyes suddenly flew open as the head pushed further inside her. Her pussy had never been stretched this wide. Her nephew's cock felt wonderful! He pushed several inches inside her, pulling out and pushing just a little more in. He was slowly fucking her and her cunt was now on fire.

"Oh Scott! Slide it all the way in!" Cathy hissed.

"You want all of this big boy Aunt Cathy?"

She couldn't answer, she just nodded wildly and began moaning, wanting to feel her nephew's cock plunging into her horny little pussy. She wantonly thrust her cunt toward his big prick, making it slide deeper into her throbbing pussy. It hurt a little as it pushed in, stretching her cunt as it went, but it was still so wonderful.

"Oh, that feels so good, Scott." Cathy squealed. "Oh god!" she exclaimed, "I'm so full! I love the feeling of your big cock stretching my pussy like that."

Scott was excited by the knowledge that he was now fucking his hot and sexy aunt. He began to slide his prick in and out of her tight little pussy. Her cunt was so hot and slick he was able to shove his oversized cock all the way into her until he bumped against her crotch, his pubic hair grinding against her clit causing her to gasp with each deep thrust.

Cathy could feel his head throbbing deep inside of her, reaching the entrance to her womb. She loved the feeling of her clit rubbing against the base of his hard, thick cock. Cathy's body was building toward a climax, and she began thrusting her pussy against him rapidly.

She began chanting "Fuck me! Fuck me! Uh! Uh! Fuck my pussy hard! Shove your big cock in deep! Uh! Uh! Fuck me Scott!"

Connie rammed her fingers as deep as she could into her molten pussy hole when she heard Cathy's words. Hearing her sister beg for Scott's cock was driving Connie absolutely wild. She leaned back against the doorframe shoving both hands into her panties. Frantically rubbing her clitoris with one hand, she plunged the fingers of the other deep into her pussy. Her fingers were soaked with her cunt juices. Sliding slowly downward, she sat on the floor and leaned back against the doorframe, watching. She drew her knees up and spread her thighs wide so she could drive her fingers deeper into her cunt. She sped up her finger-fucking, pistoning her fingers harder and faster in and out of her seething little pussy-hole.

Scott wildly plowed his big cock into his aunt's buttery and wet pussy. Cathy loved the feeling of it completely filling up her pussy and bumping her engorged clit. She suddenly began thrashing about, climbing toward an orgasm, her juices flowing all over her new lovers swollen cock. He started to grind his erection harder into Cathy's pussy as his hands toyed with her luscious jugs, squeezing and playing with them to his hearts content.

As Connie watched she lifted one of her breasts from the top of her nightgown and bent forward flicking the swollen nipple with her long, pink, pointed tongue. She was plunging two, and then three fingers into her sloppy pussy and rapidly finger fucking herself, not caring that the squish-squish sound of her pumping fingers was becoming audible from beyond the hallway. She arched her back and thrust her cunt up at her deeply plunging fingers. She was very close to cumming, just a few finger-strokes away. So close, in fact, she began to lightly moan in anticipation.

"Oh Scott...Aunt Cathy's going to cum! Mmmmm, baby, just a little more," she whimpered, "I'm almost there."

Knowing that he had been fucking his own mother and now he was about to make his beautiful aunt cum excited him tremendously, it was beyond his wildest dreams. He started to fuck her like a wild man, shoving his entire eight inch prick deep into her hot, drooling pussy and feeling the muscular walls squeezing his cock tightly.

She felt a gigantic climax starting in the quivering depths of

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