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Huntress becomes Lizardman's breed slave.


"Adam gave a drug to Nye without knowing what it was?"

"It happens. Lian is a very experienced practitioner. He regularly uses drugs for various purposes."

"I thought you said there were no drugs."

"No recreational ones."

"Yeah... that makes all the difference."

"Alright Kane. Go on Jon. You said that Nye became ill from the poison."

Jon shook his head. "No I said that Adam told us that Nye was ill because of the poison but I don't believe for one minute that was the case. Lian gave Nye the antidote to the poison and he told Adam that he would be alright. Lian is a bastard but he isn't a liar."

"So what do you think happened?"

"The day that Lian left... you came." He nodded to Kane. "Nye was lit up like a candle, full of spark and energy and that's why I don't believe the poison made him ill."

"You mean the day I came to see him... when I was talking to him... he'd been poisoned?" Jon nodded and Kane turned away, running his hands through his hair. "I knew it. I knew something was terribly wrong with him. I should never have left him there... but he said he was happy he said he loved Adam."

"I'm sure he did, at that time. Lian was gone, he had passed the tests with flying colours, he was notorious throughout our world, Adam was acting as if he was besotted with him and had given him half of everything... at least everything he knew about. Sure he was happy but..."

Jon faltered and took a long drink from his forgotten glass. "Something happened. I don't know what it was but we didn't see Nye for the best part of a week and when we did he was... different."

"What do you mean 'different'?"

"Less focussed, more withdrawn, more compliant, obedient."


"Because Adam had been drugging him. He'd got his hands on some new drugs, potent stuff, mind and personality altering."

"Oh my god. No."

"Wait. They were nasty stuff but... Adam is impatient and... he can be brutal and cruel but he really did love Nye and... I think in the end that he couldn't go through with it, not completely, because Nye was still... well Nye. One thing that really pissed Adam off was that no matter what he did, what he said, what manipulation he tried, Nye kept insisting on going to some party that Adam didn't want him to go to."

"Shit! That was my fault."

"It was no one's fault. It was a perfectly reasonable thing. Adam was very possessive with Nye. He wouldn't let him out of his sight. The only time the poor kid was allowed any space without Adam at his hip was when he was working here... and then he was a different person. He really took to it, was amazing. Ben was right... everyone loved him, he was everyone's friend."

"I can imagine. I know what my brother's like."

"Adam always gets what he wants. When he couldn't stop Nye going to the party he tackled the problem from the other end and took the option away from him."

Kane snarled but said nothing.

"I wasn't involved with that Kane, I swear. I didn't know anything about it until afterwards. But Adam bragged to everyone. We all knew. He was mocking Nye, laughing at him behind his back and we hated it. Nye was devastated. He thought you had rejected him, that you didn't want to know him anymore, any of you.

"After... after they did what they did to you... Nye had another row with Adam...I think it was because he told him that despite what he thought you had done to him he wasn't going to cut ties. Adam hit him, hard. He was in a terrible state and..."

Jon startled them all by suddenly getting to his feet and stalking to the window. "It was my fault. I should have kept my mouth shut but... the boys were getting restless. They didn't like what Adam was doing to Nye. They were putting pressure on me to do something, but what could I do? I'm bar manager but it isn't as if I have any influence on Adam. He's my... he never listens to me."

"What were you going to say Jon? Were you going to say that he is your master?"

Jon did not turn but they could clearly see his shoulders tense.

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