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Austin gets a nocturnal visit from his Uncle Lloyd.

I moved between her legs and slid my rock hard cock into her pussy. She was dripping wet and my cock went in easily though the fit was snug. I pushed my entire cock into her sopping pussy.

"Oh wow you're big. You're much bigger than Bob, I love it."

I was taken back again with her apparent desire for raw sex. I smiled to myself and wondered what happened to that sophisticated co-worker from the office. I soon had my cock sliding in and out of her pussy with long steady strokes. I kept my cock in constant contact with her clit and I had her moaning, groaning and thrashing on the bed.

"Oh my, this is going to be a quick one. Please hold me tight!" she cried out as her body lurched up at me.

I held onto her tightly and continued to pound my cock into her. Her body trembled and shivered as she was overcome with a mind blowing orgasm. I went right on fucking her as her body spasmed and quaked with the intensity of her climax. Jane wrapped her legs around my torso and humped herself on my cock in a state of frenzy. I felt her nails dig into my back but she did not rake or scratch me for which I was grateful. She drenched my cock with her female juices and then she collapsed back on the bed. She lay still as I continued to fuck her and drive toward my own ejaculation. Jane sensed that I was getting close and she urged me on. Then she surprised me again with her request.

"Don't cum in me. Pull out your cock and cum on me. I want to watch you shoot."

As she requested when I felt my semen travel from my balls through my scrotum I pulled it out of her pussy. I knelt between her legs and aimed my throbbing dick at her body. The first rope of cum landed on her face and hair. The second, third, fourth and fifth ropes landed on her neck, tits, and abs. It was the first time I had ever done anything like this and it actually was kind of erotic in a strange way.

"Oh wow, look at it all. That was some load."

She was quite a sight this married lady, who was sophisticated in her outward appearance, as she reveled in being cum covered. Jane rubbed the semen into her skin and licked her fingers clean. She realized that I had stop shooting so she scrambled down the bed and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked every last drop of cum from cock and then licked her lips displaying her satisfaction.

My cock stayed hard and she kept sucking it. She pulled her mouth off of it and asked, "Are you going to stay hard and cum again?" I nodded yes and she smiled adding, "I knew you would."

Jane kept sucking my cock and she clearly had done this many times. T thought about her husband being one lucky guy. She took me as deep as she could and tested her gag line. She swirled her tongue around my cock while it was buried in her mouth then she used the tip of her tongue to toy with my pee hole. In almost record time I was ready to shoot again and Jane knew I was close. A few more sucks and then she took my cock from her mouth and she stroked it rapidly as she aimed it at her small tits.

"I'm cumming."

Several more jets of cum hit her cute breasts and abs. She used my cock to spread my seed all around her body and then she would take it back in her mouth and suck it clean. She repeated this action until all the semen was scooped up and my cock was sucked clean. My cock softened and she eventually released it from her grip. She flopped back on the bed and lay on her back as she stared up at me.

"That was great. I haven't had sex like that in a very long time," she sighed.

"That surprises me. You are very hot and I would think that Bob would be all over you."

"Oh he is a good lover but his cock is about half your size. A couple of the girls at the office talked about it."

"You heard it from girls that I slept with and not from other guys, right."

"That's right; I know that you don't talk about your sex life and that you are very discreet. That's why I trust you. I just had to experience you for myself."

"Well I am flattered."

I lay down next to her and stroked her small firm tits with the hard n

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