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A day in the life of a live-in slut.

It took her ten minutes of sucking his cock which she was impressed by before she felt his balls tighten and she knew that he was about to cumm. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and invited him to cumm in her mouth. With a final jerk he released his cumm and it hit the back of her throat. She took another couple of squirts and then she swallowed all that he had to give her. She swallowed it all and she dropped his cock out of her mouth.

She stood up and rubbed her jaw and savoured the cumm that she had just received but now she wanted a bit of satisfaction

"Get on the floor." She said.

He did as he was told and she liked that in a man. She hovered over him then she lowered her pussy towards his face. She managed to balance there and he began to lick her pussy. He started by licking her lips. He went up and down and got them to tingle and for her to produce some juice. She had not told him she was a leaker but he soon found out when she dripped juice onto his face. He licked it off his face and then he went for her clit. It was quite a large clit and he began to flick at it. It soon became erect like a small cock and it caused her to have her first orgasm. She had to control her legs so that she did not fall. She then watched as he went for her pussy. He stuck his tongue in and began to fuck her. She loved it and he went on for about five minutes and then she came over his face again. He was drowned in her cumm.

They had both cumm and then she moved and placed herself over his cock. She lowered herself down onto it. It filled her quite nicely but did not stretch her too much. It was just comfortable and she was happy with it. She began to move her pussy up and down his cock. She was covering him in cumm but he seemed to enjoy it. She fucked him for about fifteen minutes and then she came and he came for a second time into her pussy. She took his cumm then she pulled herself off of his cock. She kissed him and then they got dressed. They checked the corridor and made it back for the second session.

The second session was slightly more interesting than the first but Babs was just aware that she must smell of sex and she loved that fact. Her smell would perfuse around the room and people would wonder who it was not thinking that it might be the sixty three year old woman. As the session ended the young man approached her and asked for another go but she turned him down. She did one night or day stands not relationships. He walked away defeated. Babs went for lunch. She got her food and looked around for somewhere to sit. She saw a table with two men sat at it and approached it.

"Do you mind if I join you?" She asked.

"No please feel free." They said.

They sat and managed a conversation and got quite comfortable with each other.

"How long have we got for lunch?" One of them asked.

Babs look at her watch and said that they had another forty minutes to play with. One of them got up and disappeared for a while. It took him five minutes and then he came back.

"Do you fancy some fun?" One of them asked.

"Yeah sure." Babs replied.

"Come to room 508 in five minutes."

With that they both left the table and Babs was sat there alone counting down the time. It seemed to take ages but soon the five minutes were up. She got up from the table and headed for room 508. She knocked on the door and entered

What she saw made her immediately moist. Both men were naked on the bed and were masturbating each other. Babs had never seen two men play with themselves before but it turned her on. She was straight but she did not have a problem with other people.

"We are bisexual and we noticed you this morning and thought that you would be fun to play with. "

"Do you have a problem with that?"

Babs was unbuttoning her blouse which told the men that she was cool with the situation.

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