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The loses in a gang fight submit to a days sexual submission.

" My fingers were lightly massaging the softest part of her inner thigh, just next to her pussy.

"But you knew, didn't you, Tim?" Lisa asked. "You didn't date anyone that I can remember."

"Nope. I always knew it was Anna." My fingers brushed against her outer lips.

"I always did like you better than those other guys," Lisa complimented me. "What did you ever see in that Troy guy, Anna? He was such a jerk!"

Anna blushed. "Lisa, you and I shared a dorm room! I think you know it was mostly physical." I was dumbfounded. Both that she would admit that, and that it was true. "But there's more to a relationship than that. Besides, Tim here makes me happier than anyone else. Especially lately!"

Now it was our turn to kiss. By this time my hand was all over her pussy. My middle finger trailed up and down her slit as we kissed. She matched my moves with her tongue against my mouth. As I dipped my finger between her lips, she flicked her tongue against mine. We teased each other for a while this way until I was no longer sure who was leading; was her tongue following my finger, or was it the other way around? I drove my finger in her as far as I could and she circled my tongue with her own.

"Hey, get a room, you two!" Lisa laughed.

I broke away, aroused more than I was embarrassed. I couldn't wait to get back to our room and give her a real orgasm!

Just then I heard a voice with a heavy accent behind me. "Hi! Is there room for two more?"

"Sure, come on in!" Chad said. He looked at me and winked.

Two women made their way around the pool behind us and stood between me and Chad. I looked up and squinted into the sun. It couldn't be! I found myself staring up at the silhouette of the busty blonde from the yoga class. She bent and sat next to me, her large boobs dangling over the water as she felt for the seat under the churning water. She found the rock ledge and her full breasts smashed against her knees as she dropped into the seat. The ledge she sat on was higher than mine, causing her breasts to sit mostly out of the water. Only the bottom curve was out of sight. The waves gently lapped at her large, erect nipples. I gulped and turned back to Anna, only to find a disapproving look on her face. I pulled my hand away from her pussy, but she quickly yanked it back. I continued working her under the water.

We found out the women were sisters on holiday from the Netherlands. We made small talk for a while, but their English was not very good. I knew Anna must be getting very hot from all the fingering I was doing under the water. I was teasing and flicking her clit by the time Lisa suggested we head back to the resort.

I was so relieved to finally be leaving the torturous company of the beautiful busty woman beside me that I forgot I wasn't wearing swim trunks. As I stood to exit the pool, I turned to say goodbye to the women. Only when the busty woman's gaze fell to my caged cock did I remember my condition. She giggled and turned to her friend. She also caught sight of my shriveled penis through the small clear cage and snickered. I rushed out of the water without a word. As I wrapped a towel around me in embarrassment, I turned just in time to see the busty woman actually stand up and give Chad a hug, pressing her breasts into his chest. She sat back down and they said a few more words, her eyes hovering on his oversized red chastity cage dangling in front of her face.

Lisa came up behind me and yanked the towel from my waist. "No sense hiding now!" She and Anna laughed and toweled off. I wanted to get out of there fast. I walked a few yards up the trail and sat on a rock to wait for the others. Anna followed me.

"You OK honey?" She asked with a concerned look in her eyes.

"I'm fine," I lied.

"I meant what I said back there. I'm glad we're together. You're perfect for me." She hugged me, still naked.

"I know, babe, I don't question that. I'm just so incredibly horny after all this."

"Oh, my horny little man!" She said in a baby tone.

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