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Adventures of two young women.

Just then is when my daughter came up to me, a look of concern in her eyes. "Dad," she called out, "there you are. I was getting worried. A man at the bar said you scooped Mom up and practically ran out of the bar. They almost had the cops after you, but the Bartender explained, which is a good thing since I don't speak Jamaican."

"They almost sent police after me? You see, that's the problem," I whined, "no matter where we go, everyone will always see her as a little girl, and me as some over the hill pervert! Including me!"

"Dad," my daughter said firmly, "this has got to stop! I know this thing has you confused, and if your behavior before we went to the bar is any indication a young girl like Mom or Me can really turn you on. So what's the problem?"

"I just told you the problem," I said plaintively, "I feel like a pervert if I even look at her like I am used to looking at my wife... as my sex partner. It's not as much what other people think that is bothering me, it's what I think, and can't seem to stop thinking."

"Damn it, Daddy," my little girl said with a determined look on her pretty face, "I know this is weird, but you've got to get over it. That's my Mom in there, probably crying her eyes out now because her own husband is afraid to touch her! Look, normally I wouldn't condone this, but you, sir, need to get over your fear of fucking a young girl! And," she said softly, with a strange look suddenly crossing her face, "I think I know how to help you..."

Suddenly she was kissing me, hard, crushing her lips to mine and her pert breasts to my terry covered chest. I couldn't resist, once again feeling my mind fog as it had on the ramp, before the bar. Once more I felt my hands fill with the soft, forbidden warmth of my daughter's full breasts. Once more I felt her nipples tighten, betraying her own desire. And though before today I never would have even seriously considered it, I knew that I was going to fuck her.

My robe parted, the sash loosened by my daughter's shaking hands, and suddenly her practically nude body was pressed to mine, her fingers finding the girth of my manhood and wrapping gently, but insistently, about it's shaft. She didn't really stroke, but instead just held it, and the feeling of her soft belly against the bulbous head of it, and her soft, strong little fingers wrapped about it was mind shatteringly magnificent.

I cast a nervous glance up and down the pathway, as my daughter buried her face against my hairy chest, hiding behind her blond veil and giggling as she gave my cock an urgent little squeeze. "My room," she said breathlessly, and I nodded, reaching for the knob of the room that adjoined the one shared by my wife and I, and pulling my daughter in with me a moment later.

This time I felt no hesitation, and untying a string at her hip I soon had my daughter naked. I backed her legs up to the foot of the bed, and when she toppled I fell along with her, right on top. Somehow, even as we tumbled together, she managed to get my robe of my shoulders. From there it was an easy matter to shrug it off and let it fall to the floor beside the bed.

I was fully rampant, and by the way my college cutie daughter gasped as I pressed my middle against hers, she knew it. For a moment, I sawed against her, the shaft of my cock riding deliciously up her slick, soft cleft, and brushing her clit in a way that clearly drove her wild, and then without really thinking about it I drew back a little farther, and on the return stroke my cock surged powerfully into her - into the clenching, soaked pussy of my own daughter!

Lissette drew in another sharp breath as I bottomed out inside her, her impossibly tight pussy drawing even tighter about me as she flexed intimate muscles whose strength I, as her Father, should never have felt.

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