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Ann looked at me and said is that all he wants to do, and I replied, well he did say he would like to find a hooker for the evening afterwards. She sat there for a few moments, and then to my total shock and amazement, she said she could play the hooker for the two of us. After getting over the shock, I started getting very excited of the possibility, and asked her, do you really mean it, she said yes, it would be very exciting and a lot of fun, but do you think Will would want to. I said he always teased me saying he would love to get in your pants, along with the constant flirting he did with her, so that would be an absolute yes.

We then started discussing how we would carry this out, and remembered we had the keys to a friend's place, that was gone to Europe on vacation, that would be the perfect place. As we talked we both got extremely aroused and we then had a long very intense lovemaking session, and found her more turned on and wetter than I ever remembered, I said I think you like this plan as much as I do, as we both climaxed quickly as we pounded into each other.

The next week went by slowly, and we decided not to have sex during the week to really amplify the whole event. We talked often about the following Saturday between us getting ourselves very excited, I said I would not mention it to Will until the night of the party, and then not until later in the evening in case she changed her mind. I said if she wanted to back out, to get in touch before 10 pm, because that is when I would tell him. She asked me, are you sure you want me to go through with it, and I just said you would not believe how excited I am about this and I know you are too.

Saturday night finally came, and as Ann and I were saying our goodbyes, I again asked her if she was ready for this, she just said I will meet you here at 11pm, and gave me a very deep wet kiss, and off to the bachelorette party she headed.

I picked up Will, and drove to the first bar to meet another friend named Jeff, we arrived and sat down having a few cocktails, we just talked and laughed about old times, the night for me, seemed to be dragging, hoping I did not get a call from Ann, but kind of expecting to. We moved to a couple other bars and played some music and a little pool.

Finally it started getting close to 10pm, and I kept looking at my watch hoping for no phone call, and Will noticed and wondered why I kept looking at my watch, and I just told him I would let him know shortly. Finally 10 arrived with no call, and I motioned for Will, he came over, and I whispered the plan that Ann and I had worked out, but we would have to break off from Jeff. After our pool game was over he eagerly went up to Jeff and told him he was getting tired, and was ready to call it a night, Jeff said that was fine, as he had to work the next day anyway. As we headed out the door I looked at Will, the overwhelming lust in his eyes was showing brightly, as he nervously tried to hold a conversation with me. I must admit, I was also feeling the excitement building as we chatted about any and everything to pass the time,

After we left the bar and started driving, I explained a little more of what was hopefully going to happen, and that he was staying overnight anyway, there would be no explanations to deal with, I also told him he could do what ever he wanted with Ann as long as she did not object, it was her night also. We arrived at our house just before 11pm, and I offered Will a beer, and grabbed a bottle of Ann's favorite wine while we waited for Ann to meet us, but I was still worried she may still back out. At 11:07 she, to my excitement, pulled into the driveway, as I approached her and gave her a big kiss, she said lets go before I loose my nerve, and we quickly all jumped in my car to head to our secluded friends empty house.

We arrived and unlocked the door to find it a bit chilly inside, I put on some music, started the fireplace, and turned up the furnace to warm it up a bit; Ann opened the bottle of wine, and poured a glass for us

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