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Is there such thing as a well-intentioned lie?

As the applause washed over the stage, the girls moved off stage, and the sole roadie they had, a young girl named Kris, started getting setup for the next set.

After a few minutes, a gentle touch on his shoulder and a sweet kiss on his ear, told him Angel had arrived. He turned around and gave her a strong kiss and held her to him. She really was a very hot girl.

"How did you like the set?" she asked with a little concern in her voice. Dylan smiled to himself. That was the first time she had every shown any doubt about anything since he met her.

"I loved it! You guys are great."

"Good. Hey, come backstage. I wanna show you something." Angel took his hand and led him through the crowd. When they got backstage, Dylan noticed there were doors leading to two dressing rooms. Angel knocked on one and opened the door. She pulled him in after her. "Misty and Jade are in the one next door. I am sharing this one with Eve. It is the first time that we haven't been all crammed into one. Come on."

As she pulled him into the room, he saw it had really dark walls and low lights except over the two make up tables. There were a couple of old couches in the room. A very typical dressing room in a small second rate club. Angel locked the door behind her. At that moment, Eve walked out of what he guessed was the bathroom, and she stopped when she saw him.

"Hey girl, look who I found." Angel said as she moved to Dylan's side.

"I believe you have met each other, but I don't think you have seen this, Eve." Angel said has she unzipped a surprised Dylan's jeans, and pulled out his quickly growing cock.

"Wow!" was all that Eve could manage as she stared at Dylan's large cock. At 9 inches long and 8 inches around, it was impressive as it pointed right at her. Angel moved around to the back of Eve and unzipped her dress.

"Eve always changes outfits between sets. Here let me help you, babe." Angel said as she slipped the thin straps off Eve's thin shoulders, and the dress slid down and pooled at Eve's feet. Eve's body was beautiful; pale smooth white skin, and no piercings or tattoos anywhere. Her breasts were small but full and round, probably about a 34C, and they were tipped by two pale pink nipples that were very erect at the moment. Her graceful torso led down to very womanly hips and her vagina was covered with a patch of black pubic hair. Her legs were very slim and nice. She was not in the kind of shape that Angel was -- but it was an extremely fine and sexy body. Dylan's cock surged to full length just looking at this slim rock & roller. Angel's hands came up and cupped Eve's creamy breasts. She pinched her pink nipples and gently pulled the tips out from her body. Eve leaned back against Angel and moaned softly. Angel began to kiss the neck and shoulders of Eve as she eased her back towards one of the couches. Dylan just stood there with his dick hanging out watching these two beauties get warmed up.

Angel had moved Eve and herself onto one of the arms of the couch.

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