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A man comes to terms with his mother and sister.

"I want to warn you there are photos in here you may not want to look at. Photos of Jake as we found him."

"I appreciate it, Derek. I didn't want to see them before, but I think I can handle it now."

"Okay, just leave everything on the table when you're done and I'll have someone put it away." He looked at Holt but spoke to Morgan. "Needless to say, you can't take anything with you. Oh, one last thing. Sometimes it's best not to look to deeply into things you can't change."

"We won't take anything. Thank you, Derek."

Holt noticed Morgan paid no attention to the chief's final comment, but he did. He made another mental note then opened the photos first and looked through them.

"Um...these are very graphic, Morgan. I really wish you wouldn't look at them." He saw her hesitate then said, "I can cover up his face if you really feel you have to look. That way you can see where the body was laying without having to see the results of the fall."

"Okay. That sounds fine." Holt used his hand to hide the fact that Jake had fallen directly on his head, something he'd never seen or heard of in a homicide if the victim was conscious. People instinctively flipped back over to avoid hitting headfirst or at least tried to break the fall with their hands if time didn't permit. Jakes arms didn't appear broken, but he'd have to read the coroner's report to be sure.

"That's enough," Morgan said after looking at two of them. "What do these tell you?"

"Nothing for sure but they indicate it was likely he was either unconscious at the time of the fall or..." He looked at her not wanting to have to say it.

"Or what?"

"Or...he wanted to die."

"Suicide? Jake? No. No, that's...that's not possible." She sat down then said, "There was no note, no nothing."

"People don't always leave notes, Morgan. Besides, I'm not saying it was suicide. But what you didn't look at makes me believe that's at least a strong possibility."

Holt carefully read the police report as well as the coroner's findings. No toxicology panel was done, but there was nothing to suggest Jake had been unconscious. That didn't rule that out, but it did increase the possibility this wasn't a homicide or an accident. He also noticed there was a life insurance policy Jake had taken out just three months prior to his death. It was for $50,000 and had the standard two-year exclusion policy for suicide.

"Morgan? Did you receive Jake's life insurance policy money?"
"Yes. About a month after he died. Why?"

He saw the coroner had ruled Jake's death 'accidental.' "No reason. Just wondering."

He left everything out as he'd been asked and let Morgan know he'd seen enough.

"So what's next?" she asked back her car.

"Let's go see Dr. Collins."

As with Chief Thomas, Dr. Collins made time to see Morgan. This kind of personal service was rare in a large city but seemed commonplace in smaller towns. He also hugged her and asked how she was doing. "Is this a new friend?" he asked as he extended his hand to Holt.

"Yes and no," she said smiling at Holt. "He's a private investigator who happens to also be a very nice man so I'd say we're friends." She looked at Holt for agreement.

"We are friends," he said as Dr. Collins asked Morgan what brought them by.

"Something regarding Jake?"

"As a matter of fact," she said. "Is there any chance we could talk privately for just a couple of minutes?"

He asked the nurse to let his next patient know he'd be right with him as soon as he could. "Okay, what's on your mind?"

Holt asked if he'd mind discussing the impotence and anything else he felt comfortable sharing with them. "I'd been treating him for impotence which I know you knew about, Morgan."

"Was there any physiological cause for it?" Holt asked. Dr. Collins looked at Morgan who nodded her okay to tell Holt whatever he knew.

"No. None whatsoever. We ran every possible test and everything checked out."

"So what else could cause impotence if all of the in good working order?"

"Several things.

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