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Fantasy female submission.

His balls were tightening once again and the tell tell signs of another climax were starting. He wanted to last for one more position so he slowed and flipped her legs off his shoulders and rolled her over onto her tummy.

She got the idea of course and lifted herself onto her hands and knees spreading her legs as she felt him come up from behind and rub the head of his hard cock on her ass crack and down her pussy. She felt him move it around with his hand and it made its way back into her hot cunt. He grabbed her hips and pounded it into her with attitude. She turned her head and looked back at him. He broke his composure first and started to laugh as did she.

"Sorry just screwing around," he said laughing.

"Oh so you want it rough?" she joked with him. "I can give it to you rough if you'd like,"

"Maybe later," he snickered and went back to his rhythmic thrusts holding her hips and ass, spreading her cheeks and pushing them together as he pushed in and out.

He reached forward as well and would grab her swaying tits, playing with the nipples and then back to her ass. She reveled in the attention he was giving her and basked in his hard cock, from behind her, thrusting over and over into her hot depths. She felt him get faster and with more intent. His cock was hardening and he was breathing hard and really going to town on her now. She knew he was getting close and she looked back again to watch.

"Go, Go Christian give it to me," she whispered to him watching his face and hard chest.

Christian was at the point of no return and drove his steely cock into Aly's cunt, held it there and exploded.

Aly saw the look on his face and felt his load explode inside of her, his cock continued to throb and he began to move it again finishing himself off inside of her in an incredible orgasm.

He finally stopped moving and she collapsed on the bed and he fell next to her kissing her neck and rubbing her sexy back.

He caught his breath and said, "Damn! Look at the time we've been at this for awhile, I'm starving, what about you?"

"Yes, me too, I can eat now," she responded.

They laid there for a few more minutes and then got up to get some food.

Chapter 4

"Hey I forgot to tell you, Jason called and emailed me a bunch today complaining about Heather and their sex life," Aly mentioned to Christian as they ate the food he found in his fridge.

They had dressed somewhat and were enjoying the snack after all the fun they had just had.

"What good will it do to tell you?" Christian asked, "What does he want you to do about it?"

"Well that's why I brought it up, he wants me to talk to Heather and try and convince her to try different things and just too actually do it," she responded.

"Hey, it's a lost cause; she is never going to change. Jason knows you too well and wants Heather to be more like you, and you and I know that will never happen, even if she tries," he said with a chuckle.

"I know, but I've known them forever, since before high school, hell I set them up, it's kinda my fault that Jason is so unhappy, I convinced him to marry her," she said.

"It isn't your fault Heather is the way she is. So what do you plan on doing? Heather doesn't even know you are the way you are, hell she thinks we're just friends for hell sakes. You would have to reveal things you don't want to, to try and help her," he explained.

"I know but if it helps maybe it will be worth it for both of them."

"I don't think it is a good idea at all and you should stay out of their marriage, it should be none of your business anyway," Christian exclaimed a little too forceful and Aly went on the defensive.

"That's your opinion," Aly said snippy.

"I don't get you, always trying to help people out that don't want the help and will never change.

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