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What a man does in a GAP year.

When Carol felt her fingers move in and out with ease, she left Paul in the care of her daughter's handy work while she retrieved the strap on. Carol got up on her knees and placed the device around her hips. She gently placed the buzzer against her swollen clit and enjoyed the gently vibration again. She walked across the bed on her knees as the dildo swayed back and forth. Carol applied a coating of Vaseline to the dildo and then wedged a pillow underneath his hips raising his ass higher in the air. She positioned herself between her husband's legs. Dana's hand movements were on automatic as she intently watched her mother placed the end on the dildo against Paul's rosebud. Paul stiffened slightly as the head of the dildo pushed in about a quarter of an inch. Carol gently pushed against his rosebud in small motions and soon the entire head in the dildo disappeared. Paul yelled out "Oh shit" as the dildo slowly entered him completely.

"Are you OK honey?" asked Carol who didn't want to hurt her husband.

"I'm good" said Paul in a heavy breath, "It did hurt a little but now this I feel this really intense sensation. Move it some more down there."

"Hmm" said Dana, "His cock feels almost twice as thick as it normally does. Wow!"

Carol slowly pulled back on the dildo and then forwarded. Paul began moaning louder as his wife began to fuck his ass.

"Ohhh faster" Paul said breathlessly.

Carol began to go faster where her hips were slapping against his raised thighs. Dana watched as the dildo easily slid in and out of Paul. Dana's hands worked faster as sweat was pouring off her mother's body. "Fuck him mom, fuck Daddy's ass!" oozed from Dana's lips while Carol pushed harder and faster. Dana felt that familiar feeling at the base of Paul's engorged cock. Dana's hand pumped as fast as she could then rivers of white cum shot into the air.

Paul moaned loudly then said, "Carol, pull it out, now!"

Carol gently slide the dildo from her husband's ass and lowered his legs to the bed. Then she watched as he totally relaxed. He didn't mind or didn't realize that most of his cum landed on his stomach and chest. Dana slowly massaged his cum into his skin with her greasy hands. Carol removed the strapon and lay next to her husband.

"Are you OK?" she asked, "Did you enjoy it?"

"It was very intense" he whispered, "I really enjoyed it. You felt great."

Carol smiled and snuggled her body against Paul. Dana pulled the blanket from underneath the tangled sheets and covered her parents. She joined them underneath the blanket and snuggled on the other side of Paul. The next thing they knew, the phone was ringing. Paul answered and it was Carrie on the phone. They had overslept. The three of them rushed to get ready and two hours later, they were ringing the doorbell of the huge home that Carrie and her husband lived in.

After several apologies for being late, they shared drinks and opened presents before sitting down to Christmas dinner. Carrie's husband was somewhat distant while Carrie smothered Dana with attention. It had been a few years since she had seen her. Paul stood most of the time at the gathering except for dinner. He was still recovering from last night. After dinner the girls chatted while the guys watched a college football game. The few times Carrie's husband spoke, was to complain about the money he was losing on the game. Late in the afternoon, they left Carrie's and returned home. They went to bed after sharing a late night glass of wine. Early next morning, they helped Dana load her gear and presents into her car then wished her a safe trip back to the university. After several kisses and hugs, Dana promised to back on spring break and then she pulled out of the driveway.

Life returned to normal for a few days and then Dec 31 arrived.

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