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Manuel almost seemed to read her mind and continued to press forward.

"Cassidy, I beg you. How long will you deny your life for a man who offers you so little. You have no responsibility to anyone but yourself. A woman should be the center of her husbands' world, not an inconvenience. Why do you resist your own happiness?"

He leaned forward and gently kissed her shoulder. Cassidy felt paralyzed as his lips briefly danced on her skin. Warm and exciting sensations suddenly pulsed through her when he reached behind her to let his fingertips trace down her spine through the open back of her dress. The gathering heat she had felt quickly awakened in her body and glowed brightly with a life of its own.

His words had sounded so true and his voice was like a hypnotic song that made her want to give in to his advance. She felt fear again but this time she was afraid of what she was beginning to desire. She was only moments away from succumbing to his advance when she finally pushed him away.

"No! I'm sorry, I can't! Let me go!"

It took all of her strength to break his spell but she pushed by him and opened the French door leading back into the apartment and her escape.


His voice was strong and commanding but without anger or threat and she paused at the door, half expecting him to follow. She needn't have worried though. Manuel was still facing the railing, looking out at the City.

"Go then if it is what you want but if you only go because of what you fear then stay."

He turned and came closer but this time keeping a polite distance.

"In my life I have taken what I desired. I let nothing stand in my way. Is that not how you have seen yourself?"

Once again he wove truth into his spell and once again Cassidy couldn't find a way to disagree.

"Yes, of course but..."

"There are no buts Cassidy. Truth either is or it is not. What are you running home to? How often are you allowed the chance to live, truly live on your own terms! If you go now you deny me that is true but only by denying your own life and your own fulfillment. You fear lying to your husband yes?"

"Yes, of course."

"My dear beautiful Cassidy, you should only fear lying to yourself for that is the true tragedy of life."

He held out his hand and Cassidy wavered, caught by her loyalty to her marriage and by the call of passion that had for too long been denied to her by her husband.

Manuel was very handsome. He was mysterious and exciting but more than anything it was his eyes that held her there. They were deep and intense, commanding and gentle. They made her knees weak and her pussy damp with a longing that she had forgotten was possible. Slowly she reached out and put her hand on his.

Manuel gathered her into his arms and lifted her back through the doorway and onto the balcony. He kissed her hard and passionately, stealing her will to deny him while the subtle scent of his cologne filled her senses.

It was a musky, masculine aroma that fueled her desire and she kissed him back with the hunger of a starving lover. When his hands cupped her breasts through the gown her nipples pulsed and protruded against the fabric of her gown. His mouth traveled down to her neck and as he kissed and nibbled on her tender flesh she suddenly felt the cool air night air begin to flow freely over her legs.

As he gathered her skirt up to waist she remembered where they were and a surge of panic went through her.

"Wait! What are you doing? What if someone sees us?"

"Then they will be envious of our passion."

"Oh god no...I can't do this, not here...oh shit..."

Cassidy's protests were weak and her voice quivered and trailed off. Her heart was beating a mile a minute as Manuel continued to lift her dress. She knew she was taking a tremendous risk but when she felt his hands cup the pliant flesh of her bottom her whole body reacted to his touch and she just bit her lip, unable to find the resolve to make him stop.

He drew her hips against his crotch and Cassidy felt his hard and throbbing cock through his slacks.

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