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Mark and Linda come to terms with a sexless marriage.

Downstairs in the ladies room we had gotten into our "costumes." Heavy overdone makeup, like we thought cheap whores were expected to look, spike heels, garter belt, hose, a shelf bra that pushed up our already large tits to make them look even larger but that left all the nipples and most of the rest completely bare and NOTHING ELSE! We had each even shaved ourselves down to just a little triangle of pussy hair the night before so we really did have almost EVERYTHING on display for the guys.

Trying to act casual but already feeling my pussy begin to gush with excitement we walked slowly down the hallway with Nina's husband walking behind us to meet six total strangers. Understand the significance here that there were more men looking at me, fully revealed, than the sum total of men that had seen me naked in my entire life! Few of them were actually looking at our faces as they couldn't help themselves to stare at our bare pussies, long legs and jiggling tits. (By the way, we weren't going completely crazy with what we'd do in public. We had decided ahead of time that if anyone else had been in the hallway we would have just walked down the hall to enter their suite before removing our coats to make our "grand entrance").

We went on into the suite and spent five or ten minutes getting acquainted. Mostly the guys were standing around staring at us and trying to cover-up that they all had erections that were causing their pants to stand out like tents. We noticed that they had placed chairs right around the king-size bed and had adjusted the lights so that the bed area was in medium light while the area around it was almost dark.

As we chit-chatted with the guys I realized that in spite of my case of nerves that I really was enjoying myself. I was a slut on display and it was great. I said in my most brazen manner, "Why don't we give the fellows what they're paying for?" Nina, as mistress of ceremonies, said that we had planned a little skit for their enjoyment. She was the girlfriend who had misbehaved and I was the "boyfriend" who had to set her straight. Naturally to be the "guy" I had to look the part so we had brought the harness and that huge dick that Nina and I had used to play with the first time we met. I asked a couple of "volunteers from the audience" to help me put it on. I held on to the arms of a couple of the guys (my nipples just "happened" to rub against their biceps) while another knelt to hold the harness for me to step into. I cinched the harness up until that battering ram of a cock that was as long and certainly much thicker than any normal man was sticking straight out in front of me.

And then we began our skit. Actually it was little plot and all action as I yelled at my girlfriend for fucking around on me, called her a fuckin' cunt and names like that. I tied her wrists to the head of the bed with little ropes from the goody bag so that she was on her front on the bed. I spread her legs wide and paddled her while she carried on about how bad I was "hurting" her. I then had to "rough fuck" her from the rear using my huge, swollen cock to fuck my petite little Nina.

Actually she was supposed to act like it was a terrible ordeal to go through. She cried and whimpered as I got her up onto her knees with her butt sticking up in the air and her hands still tied holding her head down on the bed. I spread her knees farther and farther apart as she begged me not to hurt her with that huge cock. That her pussy was just too tight to take my cock. That she would never be able to take that monster up her cunt. But she had gotten so excited and so dripping wet with the foreplay and spanking that by the time I drove "my" cock into her and started fucking her all she could do was love it.

Her sounds of pleasure as I fucked her got louder and louder.

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