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A couple explore a special club.

Up. Down. Up. Down. "Five more reps," she heard him say, and she smiled on her way up again, and told him she'd need more than that to cum.

She felt pretty smug when he set the weights on the rest and grabbed her roughly by the hips, pulling her back onto him.

"Fuck me, " he told her, "fuck me hard. Ride my big cock. Ride it!"

She felt him slap her ass so hard it stung. Agh! She loved that, and he seemed to know it intuitively because he slapped her again, and then harder, yelling so loudly that his voice echoed around the empty room.

She rode him hard, grinding into him on the down stroke, squeezing him with her pussy walls on the up stroke. She felt him grab her tits forcibly and dig his nails in, all the while shouting for her to ride him. Ha! Ha! He'd made her wait, but now it was she who had him. His hands went back to her ass, squeezing and digging his nails in. He wanted her to cum, was yelling for her to cum all over his cock, but she wasn't quite ready yet.

She ran her hands through her hair, her eyes closed, allowing all the sensations to overcome her: her thigh muscles straining, his prick sliding in and out of her, his nails raking her ass-flesh, his voice shouting at her to ride him hard, to shake her tits for him, calling her a naughty girl, and willing her to cum all over him. She was panting heavily now, writhing, and then she felt the sensations converge and her vaginal muscles clench, and she slammed down on to him, moaning loudly and spilling her juices all over their thighs.


She drove him wild. Once he'd slapped her ass the first time, he couldn't get enough of it, and she seemed to really get off on it too. The sight of her amazing tits bouncing up and down was awesome, and the feel of her pussy squirming around his cock as she came was unbelievable.

He lifted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist and carried her, his cock still inside her, to the steam room. She asked him where they were going and he kissed her to shut her up. This was no time for talking anything other than dirty.

He laid her down on the bench and finally pulled out of her so he could lower his head to her pussy and lick up her sweet, sticky juices. He wanted her to tell him how it felt, to beg him to continue, and she was very obliging. She directed him to suck her outer lips, to nibble them, and to make her writhe, and he was only too happy to comply.

She was so naughty and he told her so. It only seemed to excite her even more. He could see her hands gripping the slats of the bench, her eyes closed and her mouth open. She tasted so great, so sweet. Her pussy was so soft, so wet, and her clit was rock hard, sticking up like a tiny cock. He wanted to take it in his mouth, wanted to make her cum some more.

"Shall I suck your clit now?" he asked, "would you like that? Shall I finger fuck you, look for your g-spot?" Her pulsing pussy was beckoning to him and he wanted to feel its resisting softness round his fingers.


She wished he would stop asking questions and concentrate on what he was supposed to be doing. As he nibbled, she took in breath sharply, "thhhhhh", and told him to lick her just a little more, maybe a little inside her.

"Mmmmmm," she could feel his tongue spreading her inner lips, running up and down and side to side, slipping in and out of the tightness at the entrance to her vagina. Oh God! When he asked her again if he could suck her clit, she shouted, "Yes! Suck it now!"

Oh, Jesus, he knew what he was doing! Nibbling ever so lightly, pulling it between his lips, massaging it with the tip of his tongue. She was moaning out loud now and her hands rose to her tits, mimicking on her nipples the sensations on her clitoris. "Suck harder!" she commanded, "OOoohhh! Finger me! Finger me now!" She felt first one then two fingers slip inside her, and her muscles contracted to pull them in deeper.

She felt him pull them slowly out again, feeling with the tips till he found the place where the texture changed from smooth to spongy, and adjust the a

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