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Jake and Ryan finally get romance and a switch.

This morning, Sunday at 7:30 AM, I had just gone half way and turned for home when I got a big surprise. As I crossed a bridge over Fall Creek, a small stream that bi-sects downtown Indy, I heard the unmistakeable sounds of fucking, men fucking. I stopped and strained to determine where the love noises were cumming from. (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Those happy grunts were right below me, in the bushes along the banks of Fall Creek. I quietly walked to edge of the bridge and started down a well-worn path. When I got under the bridge, in the bushes to my front, I could see a male bottom moving back and forth. I could also see the top of his partially bald head. I stood there for a minute and listened. Under the bridge the sound echoed.

"Oh yeah, fuck me. Give it to me. Yeah, yeah."

That sounded like the voice of a youngish man, maybe 20-30 years old.

"Tell Daddy what you want, and push that ass back towards me. I am getting close." That sounded like a man my age.

I was as hard as a rock and decided to move closer to the lucky couple. I carefully advanced toward the bushes and the closer I got the more I could see.

Both men were also runners. Their running shorts were around their ankles. Mr. Bottom was leaning over a fallen tree trunk and holding on to it. Mr. Top was right behind him, holding onto Mr. Bottom's hips and drilling him to beat the band. I mean he was pile driving into Mr. Bottom's ass.

I decided to move in closer and as I did, I stepped on a twig. SNAP! I froze and expected the fuckers to stop but they just kept going. I was afraid to move closer.

After standing there for 30 seconds or so, I heard Mr. Top say, "If you are a man, and want to watch us finish, come closer. If you are a woman, we apologize if we have embarrassed you. We will be done shortly."

With my hard cock in my right hand and my shorts notched under my balls, I entered the thicket. Mr. Top said, "It's OK to edge, but don't cum yet. Save it. We will use it in a little while."

I moved to the side of the performers, sat on a rock, and stroked myself, carefully avoiding the climax I dearly wanted to have. I was getting so close.

Without further comment, Mr. Top then stood up on his toes, slammed down on Mr. Bottom and exclaimed, "Oh Fuck. Here is your load."

Mr. Bottom replied," Oh, I can feel it now. Fill me up. Yes. Yes."

That was almost too much for me and I moaned, stroking my cock faster, but both men turned their heads, looked at me and shook a "NO."

I took my right hand off my cock and waited for instructions. I was in agony.

Mr. Top leaned onto Mr. Bottom's back and both took a break. We were alone in the cool early morning air. My cock was still hard so I said "Now what?" Mr. Top slowly backed out of his partner's ass. When he was out I could see cum dripping from the tip. He motioned me closer so I did a closer inspection. Cum was dribbling out of Mr. Bottom's ass and running down his thighs. He was pushing on his anus to force more cum out. I wanted that ass and I wanted it now.

Mr. Top reached down, took a condom out of his shorts, gave it to me and said "If I can suck you for a minute, you can fuck Donnie (a/k/a Mr. Bottom)." I naturally agreed.

I stood next to Donnie's dripping ass and put my left hand on his butt. Mr. Top dropped to his knees in front of me. He licked the tip of my cock and then slowly put me in his mouth. I am average size, about 6 inches and cut. He took it all in and stopped. I placed my hands on either side of his head and said "What are you waiting for?" He started the old in and out and I knew I was going to explode. I was watching his mouth on my cock and his cum dripping from Donnie's ass. It was too much. I rolled my head back and started to cum. I couldn't help myself. Donnie's ass would have to wait for another time.

I exploded into Mr.

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