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His hand no longer patrolled her back, but instead was now needing at her other breast, just like his wife's were needing at his butt, his palm cupping it as his fingers massaged its flesh and toyed and pulled at her hard teats.

Her son could see she was clearly aroused, her nipples standing to attention when ever they popped into view, and the leg on top of his dad's was coiled up high, opening herself wide and pressing into him.

His dad was working both her breasts with his mouth, kissing the flesh around each nipple then the nipples themselves. He began to work her whole chest with his mouth, licking, kissing, sucking and gently biting her breasts, leaving her chest a glistening shine in the lamplight, his saliva allowing his tongue to glide over the skin of her breasts and around her nipples with warm, moist ease as he opened his mouth wide and took in a whole, beautiful mouthful of his mother's breasts; skin, areola, nipple and all, the skin around it bulging out and overflowing around his mouth as he sucked in and pleasured it with his expert tongue, his whole mouth filled with the delicious flesh.

She had her head tilted back on an arched neck, pressing her breasts harder into the face of her lover, her husband, his dad. Her hands pulled back from his butt and trailed down between their bodies, her thin fingers caressing his stomach all the way down where she began to massage his cock and fondle his balls, starting to awaken his penis from its semi-erect state. Their son watched her fingers working expertly between his legs, rubbing over his balls and grabbing a handful of his sack, then pulling up around his shaft and rubbing the top of his head.

His father's free hand had now strayed to his mum's mound. His dad's arm worked his hand up between her legs, caressing and stroking her thighs and then up tracing the outline of each cheek, to that point where they met in the middle, her opening, her womanhood, the place from which her watching son had come from years ago, perhaps conceived exactly the same as this.

He saw his dad's fingers not yet delving deep inside her, just gently stroking her lips and rubbing through her hair as he saw that his mum wasn't in to Brazilian waxes. She had a natural, full mound of hair, a beautiful black triangle that sprouted up from her lips and spread up to artfully and all naturally frame her sex. His dad's fingers rubbed through it, toying around her lips and every so often a finger would gently probe into the wet slit.

All the while his dad literally consumed her breasts, dining out on them like there was a national shortage, burying his face in them, filling his mouth with their beautiful, arousing, pink white flesh. His mother continued to hold him to her, one arm around his head and stroking his ears, neck and hair, the other at his crotch, coming away every so often, careful not to arouse him to much so that the majority of his pleasure would come from when he was inside her. She just needed to make him swollen and hard and she expertly brought him to that point but no further.

Suddenly he left of teasing and outright attacked her pussy with his fingers. One moment a finger was gently tracing the line between her lips, the next he'd slid two fingers right inside her hole. His thumb was resting on the inside of one thigh, his next two fingers probing deep down and rubbing inside her, while his third finger curled up and stroked her clit, firmly rubbing it up and down, his little finger rubbing against the inside of her lip, his whole hand expertly positioned to pleasure every part of her sex zone.

Her legs had come to surround one of his, the one highest off the bed, and she suddenly clamped down on it with both of hers at the pleasure onslaught his dad was unleashing. Her hands had left off caressing his body and now gripped his father's back in a tight embrace, his lips again finding hers as they nearly ate each other's faces.

So, he thought, as he watched all thi

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