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College lovers celebrate graduation together.

Well, at least my unreliable memory, which hadn't paid her anywhere near the attention it should have, told me she was a talented artist.

"Yeah, I remember. You sat next to me once and told me how much you liked the sketch I was doing."

I couldn't even remember speaking to Trixie, but she'd remembered what I'd said after all these years. What an absolute dick-spank I was. "I'd love to see your work again."

"I'll show you sometime. I guess I'm okay. I like drawing. Mainly portraits and comics these days. I still sketch sometimes."

"I look forward to seeing them."

She smiled, blushing a little but holding my gaze this time rather than looking down. "Brett."


"Um, nah, its nothing."


She looked down and bit her lip again, then said, "Promise not to laugh?"

"Why would I laugh at you?"

"I dunno."

"I promise."

She breathed in deeply, exhaling loudly. "Um, after my stage antics during Grinspoon, when you found me...we kissed...and um, please don't laugh, but it was, um, my first ever."

"Your first ever kiss?" I must have sounded dumb-as-fuck, repeating her words.

She took her time before answering the obvious answer. "Yeah. I've never kissed or been kissed before. But I was so excited after making it to the stage, and you held me up and our faces were close, and well, I just did it and kissed you. Sorry."

"Why sorry? It was amazing. YOU were amazing! I'm glad you kissed me. It's one of my favourite moments of today. No regrets, ay, Trix."

I couldn't tell by her expression if Trixie was about to laugh or cry, but she did neither. She looked up, biting her bottom lip again, a cute nervous trait, and then spoke, almost whispering, a tremor in her voice. "Yeah, no regrets. Um, so, like...I really like you, Brett. I've always...um...sorta liked you, I guess, since those days back in art class. I know I sound silly, but I'll never forget today, because of you." By now it was actually the following day, sometime very early in the morning, but meh, details.

My heart fluttered and I felt my face flush again. She'd poured her heart out, telling me exactly how she felt, and it'd obviously taken her a huge amount of courage. And the way she felt was the same way I felt about her. Finally I did what I should have done earlier, extending my hand to her, which she accepted, and I looked into her eyes, slowly leaning in, and she responded by closing her eyes, puckering her lips above the guitar in her lap between us. My lips met hers in a gentle kiss; lightly, open a little, but no tongue at first, but only our gentle soft lips against each other.

We kissed for more than several thumping heart beats, then broke off, and I looked into her eyes and smiled. "I like you too. I like you heaps. Like I said, I've been kicking myself I didn't get to know you years ago. I'm a fucken idiot for not doing so."

"You keep saying so, you fucken idiot." Her response was bolder now, cheeky even and given with a smile. "Remember, no regrets. Let it be out motto." And she then locked her lips onto mine, hungrily tasting me, with little skill but lots of passion. Our tongues met for the first time, grappling as she thrust her tongue roughly into my mouth. I kissed her back equally hard, admiring her enthusiasm, and she finally pushed the guitar aside, then kneeled on the day-bed so she sat a little higher than me, pushing down to me, her mouth jammed onto mine.

Losing balance slightly, her hand inadvertently brushed my bulge through my board-shorts as she steadied herself, sending an electric shock of pleasure through me, and she broke away, giving me another embarrassed smile. "Sorry."

"Nah, don't be sorry," I said, realising she'd probably never felt a hard cock before. "It's just my penis. It kinda does this when I'm excited by a beautiful girl."

She giggled nervously, looking down shyly. "I know what it is. I didn't mean to touch you there, that's all."

"You can touch me there if you'd like to.

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