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My wild night with mom.

The knife made quick work of her bra and continued moving swiftly downward. Her panties were gone in half an instant. He finished cutting through the hem of the dress, grabbed it, swung her around, and the only thing she had left on were her shoes.

Sandra screamed, "I just bought that dress Joseph."

"Where did you buy it Sandi; Walmart, T.J. Maxx, or some other discount store?"

"Does it matter where I bought it, if I liked it?"

"It may not matter to you Sandi, but it does matter to me."

She fell into his arms again, and held him tight.

"I will go out with your friends and buy the clothes you want me to wear. I won't bother looking at the price tags or anything else. I will ask your friends what they think of it. Then I will come home, and ask the man I love what he thinks. Now will you make love to me, otherwise it would be a waste of a perfectly lovely florescent condom."

"Are you sure you don't want me to clean up first?"

"I'm sure; now stop stalling, and fuck me."

He didn't take her to the bed. He didn't take her to the couch. He lowered her to the floor, and took possession of her body, mind, and spirit right there in the hall. The only thing he forgot was the socks. Thankfully, the neighbors were still at work.

Hungrily, he reclaimed what was his, and would soon be his again. He kissed her mouth with such passion; she was going to need ice to take down the swelling. Her neck was so black and blue she would need heavy makeup to cover it. Further down she just smiled. As she touched each mark on her body, she recalled how he put it there, and how wonderful it felt as he did it.

She looked at the area between her thighs, close to her vagina, and let her fingers stroked over the reddened areas he left there.

Her body tingled as she stroked the tender flesh, as she remembered how Joseph tortured her by not plunging his tongue, or fingers inside her.

She begged, oh how she begged him to take her, but he refused. He traveled around the Holy Grail of all men, and never once touched a piece of intimate flesh. She lost count of how many orgasms she had, and how many threatened reprisals she made. Then, in the middle of one of her most desperate pleas, he bit her clit, and she exploded into unconsciousness. She woke up moments later, with a note on her chest. "DON'T MOVE A MUSCLE, OR ELSE!" She was tempted to find out what or else was, but her body was so languid after this orgasm, she decided to stay still.

Joseph came back moments later, carrying a tray of Mimosa, and cookies with different cheeses on them.

Before Sandra could say anything he said, "Sarah didn't make these. I made them just now. I cut the cheeses earlier this morning, and put them on the cookies, as you slept."

"I never doubted it. Can I give you a kiss for such a wonderful orgasm?"

"Yes you may, but that was only a class 'C' orgasm. Just wait until we get to the big time orgasms. Have you forgotten what those feel like?"

"It's been so long; I'm ashamed to say yes, I have. The girls haven't been very helpful in that area either. They are at that age, when they want to know, and they will not be put off by one-sentence answers. They want details, very intimate details, plus the mechanics behind them.

Once I went through an entire scenario with them, only to have Rebecca say to Deborah, "I told you that's the way it was done. Why didn't you believe me?"

Deborah replied to her innocent looking sister, "Mom's done it that way, and you haven't."

"They set you up so innocently Joseph, and then they let you freefall into thin air. They are so wonderful; I want to kill them both."

She took a sip of her drink, and winced. "You made this Mimosa a little strong. A few more like this and I will be useless to you."

"I'm a Doctor, not a bartender. I cannot imagine what they're going to do to my parents over the next 7 years."

"They are going to be wonderful. Your father has their number, and they love your parents very much."

"My father will go crazy, when the start taking golf

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