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Gary dreams of fulfilling fantasy.

This knowledge makes everything worse. She obviously would prefer to have her hands free so she can masturbate like mad until Danika returns. Where the hell is Danika? The excitement coursing inside of her is beginning to turn painful. CJ begins to scream.

Danika immediately enters the room, a knowing devilish smile plays on her lips. She is completely nude, clutching her wet panties in one hand.

CJ's screams abruptly stop as her eyes drink in her Mistress's nude figure as she stalks towards her. She's not even aware of what's clutched in her hand until the wet center is forced into her gaping mouth. "Much better," Danika says. Her moist fingers are now directly under CJ's nose. With nostrils flared, CJ receives a strong whiff and she moans around the panties, her body thrashing against the bed.

Straddling the bound woman's body, Danika leans back, grinding her wet pussy into CJ's, riding her, driving CJ to the brink. Cries of pleasure can be heard, although muffled thanks to the panties. Danika stops and scoots down CJ's body so her face is in front of her pussy, the strong musk filling Danika's own nostrils. CJ's eyes shut tightly, body lying still except for her toes wriggling as Danika's tongue tenderly laps at her pussy like a cat drinking milk, purposefully teasing her by doing this slowly. CJ's body tries to writhe against her tongue desperate for more pressure, head swimming with intense need. Sensing this, Danika stops, chuckling to herself when CJ's eyes snap wide open only to stare helplessly at her. "You deserve your punishment little one." Cupping the juicy young pussy with a hand Danika adds, "This naughty pussy deserves punishment."

CJ yells and screams behind the panty gag letting loose all of her pent up frustration and disappointment as she hopelessly humps at air. The word astonishment is not adequate enough to describe CJ's disbelief when she feels Danika's tongue licking her, loving her and absolutely no word could even begin to describe how it feels to receive the first slap on her clit. Shock, pain, and extreme pleasure devour CJ while Danika slaps and rubs her clit, driving her mad with need! Sensing Danika's hand on its way down, CJ braces for the sharp pain, intense pleasure duo, and slowly opens her eyes when all remains still.

Knowing one more slap on her naughty clit can and more than likely will send her naughty slut over the edge, Danika stops in mid air. She watches the amazement and then disappointment show on her slut's gagged face. "Remain still or we start again and not in a way you will like," Danika warns. She unties CJ's ankles, staring into her eyes as she unties her hands. CJ doesn't budge an inch, just simply stares back into Danika's eyes. Removing her panties from CJ's mouth, she is barely able to hear CJ whisper softly, "I'm sorry."

Wiping the sweat from her lover's brow, Danika smiles, her heart soaring, and rewards her lover by instructing her to, "Lick." With that one simple word, CJ dives for Danika's center as she lies back on the mattress and enjoys CJ's enthusiastic tongue bringing her over the edge time and time again.

CJ's back collapses against the mattress for the umpteenth time, her body slick with sweat, toes slowly uncurling, voice hoarse, her throat dry and sore. Nestled between her legs, Danika leans back licking her lips and wiping her fingers. "Lie there and relax." Danika leaves the bedroom and in no time returns carrying a glass of water and helping CJ sit up, instructs her to drink slowly.

CJ's eyes repeatedly close involuntarily, heavy with sleep.

"Rest little one.

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