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Geez, just when I was getting to the good part. I was just about to ask her about if she allowed any boys to touch her pussy and get to third base. Funny how a woman who just sucked my cock. allowed me to cum in her mouth, and swallowed was uncomfortable sharing her personal and private thoughts.

"Yeah, sure, I can get carried away a bit. Dirty, pillow talk is a turn on for me."

We got quiet all of a sudden. There was an uncomfortable awkwardness in the way that happens, when you awaken sober after doing something stupid when drunk. I really wanted to continue with the dirty, pillow talk. Now, I didn't know what the Hell to say? So, how about those Red Sox? Nah, that wouldn't work, besides, she's from New York and if she follows baseball, she's a Yankees fan, no doubt. Then, she returned to the subject of blowjobs and blurted out this gem.

"You're the first man, including my husband who ever ejaculated in my mouth." She looked at me. "That was the first time that I ever tasted sperm and the first time that I swallowed."

Oh, geez, does this mean that we are engaged? At first, she made me uncomfortable by saying that. To me, it was no big deal cumming in a woman's mouth. Sperm? Only a 60-year-old woman would call cum sperm. Yet, when she said that I was the first man to cum in her mouth, it excited me and, for good measure, I wanted to cum in her mouth again.

For me, it was expected. I would have been more surprised and certainly more disappointed if she didn't want me to cum in her mouth and instead asked me to cum on her tits. Today, cumming on a woman's tits is like kissing your sister. I'm glad she made an exception to her rule of not cumming in her mouth. Did she want me to feel indebted to her or was she telling me that I was special, special enough that when her husband kicked off, I was next on her list of potential husbands. Boy, now, that would be awkward being Gwen's stepdad. I suddenly got an image of me parenting Gwen.

'Gwen, did you brush your teeth and tongue after your blew your boyfriend, after he ejaculated in your mouth, and after you tossed your girlfriend's salad?'

'Yes, stepfather.'

Suddenly, I had this image of bending Gwen over my knee after she had been bad, very bad, lifting up her skirt, pulling down her panty, and spanking her. Yet, I already did that.

'Harder,' I imagined her saying.

I looked at her shocked that not only was I the second man she has ever blown, but that I'm the first man who ever ejaculated in her mouth and she swallowed. She could have fooled me. She was so good at it. A natural born cocksucker, instinctively, she did everything right. The swirling action with her tongue, the feel of her lips and the pressure she applied on my cock, along with the feeling of my cock in her mouth was Heavenly. Even when thinking about Diane Sawyer blowing me, I couldn't have asked for a better blowjob.

Reality quickly returned me to what she said about me being not only the first man besides her husband that she has ever blown but also the first man she has allowed to cum in her mouth.

"Really? I'm the first man who every ejaculated in your mouth?"

"Yeah," she said looking over at me, "really. I've never tasted cum before."

"After all the years you've been married, I can't believe your husband never ejaculated in your mouth? I just find that so hard to believe that he wouldn't want you to do that and you refusing him."

"Oh, no, never. I never refused him. I wanted to suck his cock only he never allowed me to suck his cock" she said, "he's a bit old fashioned when it comes to sex." She looked away from me. "He thought that too much of a dirty thing to do with his wife's mouth, the mother of his children." She smiled. "He said blowjobs are what prostitutes do and not wives."

"So, he's been with prostitutes?"

"My husband?" She looked at me shocked that I would ask such a thing and then with a perplexed look on her face, as if she was wondering about it for the first time, she said, "Oh, no, at least, I certainly hope not."

"I don't think that I've ever been with a woman

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