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William binds and teases Alexanderia.

I withdrew my finger and continued to caress her pussy and ass. I wanted her to enjoy having her ass fucked so I took my time. I pressed my finger back into her tight sphincter and pushed it all the way in. She bit her lip as I felt her young body stiffen. Reaching over to the end table, I picked up a bottle of baby oil and poured a little into my hand. Rubbing my hands together, I began to smoothe the oil into the crack of her magnificent ass. Laura moaned as she felt the oil and my fingers caress her tight sphincter. Slick with the oil, I probed her ass gently with my finger as I lifted my body up and rubbed my cock across the length of her swollen labia. Pulling my finger from her tightness, I slipped another finger into her ass. She gasped as my finger easily slid into her asshole. I added a bit of oil and continued to finger fuck her virgin asshole.

As she began to loosen up a little bit, I pulled my finger out and pressed my thumb against her tight hole. I heard her grunt as my thick thumb stretched her tight sphincter a bit further but with the oil it didn't burn. As my thumb pumped gently in and out of her ass, I slid my cock back into her tight pussy. Laura grunted as I rammed my cock and thumb into the twin holes between her trembling thighs. She'd never had both of her holes filled before. The sensation was overwhelming.

"Your turn." I whispered. I rubbed my oily hand up and down the length of my ramrod, coating it thoroughly. Laura reached back to spread her asscheeks and pressed her ass back against the tip of my ramrod. I aimed my cock at the center of her tight sphincter and felt her ass press against the tip. I was wedged into place when she stopped. I nudged her several times and her body pressed backwards as she tried to impale herself on my cock. My cock was considerably thicker than my fingers and she was still very tight. Picking up the bottle I poured more oil on my shaft and into the crack of her ass. I reached under her body and began to play with her hanging titflesh as my cock prodded her virgin asshole. Laura continued to press her ass back against my cock but she was afraid and she couldn't bring herself to do it all the way.

Her muscles began to relax a little after my cockhead was firmly imbedded in her virgin asshole. She slid back a bit more but nothing significant. I waited. When her muscles had relaxed a bit more, I pulled back gently on her hips and she tried to slide back onto my shaft. Her progress was minimal.

"Try to slide back and forth." I said and the young beauty began to rock back and forth. Her tight sphincter eased a bit and she was able to slide a little on my shaft. My hands caressed her young body as she tried to please me. I also began to move in her ass. She was unbelievably tight and still very scared. I was able to move in her ass but with only small movements. I waited and her muscles relaxed some more and we were able to fuck a bit.

Reaching into her open cunt, I once again bathed my fingers in her sweet flow. I reached around her body and cupping her full breasts pulled her to a vertical position again, only this time my cock was buried partially in her virgin ass. She felt my cock slide a bit further into her virgin asshole. The entire head was now in and her tight sphincter would not need to stretch much further to accommodate my entire cock.

I pressed my fingers, covered with her flow to her lips and then into her mouth. I held my hand over her mouth as I rose slightly, pressing my cock deeper into her virgin ass. She started to scream into my hand as we fell forward. When her hips hit the bolster, my ramrod plowed deep into her ass as her huge tits mashed into the mattress. Laura tried to scream but nothing came out as I was buried to the hilt in her tight, little ass. I kissed her neck and a shudder ran through her young body.

"You've redeemed yourself.

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