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Melanie participates in an auction for charity.

He knew this was wrong.

But the more he tried to resist the more powerful the urge was to give up control. And such was his desperation to keep it together that when he inevitably caved it was with a violent explosion of pent-up lust. He cried out, pulled Maria's supple body towards him at a speed that seemed to break even her composure. His hands tore at her top and caressed her breasts as she stared down approvingly. She was working at his pants, liberating another steely erection, the size and firmness drawing a gasp despite his fevered state.

She exposed her swelling labia with a flick of her fingers and Tyson didn't waste a moment. He shoved her down onto the desk so their bodies were at right angles and impaled her ripe cunt on his rock-hard cock. Maria was electrified by Tyson's urgency, and invited him to grab her inviting breasts while they rocked in unison, his cock buried to the hilt inside her.

Angry and wild with lust, Tyson pounded her as if to punish her duplicity that morning, but she accepted him with a mysterious readiness that turned him on even more. This time he was going to make sure she would cum first. He wanted to see her defeated. Horny thoughts dashed through his mind of cumming onto that cheeky smile of hers, coating those bee-stung lips with his spunk and leaving her for good in a fucked-out heap.

Yet when he made eye-contact with her she peered back with an eyebrow raised in a kind of confected pity. It felt like she was belittling him. So he fucked her harder to gain the upper hand. He wasn't to know, but with every push he was giving more of himself to her. Again, Maria's legs clasped to him and drew him in, and all those plans of humiliating her were blown away by his own jet-stream of pleasure. He was like a virgin, utterly under-prepared to enter her sexual world.

He was finding it harder to drive the head of his cock into her juicy, tightening vagina. Only Maria's smooth, seeping juices made it physically possible. And when he withdrew, his outsized glans glided tight against her walls, shooting electric jolts through his body. The power coerced his balls to empty and the cum escaped his tip at high pressure. He so wanted to see her squirm that he shouted again when his on-rushing orgasm foiled his plans once more.

As chemical pleasure flushed to every corner of his body he raised his head to see Hidalgo's corpse opposite. Dreamily he expected to feel shame or guilt, but felt nothing except his weary knees buckling beneath him. Maria lifted an arm to grab Tyson's collar. It was as if she knew that gravity would defeat him and wanted to ease his way to the ground.
He learned she had an additional, kinky motive. With Tyson's head now level with the top of the desk she grabbed the back of his head and pulled her cunt into his face. In his pleasure-drunk state there was nothing he could do. When the command came down, as if from some higher authority, "Lamerme, Tyson", he had no choice but to comply. He knew what was in there but licked dutifully. He cleaned her out and didn't stop servicing her until her sultry whimpers became agonized cries and his face was glazed by her own creamy cum.

His task completed, he collapsed. Tyson felt himself being pulled through the floor into an all-consuming underworld, where he would sleep in an ecstatic coma for as long as Maria wanted. The last thing he heard was her voice, echoing as if from the top of a deep mineshaft as she reached down to hold his cheeks in her palms, "Death has its benefits, no?"


3 -The Strangler Tree

Tyson found himself on a cot, regaining awareness like a convalescent, in what looked like a field hospital. He was surrounded by injured men, government soldiers and cartel militia strangely side-by-side. Even stranger, nobody seemed to care that he was there.

To his right was a man with large, regretful eyes staring right back at him.

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