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They meet their new neighbors.


That night had been like the lamest real life GTA mission ever. I got better. Surprisingly, I was having a great night. We went to Denny's for milkshakes. My future girlfriend had chatted casually with me about my work, interests, and life history. It felt like a first date. I kind of didn't want her to take me back home. I was having a lot of fun. (Showing this gorgeous and sophisticated woman my tiny studio also worried me. It wasn't dirty or unsafe. It was just a very small single room in a respectable building near work).

On the way to my apartment, she asked about the "angry chick" - Vanessa - from earlier. Did she know where I lived? Did she have my number? Did she know where I work? Did she know my last name?

"Okay. I'm going to take you up to your place. After I leave, you throw the deadbolt and - if she discovers your address - don't let her in for any reason. If she calls, don't answer. Save the voicemails and texts though, because you may need to file a restraining order. Be very careful on your way to work. Make sure someone knows when you leave, what route you're taking, and when to expect you. Generally, be on your guard for a while. I doubt that she'll trouble you, but you should be safe."

"Kay." I didn't want to talk about Vanessa. She was a bad decision. We had only been on one date and only had sex twice. It was missionary style. There was no foreplay. Then she took me to a bar and poured that beer on me. I just wanted to forget her.

"Hey, don't worry. You'll be alright." The charming redhead winked at me. I really liked her. She was take charge and confident. But she wasn't mean. I'd never felt so well cared for before.

She walked inside with me. She took off her shoes after I kicked off mine. Then she turned away and started inspecting my door locks.

I hung her jacket up and threw away the remains of my tee shirt. Then I slipped out of my skirt. I waited nervously for her to turn around. I hoped I'd please her.

She turned. Her viridian eyes were bright with pure desire when she took in my body. But she closed them. Then she tilted and shook her head, like a horse trying to get rid of flies.

"You need to put clothes on. Now Kiddo." She turned back to the locks again.

I'd never felt so rejected. And hurt. And confused. She told me I was pretty. She helped me. She took me out to eat. She escorted me home. She had been eyeing me all night. But she didn't want me?

"You don't want me?" I said to her back. Crap, that sounded so completely pathetic. She turned around to answer.

"Dammit, I don't have any chocolate." I had no idea what she meant, but she was hugging me. Everything was good again.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and snuggled in close. She held my cheek to the hollow of her neck. She smelled and stroked my hair. She rubbed my back. Then her hands were on my shoulders and gently pushing me away. She looked down at me, not unkindly.

"Of course I want you. You are remarkably attractive, Sweetheart. However, you've also had an emotionally upsetting night and you're probably too shaken up to make smart decisions. You seem like a demure, tractable girl and I don't want to take advantage of your gratitude. So you need to get some clothes on and afterward we can talk for a little while."

I dressed. It's not what I wanted, but - looking back - she was probably right. We sat on my bed and talked. She wrote her cell phone number on her card. She told me to call her in couple days and we'd talk about going on a date.

"Good night, Angel." She said. She touched my cheek. Then she left me.


Weaving through traffic on the 5 to "Brain" by N.E.R.D.S., I'd be a touch late for work. Shower play was worth it.

There's an accident ahead and a forty minute wait, according to the flashing yellow sign. Sucks for them, but great for me. I call in to work and tell them I'm stuck in the jam on the 5 south.

I'm essentially parked, so I check my work email.

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