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Will Ani Elfaen agree to His terms, to save them both?

Tyrone was happy that all of his friends respected him once again for dating Kiesha, (the guys at school had a secret nickname for these two girls, always referring to them as the "fuckables") and Kiesha was happy to be dating one of the most popular boys in school. She didn't actually want to have sex with him, although she knew that everyone knows that everyone has sex on prom night. She hoped that it might be different for her, and she believed that Tyrone cared enough about her to respect her feelings on the issue. She even had a little speech planned out in the event that he tried something. She rehearsed it over and over in her mind, so that she wouldn't have to read it from a piece of paper; that would certainly be embarrassing! Her last ditch plan was to offer to suck his dick to satisfy him, and leave it at that.

After prom they headed out to one of the more popular "make out" sights where he tried to get into her panties. When her speech didn't work, and he continued trying to get a hand between her legs, she went to her fall back plan and offered to suck his dick. He gladly accepted and put her to work for a little under an hour, teaching her how to do it properly. She really got into it and he ended up creaming in her mouth, which she was not as upset about as he thought she would be. Kiesha felt satisfied that Tyrone seemed happy and satisfied and they drove off to an after prom party. She drank way too much coke and whiskey and ended up in a room alone with Tyrone.

However, Tyrone had also had a bit too much alcohol. Even though he had earlier promised Kiesha that he was satisfied with the blow job, he wanted to make another try for her cherry. He wasn't a violent drunk, but he was very persistent, and Kiesha was very pliable, even when she wasn't drunk. Tyrone was also being fueled on by pride. His friends made a big deal about how he was the only guy in school who could actually hope to date and fuck BOTH of the fuckables; they all wished they could be him. Well, he certainly was going to fuck both of them. He would show that bitch Tammy that he didn't need her.

Tyrone got Kiesha onto the bed and had her strapless evening gown pulled down over her luscious titties, massaging and sucking passionately on her cute little nipples. She rarely let him have a piece of her tits, as she was so protective of them, so he was enjoying every minute of it. She had her eyes closed and was softly murmuring her speech again. In her condition she probably thought she was on the steps of the white house delivering a powerful message to the nation about morals and values, but in reality, her incoherent mumbling was heard only by the vanity of her own mind. Tyrone released the tit he was sucking on with a small pop and a jiggle, to sit her up straight. He unfastened the clips at her back and pulled the evening gown down off her well proportioned body as she flopped back onto the bed with a little squeal and a giggle. The freshly exposed chocolate flesh of her thighs and hips, crowned in cute little pink strawberry panties, caused him to growl with lust. In his mind her flesh almost seemed to shine, like smooth creamy chocolate flowing down from heaven into the shape of an angel.

He got on his knees on the bed beside her and rubbed her yummy tummy with one hand and the insides of her thighs with the other.

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