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A dark scene between 18 year old and her captor.

He'd been caught by his boss on his return and dragged into an unscheduled meeting that lasted late into the evening. He was sorry that he hadn't replied to me yesterday, but you know how it is? I did. I'd been there. Bosses seem to think that their staff have no homes to go to and no outside interests that could possibly be more interesting than work.

I responded by inviting him to a pub halfway between our offices after work tonight. He accepted and I was happier all afternoon, too happy, because people noticed the contrast with yesterday afternoon and drew the correct conclusion that a man was responsible for both moods.

At the end of the evening I was still not sure about Tony. He had been great company and we spent a lot of time laughing at each other's jokes. Did he know I was a woman? Did he care? Did he like what he saw? I had changed from my power-dressing suit into a slinky black dress that I kept carefully rolled up in my desk drawer for emergencies but it seemed that I needn't have bothered.

I showed him some leg. He seemed disconcerted by a flash of thigh. My thighs are great. I have had experts tell me that they are. I know that rolls of fat or hairy legs couldn't have repelled Tony because I haven't got either. I would have risked some cleavage but refrained after the failure of the thighs. That would have been the end of a potential affair until I idly asked him whether he had heard of a sales representative who had visited me that afternoon.

I pulled the rep's card out of my handbag and handed it to Tony. He looked sheepish then reached inside his jacket to get out his glasses. The thickness of the lenses told me that his unaided eyesight was poor. The poor mutt probably couldn't see me without his glasses on. When he started to take his glasses off I stopped him.

"Tony," I said, "You need those glasses. I bet you can't see me properly without them. I wear contact lenses."

"Oh," he said, putting his glasses back on. "I didn't know you wore contacts, Alison."

"I'm sure you didn't. Can you see my face without those glasses?"

"No, Alison. All I see is a blur where your head is."

"Then don't be so stupid. Leave your glasses on and tell me what you can see of me."

He settled the glasses on the bridge of his nose.

"Let me see..."

"You can see now, you idiot. You couldn't before."

"Please let me conclude my examination," he retorted.

"You are good looking, with blonde hair, a slight trace of brown at the roots, that falls either side of your face and curls inwards. You are wearing a black jersey dress with a silver belt and apparently very little underneath. You have normal coloured tights, at least I assume they are tights..."

"They are."

"...on slim legs with pretty ankles. You are wearing black high heeled court shoes."

"Could you see any of that before?"

He shook his head.

"So you invited a woman to lunch the first time and you had no idea what she looked like? How did you recognise me?"

"I didn't. You recognised me. Remember?"

"So I did."

I'd walked straight up to him and said 'Hello Tony'.

"So what do you think of me now you can see me?"

"I think I'm very lucky to be with such an attractive lady."

"Why don't you wear your glasses?"

"When we met I had been reading the conference papers and my eyes were tired. I'd just put my glasses away when you sat next to me. I had intended to close my eyes during the speech but you spoke to me. I liked the sound of your voice and once I found I liked you as well I didn't want to put you off by wearing these thick lenses which do nothing for me..."

"...except make it possible for you to see anything at all."

"Yes. That is true."

"So if you weren't wearing your glasses and I did a strip tease you wouldn't notice?"

"I'm not quite that blind. I'd notice the movement and the colour of your skin but I wouldn't be able to appreciate the act."

"I think you had better keep your glasses on while we are together. Can you see this?"

I flashed some thigh under my dress.

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