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Sara and Tim spend the night together.

I sucked on her nipple hard, pausing once in a while to flick it with my tongue, until my breathing became heavy, and I started letting out little moans.

I pulled back suddenly, and she made a small moan of protest. I swallowed, and tried to catch my breath. The combination of sucking on those huge breasts, her playing with herself, and the sounds she was making was almost too much for me to take.

"I need to be inside you," I said, and quickly yanked my shirt over my head. "I need to fuck you right now!" I fumbled with the zipper on my pants, and started to yank them down.

A wicked smile crossed her face. "Oh really?" she said teasingly. "I don't think you're turned on enough yet." In one fluid motion she pushed herself up, reached forward, and pulled my pants down further. She grinned like a Cheshire cat, and began to slowly and agonizingly rub the bulge in my boxers. I groaned, and tilted my head back, closing my eyes. I knew what was coming next, she loves to tease me when I'm this turned on, and there was only one thing that turns me on more than sucking on her tits. She pushed me backwards onto the bed, and without warn jerked my boxes down, exposing my swollen cocks. She lowered he head slowly, and then all at once took my entire cock into her mouth, all the way down to hilt. I gasped; I hadn't expected her to deep throat right away. She began to suck my cock hard, moving her wet tongue up and down my shaft until it was slick with saliva. She moaned softly as she did it, and she began to stroke my shaft with her hand at the same time. I groaned, and tangled one of my hands in her hair, forcing her head down further onto my cock. She pushed my cock deeper into her throat until it was completely engulfed in hot wetness of her mouth. I had to bite my hand as she started to run her tongue over the head of my penis, it was driving my crazy, and I was dangerously close to climaxing. I didn't want to come yet though, I had a few more things planned for tonight other that her just giving me head.

I took a deep breath, and pushed her softly off me. She shot me a slightly hurt look. She loved sucking me off, and she knew that I was close to coming. It was harder than I expected to stop her, I needed to come so badly it going to start hurting soon.

"I need to be inside you," I said, surprised to hear an almost angry edge to my voice. "I am going to fuck you, right now!"

Her eyes widened in surprise at the tone of my voice, and opened her mouth to say something. For a second I though she was going to try and torment me again, which I was not going to let her do anyway, but instead she just smiled.

"What's stopping you then?" She asked in a nonchalant tone, with a cute kittenish look on her face. I grinned. Now she was going to get it. This is what she gets for being a cock tease all day long. I reached over to her nightstand, grabbed a condom, tore open the package, and quickly rolled it over my cock. She licked her lips slowly, lay back onto the bed, anticipating what was going to happen next. I could hear her breathing quicken with excitement as I positioned myself.

I took a deep breath as I settled into position, and felt her hand clasp my cock, slowly guiding me towards her soaking wet pussy. I paused for just a moment at the entrance, then with one hard thrust, buried my entire cock in her pussy. I heard her gasp, and then moan, partly out of pain, and partly out of pleasure, since I did have a very large cock, and it was sometimes hard for her to take it all in at first. I forced myself to just move it back and forth very slowly, even though I wanted to fuck her so hard that she'd scream.

"Are you okay?" I asked softly, hoping I wasn't hurting her too bad.

"Uhhh, Matt..." she said breathlessly, "Fuck me hard! Oh gods, fuck me as hard as you can, I need to feel you inside me!"

I inhaled sharply.

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