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Good things keep happening to Bobby Draper.


'So, will you?' He asked.

Kira brought her eyes away from the screen and couldn't help but catch a glimpse of a sudden bulge in the Europeans pants. He had clearly been aroused viewing the images.

'Will I what?' She asked, suspiciously.

'Do anything to keep your secret?' He emphasised the "anything" part.

'What are you suggesting?'

'Well, I'm happy to keep these and put them in the next publication but you seem to want to keep yourself hidden. Maybe we can reach an agreement?'

Kira couldn't help but look at his bulging pant region. She felt a sudden sense of power. Was she in control here? Could she persuade him from publishing her photos? What did he want from her?

'An agreement where I get all the photos back?' She asked. 'Every last one. Nothing is published, and everything you have is deleted?'

'If I do that for you, what will you do for me?' He responded.

'What do you want me to do?' She asked, a little concern creeping into her voice.

'Well, I liked that last photo.'

'Of me on my knees?' Kira glanced at his groin again. Was it worth it? Could she keep a secret? What was worse, the photos or satisfying another man? What would her boyfriend think? Would he ever know? Could she keep it from him?

'Yes. Especially the naked bit.'

Kira contemplated her options. He had already seen her naked so that didn't bother her, but could she really bring her lips to satisfy him? If she let the images get published, she'd have no choice but to explain the naked session to her boyfriend, her friends, her mother and father, her little brother! She didn't want anyone to see her that way. Her boyfriend had always been jealous of other men who leered at her. He'd be furious knowing she was being permissively ogled by thousands of men, amusing themselves to her images. If she could persuade this man, by any means, to destroy the evidence, she would be the only know to ever know of the night before. She'd only have to keep her own mouth closed.

"Open my mouth once and then keep it closed forever." She mused.

'I want you to delete the photos first.' She told him firmly, her first acknowledgement that she would abide by his crude solution.

'Not a chance.' He laughed. 'I wasn't born yesterday, dear.'

'You want me to trust you?' She admonished.

The pair stared at each other, contemplating their next move. Finally, he broke the silence.

'Let's make a deal.' He started. 'You get undressed while I organise the online files. Once you're naked, I'll delete the folder for you to see. We don't need it again anyway. That leaves just the printed images. If you do as I want, you can walk out with the photos and take all evidence with you. If you can't do what I require, then I keep the photos and will simply scan them back into the online directory, ready for April.'

Kira was about to nod before recognising the tone of his voice. Even with his accent, she noted the change, almost sinister.

'What is it you require?' She nervously explored.

'I want you naked, on your knees, palms flat out upon the floor.' He smiled, involuntary readjusting his pants where his manhood clearly strained to be released. 'You won't need your hands.'

Kira mentally prepared the position, suddenly aware that he was to have all control over her mouth.

'If you move your hands.' He continued. 'Before I finish, then the deal is off.'

Kira's eyed widened as she understood his intentions. Could she manage him? How big was he? Would he be rough on her? She had taken her boyfriend deep down her throat before, but he had always been gentle with her. Too gentle she thought. Shit, did she want this?

Without acknowledging him, Kira began to strip. 'Get the images together.' She said, taking off her shirt. I'm going to watch you do it.'

'And I'm going to watch you.' He smiled.

'Wait.' She said, fingers on her bra. 'Let's put this on paper.'

'You want to sign a deal where you suck yourself free?' He sneered.

'Write that you won't publish any images of me and sign it.

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