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Since she had first met the coach, she had been secretly dreaming of being taken by the coach. That dream had been fulfilled the other night finally, and Meri had loved it.

The coach had been teaching at Slave University for the better part of 5 years, following a successful season with a few of the major league football teams. She had been successful in molding the Slave University squad into the premier squad in college cheerleading, thanks to the simple threat that the girls who failed to measure up would become suited slaves. She had also been taken in by the way a few of the suited slaves had reacted, and as a result, she decided to try it out herself. That was how she found herself trapped in her own suited hell.

As the 3 trapped puppy suited slaves worked on their dildos, the computer was tracking their progress. It found Meri and Sarah were doing their hardest to suck the dildo, and rewarded them with a dollop of the liquid nutrient, which each slave quickly swallowed. The coach, however, was not paying attention, and the computer initiated a low level electrical shock, bringing a yelp from the startled coach.

The computer was working thru a program the coach had written to train her personal pet slaves, and according to the log, the next step was to wash the puppies. As the feeding cycle ended, a leash snapped closed around the collar of each of the puppy slaves. The leash drew the helpless slaves towards a washing area, where one at a time, they were led in.

Meri was in the washer first, and she let out a yelp of surprise as a dildo was inserted into her pussy. Meri tried to watch, but the computer controlled leash kept her head forward, and to ensure no mess from the water, a mechanical stock unit closed around her head, effectively trapping her. The wash cycle was a 4 part process. It started with a warm water rinse, followed by a soap wash, then another rinse, and finished off with a suit polishing and air dryer.

Meri squirmed and humped the dildo as the machine worked to clean and polish her, and as the air drying started, she yelped and came from the sensations and the over stimulation caused by the high speed buffing rags rubbing over her exposed nipples and clit. Sarah had next entered the chamber, followed afterwards by the coach. Both also had a powerful orgasm as the scrubbers went to work, and the coach suddenly understood why some of the puppy slaves had been so eager when it was their time in the washing unit.

As the washer let the coach out, a new voice sounded. "Don't you look the sight, Marie, dear?" The coach looked up to see her best friend on staff, Alice, looking down at her. "I got a call from the IT squad that I needed to come to your house to check on you, and what do I find but you in that special puppy suit I got you."

Marie, the coach, looked up at her friend, and let out a whimper, as she knew she wasn't going to live this down.

"I know you wanted to try it, but I never thought you would put yourself into that suit, when a storm was coming. Well, I guess temptation will win out, in the end. Come on over to the door, and we'll discuss your options."

Marie crawled over to the changing room door access panel, which slid open upon command from Alice. Marie crawled thru, and Alice closed the door behind her to keep Meri and Sarah inside the puppy training room. Reaching down, Alice removed the muzzle from Marie's mouth, with a "thank you" from Marie.

"Don't thank me yet, dear.

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