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Step dad finally takes advantage of step daughter.


Alex looked his Mother up and down. There was no denying it, she looked hot in her cream two piece skirt and jacket. He noticed her light coloured nylons too, topped-off with the brown slingbacks.

"Mmm, come here..." Alex grabbed his Mother's bum and pressed himself against her. She smacked his shoulder and pushed back.

"Stop it! You'll ruin my make-up! This is a family gathering remember..." Katherine turned to her Son's mirror and checked her lipstick.

"I know, it's just difficult when you look so good, Mum..."

"Down boy! Maybe later..."


Katherine sighed and smiled. Putting her purse down, she faced Alex and then slowly, demurely reached down to the hem of her skirt and bent her leg. In time honoured fashion she slid her skirt up to the band of white that crowned her stockings, clipped to a soft cream garter belt.

Her Son sighed with happiness as Katherine let him get a good look. If time allowed she knew she would do this everyday for him. Then she dropped the skirt and grabbed her purse.

"Come on, we need to get moving!"

The boy nodded as his Mother walked out and then noticed something odd. He was aroused, yes, but uncomfortably so... He tried to forget about as he figured it would go away.

The wedding ceremony was thankfully a short affair. It was Katherine's cousin who was remarrying and herself and Alex both perched in a pew on the bride's side throughout. Alex fidgeted during the service and Katherine kept giving him looks. What was wrong with him? She couldn't have riled him up that much could he?

The reception took place in small hotel mercifully only across the road from the church. Alex hurriedly found the gents as the guests began to help themselves to drinks and quickly locked the door of a cubicle. Inside he gingerly unzipped his trousers. His cock sprang straightforward, much to his surprise. God, it felt good to be free of its confines, but the only time it got this hard was during his playtimes sessions with Mum. The young man decided to try and ignore it. He carefully pushed the cock back inside his suit trousers and walked slowly to the washbasins.

Outside Katherine was waiting for him holding two glasses of champagne. The puzzled Mother leaned in, her voice low.

"What on earth is wrong with you? You look like you had ants in your pants in the church!"

Alex gratefully accepted the glass and took a swig.

"I'm really, I mean really... full-on down there! Like one of your play sessions..."

Katherine looked about nervously to make sure no one was watching them.

"Well, can't you do something about it?"

The young man frowned. "I could try, I'm just hoping it will go away."

"Well let's hope it does. Go on, go and sit down while I talk to your Aunt Jean."

Alex decided to join some his younger relatives at a table. As the drink flowed and Alex chatted he found the sensation was slowly receding. It had been exactly like that feeling of when Mum wore those special red shoes he liked so much. Like they were here... Could one of his relatives be wearing some? The thought worried him but doing a quick scan of the room he shrugged it off. No, it had been when he'd been close to his Mother. Like his Mother was wearing a pair of the 'christened' shoes. Alex's eyes widened as he began to think what might have happened. He decided to try an experiment. Excusing himself from his chatting second cousins, he walked over to where his Mum was sat listening to his Aunt Jean. Before getting to the table he paused. If he was right about this he may need a distraction. He quickly crouched down, pretending to tie his shoelace, when in fact he was doing the exact opposite. He then approached the table.

"Hi Aunt Jean, nice to see you."

Alex smiled at the heavy-set woman in her fifties sat opposite his Mother. He really didn't like his Aunt Jean too much, but a sacrifice had to be made in the interests of science.

"Hello, Alex, how are you- oh, be careful, your shoelace is untied."

Feigning surprise Alex quickly crouched down to tie it.

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