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Scott Greg meets a sexy, older nurse.

Leanna: Not bad for an old man?

Me: Not that old, young lady! And yeah, I leave her screaming and satisfied. Wet and horny.

I glanced across the way and saw Leanna unfolding her legs and refolding them. It was her way of squirming in such close confinement.

Leanna: Really? And then....when you've worked her up...?

I grinned, loving this sexual interplay. It was so wrong! Yet so raunchy, my wife sitting next to me fast asleep, while I flirted with our daughter. Flirted. What else could I call it?

Me: Yes, but what mom really likes is when I go down on her. I use my lips to suck her pussy and lick her clit until she is screaming for me to stop. But I never do. I let her get to two or three orgasms before I take her hard and fast!

My heart was hammering in my chest, knowing how totally insane this was, but feeling like I was, well, on top of the world!

Leanna waited a long time before responding. I could see her breathing heavily and twirling her hair faster. She typed back.

Leanna: Wow. I mean...just wow. I wish...

I raised an eyebrow and waited. She had typed ",,," which usually meant she had more to say. And I waited. Nothing.

Me: You wish what? You wish Dan could be so good? You wish he could do that to you?

When I looked over at her, Leanna looked back at me with glazed eyes and she was biting her lower lip.

I typed back first.

Me: ...or....do you wish....I could do that to you?

My heart felt as if I was going into cardiac arrest. What had I done? I knew what I had done. I had crossed the forbidden line. I had breached that which should never have been breached! Earlier, it was just playful banter. Leanna had made a mistake and I had capitalized on it. I was seducing my own daughter!

So why didn't I stop?

Me: Leanna? You okay?

Leanna: *nods*

Me: Sorry. I said something wrong, right? That was out of line.

Leanna: no

A long pause. She did not elaborate.

Me: No? You're not okay or I didn't say anything wrong.

Leanna: No. It's okay. I...

Me: If I upset you, I'm sorry. I was just playing along...trying to make you feel...good.

Leanna: Well...*shrug*

Me: Well? Well what?

Leanna: Well....I'm still...kinda...horny...

I grinned like the Cheshire cat.

Me: And so...you can picture me, my head, between your legs right now and licking your tender pussy. You can picture me sucking up your juices and licking your clit until you beg me for more.

Leanna: Oh God....

I looked at her and she was crossing and uncrossing her legs again. She grabbed the blanket and put it over her lap, glancing at her sleeping brother and then at me. Still, her eyes were glazed and she looked ready to cum at any moment!

Me: And slowly, you can feel me moving my fingers in and out of your tight pussy. Slowly, in time with my licking, getting you wetter and wetter as you squirm for release!

Leanna: Oh God...*closing my eyes and enjoying your mouth and tongue*...yesss....

Me: And then I go faster. Faster and faster, lapping up your juices and lightly biting on your clit as you quiver and shiver. I lick and suck and finger you faster and faster until you cum all over my mouth and face and chin! You're screaming so loudly that I have to muffle your voice with my hand. And you smell your musk all over my fingers and lick yourself off of me.


I look over and see her squirming. She looks up at me and blinks and I know what her hand is doing under the blanket. My own hand is on my cock, feeling the need, the overwhelming need for release!

On very shaky hands, I begin to type.

Me: Leanna, climb over your borther. Don't wake him. Go to the bathroom quietly and wait for me.

She read my message then quickly looked up at me in shock, her own mouth opening wordlessly.

Me: Do it. Baby...meet me in the bathroom. Please.

She nodded her head and slowly closed her laptop.

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