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Too much of a good thing.

Even though her bikini bottom was still protecting her pussy, I was nearing orgasm already. She reached into the leg of my shorts and grabbed my hard cock, stoking it gently because it was still confined inside this cloth prison.

She pulled my cock out of its cloth confines, exposing my entire hard-on...stroking it with her hand. Seeing that it was extremely hard, my Mom pulled her bikini bottom to the side and lowered herself onto my shaft. I was now fully embedded inside her pussy and we were both rocking back and forth, up and down. I was nervously checking the doorway that other guests might use to access the rooftop.

Her movements had me nearing orgasm. She kept riding me and mentioned that all the hotels behind us were several stories above ours, and anyone could see us. It seems that our 3 story beach front hotel was surrounded by 8-10 story high rise hotels, designed so they could offer ocean views. Every room occupant could watch us in our "current predicament." That made me horny as hell and I lost control. I came in buckets inside Mom's sweet pussy. She felt my buckets of cum, and understanding that we might be watched by others in the hotels surrounding us, sent her into orgasm.

We collapsed into each other's arms. I couldn't believe Mom could be this adventurous. She was wanton, refused to be denied. I was in love and in lust. Mom was the most sexual being I ever imagined, or ever experienced the rest of my life. I loved her sense of adventure. My love and lust was accentuated by her desire for pushing the envelope. She was literally the hottest woman I could ever hope for. The fact that I was her son, and she was my mother, only accentuated the carnal experience.

I've had sex with other women, both young and old, but the sex with Mom was incomparable. She was orally starved, and loved to share tongues with our most intimate parts. The fact that we were Mother and Son only made it more erotic.

We shared a wonderful weekend shopping at the outlets and on the boardwalk, laying on the beach, and making love. But as all good things, it had to come to an end. We reached the day of check out.

Mom was very sexual the morning of our check out. We showered together, washing each other's bodies. We had to be out by 11am, I think, so we packed right after our shower. We finally kissed and said how much we enjoyed our weekend together.

Things got a little hot and heavy with our tongues intertwined, and our hands exploring each other. Mom took off the towel I had wrapped around my waist, and dropped it to the floor. She brought me close to her and let her hands wander around my body. She rubbed my shoulders and back, eventually resting her hands on my ass. She squeezed my cheeks and slowly ran a finger up and down my crack, ending up with her finger massaging my asshole.

I was moaning and arching my back, exposing my ass as much as possible. I sat down on the bed and laid back and Mom started kissing me. She kissed my lips, probing her tongue into my mouth, and began to descend lower and lower. She finally reached my hard cock, which was ready to explode, and wrapped her lips around it. She teased me with her tongue at first, and then slowly began to bob up and down to suck my cock.

She was making gurgling sounds and I was moaning when a knock sounded at our door. It startled me for a second, but didn't seem to affect Mom. I heard the voice outside the door say "check out time." No big deal until I heard the key enter the door lock and the door open. LUCKILY we had the chain lock on the door latched.

Mom just continued to suck my cock, and I just continued to enjoy it, I was so close to cumming.

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