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Sleeping wife, deprived husband.

I was unbelievably proud of the effect I was having on him.

"Ok, Laura. Join me in the other room for a moment, would you." Sarah took my arm. "We won't keep you a moment, Mr Parkin."

Once we were in the other room, my wife turned me to face her. She gently thumbed away the tears from my eyes.

"Ok. Maybe I should have warned you but I wanted it to look real for him. You did brilliantly in there. I am so proud of you. Now, I am going to put some music on and you are going to dance for him. Dance sexy - as sexy as you can. Show him what you got. Go for it."

"B-b-but I can't dance." I was quickly turning into a stammering fool. "What should I do?"

My wife cocked her head to one side. "You ever see a stripper? Of course you have. Do what they do. He will love it."

With that, she turned and headed for the room in which Uncle Tony was patiently waiting. Swallowing hard, I followed. Sarah was at the Hi=Fi waiting for me.

"Right then, Laura. Show Uncle Tony what you learned in your dance class. With that she pushed the play button. The music that filled the room was some sort of fast electronic dance track with a hypnotic beat. Hesitantly, I began to rotate my hips in time with the music. I moved closer to Tony, still rotating my hips with each step. I began to run my hands up and down my thighs while I gyrated. He seemed to like what he saw, which gave me new courage. I turned my back on him, still gyrating, still rubbing my thighs and began to sway provocatively to the beat. Suddenly I plunged down into a squatting position, making sure my ass was sticking out towards him. I raised myself, only to plunge down again. I did this a few times right there in front of him. Spurred on by the flush in his face, I let myself really go. I stood in front of him, facing him, with my legs wide apart. I leaned backwards so that my crotch was practically in his face and continued the gyrating movement. I allowed my hands to snake all over my stomach, my chest, between my legs and up and down my sides, tossing my head back as I moved.

Uncle Tony was mesmerised. He could not take his eyes of me and, as foolish as I felt moving like this, it was so obviously having an effect on him and I relished that. Dressed like I was, looking like I did, even though he knew who I really was, was turning this man on beyond belief. And that was making me so hot.

I sunk slowly, oh so slowly, to my knees then on to all fours. Lowering myself down on to my arms, I kept my rear end raised so that the curve my ass was in full view to this man. Slowly again, I lowered my ass, raised it, lowered it, building in speed, following the rhythm. I moved so that my legs were open on either side of him, arching my back, writhing there, opened to him. And as the music finished I fell back, drained but glowing as if on fire.

All was silent. The man could not move. He was astonished. He was mesmerised. Even Sarah stood with her mouth open. I think it is safe to say that my little dance had exceeded all of her expectations. It certainly had exceeded my own. Good God! Where did I pick up that little routine?

The silence was broken as Sarah began to clap her hands. Uncle Tony joined in, slowly at first.

"Goodness me, Laura. You are a fast learner, aren't you?" Sarah beamed. "I am sure Mr Parkin was very impressed by that. Weren't you Mr Parkin?"

"Yes." He gulped. "Very impressed. You are a good dancer, Laura."

I was so proud of myself. And so ready for anything else that night. God! I was so hot. I was so incredibly hard I could feel my cock throbbing inside my white panties. I needed release. Little did I know that it was not going to come for me that night.

"You did very well, Laura." Said Sarah. "Now, why don't you come with me and we will get a breath of air."
Sarah led me to the other room again. In a replay of earlier, she turned me to face her.

"My God, Laura! You have got him about ready to explode in there.

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