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"A little later Carmen and Pia wanted to see Jerry fuck his mother and our family in action. So Jerry fucked me doggy style while I ate Joannie's pussy and Biff fucked Jerry in the ass," Marla said.

"After that we went to bed and Pia and Carmen stayed the night. Mother, Joannie and Biff slept in one bed while Carmen, Pia and I slept in the other bed. But Pia and Carmen were turned on by the family action so Carmen fucked me while I sucked on Pia's cock until they both came. Then we all went to sleep," Jerry concluded.

"Wow that was some evening. I bet things picked up again in the morning," Carrie inquired.

"Oh yes, you know Biff's morning hard-on is legendary. He fucked Joannie and me repeatedly in the morning through countless orgasms. As always we had to beg him to stop," Marla reported.

"Then after taking his morning piss he joined us in bed. Carmen and Pia lay on their sides in a 69 position while Biff fucked Pia and I fucked Carmen in the ass. Pia went wild with the amount of cum that flooded his ass when Biff came for the first time that day. I came in Carmen's ass and then we all moved to the other bed," Jerry explained the morning action.

"Carmen fucked me in the ass and Pia fucked Marla in the ass. It was wild feeling Carmen's tits brush my back as he fucked me. I had never felt tits before with a real cock in my ass. Anytime before that it was always a strap-on cock in my ass when I felt a woman's tits pressing into my back," Joannie added.

"Then Biff and I fucked Carmen and Pia while they fucked Joannie and Marla, this time Biff fucked Carmen. I loved playing with Pia's tits as I fucked him from behind. Pia and Carmen didn't last long with our cocks in them and they soon shot their wads," Jerry said.

"It was so erotic to have Carmen cum in my ass with his tits pressing into my back," Joannie squealed.

"I felt the same way with Pia shooting his load in my ass while his firm tits pressed into my back. It was wickedly erotic," Marla added.

"But the best was when Pia fucked Carmen's ass while he sucked Carmen's cock," Jerry stated.

"How did they ever do that?" Carrie gasped.

"Well Pia was incredibly flexible and he was able to lock his legs behind his arms. So he sat on the bed with his legs locked behind his arms and Carmen sat on his cock. Carman worked Pia's cock into his ass and then Pia leaned forward and took Carmen's cock in his mouth. Carmen then bounced up and down on Pia's cock as Pia sucked Carmen's cock. It was an incredible sight," Jerry described.

Jerry then went on, "I was so turned on that I moved over to them and I pushed my cock in Pia's ass and began fucking him. Then Joannie told Biff to fuck me in the ass. So Biff knelt behind me and shoved his cock up my ass. The four of us went at it until we all came again."

"It was the hottest guy scene that I have ever witnessed," Joannie added.

"It certainly was to watch all four cocks attended to was an incredible sight," Marla said.

"After the four of us came we slowly peeled apart. Then we showered, dressed and had a continental breakfast. Later we all returned to the clothing optional beach and baked in the sun. That evening we had some more fun with Pia and Carmen but they didn't stay that night as they had to get back to Paris first thing in the morning. Before they left they invited us to a party that they described as huge to be held at a club in Paris," Jerry concluded the story.

"Did you ever go back to Paris for that party?" Carrie asked dying to hear more.

"Oh yes we did and it was a big party. There were straight people, lesbians, gays and transsexuals and they were all beautiful people. But we will save that story for another time. Beside Carrie your pussy is already dripping wet, I bet you are ready for some action by now," Marla replied.

"Oh yes all this talk about cock has got me in the mood. Any chance I can get three in me today," Carrie said excitedly as Marla and Joannie continued to stroke her body and finger her pussy.

"I think that can be arranged.

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