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Horny girl calls friend when boyfriend's away.

Sierra started to lick her friend's swollen lips, licking up and down her slit like it was a sweet candy. Sierra swallowed all of Heather's pungent nectar, intoxicated by the smell and taste of her friend's pussy. Heather slowly squirmed as her friend continued to eat her, occasionally attacking her clit with her sharp tongue. They were instantly back to the early afternoon romp at Sierra's place. Heather couldn't believe what she had turned into today. She had practiced giving head and taking cock with Sierra's vibrator, and had just as much fun using it on Sierra too, the two of them feeding each other's cum to the other afterward.

Nick was now masturbating helpless and Sierra noticed this. She looked back up at Heather with a lustful look in her eyes.

"Why don't you help Nick out, babe?" asked Sierra.

Heather just looked down at Nick and then down at Sierra. She nodded and immediately wrapped her fingers around Nick's cock, causing him to moan out. Sierra just smiled and dove back in between her friend's pussy. Nick started kissing Heather passionately, shoving his tongue into her mouth. Heather loved every second of this. Nick finally started kissing down Heather's neck and moved close to her ear.

"Will you suck my dick?" he asked. Heather had never been asked something like that before, and certainly never in such a vulgar tone either. She turned to look at Nick who was begging with his eyes like a dog at the dinner table. She swallowed hard and nodded. Nick crawled to his knees and put his rock hard member right in front of her face. Heather moved forward, partially distracted by Sierra who was now shoving two of her fingers into her tight hole. Heather looked at Nick's swollen member with fear and lust in her eyes and opened her mouth around it -- Nick slowly pushed it into her mouth.

It was nothing like the vibrator.

Sierra looked up from Heather's most private area and saw Nick's dick disappear into her friend's mouth. She started to gag and Nick backed off slowly. "Sorry..." he began.

"No, I just, don't do this a lot..." she admitted, wiping some precum and spit from the corner of her mouth.

"I'll go easy on you," he added.

Heather looked up and smiled, glad that Nick was so polite and patient with her. She opened her mouth back up and took the tip into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it and closed her eyes, the scent of Nick's cock drilling into her nostrils and driving her wild. She started to bob her head up and down and Nick lost himself. He placed his hands around Heather's head and started to slowly guide her back and forth ever so gently. Soon, he climbed over her so that both knees were on either side of her head, and he started to push himself deeper down her throat. Heather was now being used in every hole and she started to moan.

Nick felt a familiar sensation in his balls and quickly pulled out of Heather.

"I think it's time to switch," he suggested. They all exchanged looks and Nick quickly found himself between Heather's legs while Sierra climbed on top of her face. She looked down at Heather who nodded, welcoming Sierra to lower her shaved pussy to her mouth. When her mound touched her lips, Heather started to lap at it.

It didn't take long for Sierra's precum to start dripping into Heather's mouth. It was salty and pungent, but Heather loved the sensation of another woman on her tastebuds. She also felt Nick's hands running through her pubic hair, in between her thighs, and over her slit. Suddenly, he plunged his fingers deep into her pussy. Heather groaned as Nick dove in and started to lick at her lips and clit furiously. The three of them were now connected by a kinetic sexual energy that cycled harmoniously throughout their bodies. They were animals.

Heather grabbed Sierra's hips and pulled her friend deeper into her mouth.

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