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" He passed that order to everyone on the bridge. "Sandi can you and Jenna cook some food and drinks and bring them up here?" They were going to be on the bridge for a while longer and as long as they remained vigilant getting food and drinks were acceptable.


Vangie had called for a crew rotation several hours later and everyone was silent again. Everyone knew that the fighter escort had been destroyed. It had sounded like they had critically damaged the Others ships. Vangie had checked the sensor readings and had to agree that they weren't human vessels. The engine signatures were very similar to the ones they had detected. For the rest of the flight they were going to keep a ongoing watch on the bridge.


They had been running as fast as possible for close to a day when they were hailed. "SS Sandi this is Fighter 1052 and a squadron of escort fighters. Two are going to be tasked with escorting you to the Mother Ship. The rest of the squadron is going to follow your hyper signature back to where you encountered the others."

Kingie was on watch and answered. "Fighter 1052 this is the SS Sandi and we copy and confirm the orders. Do you have any additional orders?" As he was talking he sent an alert to Vangie requesting him on the bridge. Several minutes later Vangie was there and took over.

"This is Acting Captain Vangie and have been updated on the change in orders. We are complying and it appears that we haven't been followed to the best of my knowledge. Right now our engines are running at about 90%. I had to slow down due to some instability at top speed." As he was talking the two fighters had separated from the squadron and formed up alongside the Sandi.

Vangie had been informed that the Mother Ship had diverted course to meet them. They would be in range in the middle of the next day. The trip had been shortened by several days due to the increased speed and the Mother Ship turning towards them. Everyone was being quiet and any talking was on the desultory side.

The rest of the flight was relatively boring and uneventful. When they reached the Mother Ship it was uneventful as well. They were tractored into one of the hanger bays and almost immediately the Commander as well as a doctor and an escort moved forward.

As they were approaching the ship Vangie opened both the cargo section and the central lock. He had his arm around Sally and Sandi and Jenna had their arms around Dani. As usual Kingie had his arms around Crystal and the rest of the warriors followed them off. Vangie saluted the Commander. "Sir the cargo hatch is open. Please show us to our rooms so we can get clean and try and get some sleep. Losing the fighter ship as well as the injury to Captain Madlax has taken their toll. I will be ready for a debriefing once I get something to eat and a shower."

The Commander returned the salute and shook his head. "Go rest Warrior and we will see you in the morning. The lead Surgeon is going to examine the records and do another scan of Captain Madlax. He will contact you before he does anything." He looked over the others and nodded. "Go and relax and get some sleep. I will have food brought up. Vangie and Sally you are going to have the same cabin you used before and Sandi and Jenna can use the other room. Warrior Kingie you, Crystal, and Z'Marl will have the rooms across the hall." He looked at Z'Marl. "That is unless you wish to stay in your assigned quarters."

Z'Marl shook her head at that idea. "I would prefer to stay with the others sir." She looked away from him. "I don't think I can be by myself right now." She had gone from a comfortable easy life to loving an alien. Her life was totally different now and frankly she needed Billy and Satasha. Since they weren't around she was going to stay with his girls and what was becoming her family.

The Commander nodded to her and lightly brushed her cheek.

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