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What happens summer after freshman year?

In case I never saw her again I wanted another crack at her. So, I woke her up and fucked her hard a second time. I was amazed that she was just as tight as before. Fucked her missionary first then flipped her around finishing off doggie style. After shooting a second load inside that hot pussy of hers we went back to sleep. She left early this morning. I asked her if we could get together again soon but she told me she wasn't sure. That she felt guilty now about what we had done last night since she is still married and trying to get back together with her husband. I told her that as long as the two of them weren't together she shouldn't feel bad about getting some pleasure, that she has needs too. She was still unsure we would ever see each other again. But I am going to try, I would love to get some more time with that hot ass white girl. I sure as hell am not going to give up that easy. I hope to see her again tonight when I go out."

I must admit as hard as it was to hear him speaking about my wife that way another part of me was interested in listening. I have always been a bit of a voyeur just never considered it would be watching my wife with another man. When Jerome finished speaking he told me again that he was sorry about what he did last night before leaving. I wasn't sure what to say letting him do most of the talking. The only good side is it's likely Marisa wouldn't be back again.

In the afternoon I decided to give my wife a call. We had a good long conversation. Though when I asked her about what she had done last night she was at first a bit aloof finally telling me she was with some friends drinking. When I asked she did anything else she quickly shot back saying no. She also told me she had no plans for tonight since she still didn't feel well with a bit of a hang over. During the conversation we made plans for this coming Saturday to go out together on a dinner date. I told her to get better and we would talk again on Wednesday before hanging up the phone. I had nothing to do either tonight so I just hung around the house as normal. The whole night everything was quiet. A little past midnight I heard Jerome come home but nothing else. I happened to run into him the next day and he seemed a bit down. Not only did he not run into Marisa but didn't get any luck at all with any woman. I might have told him I was sorry to hear it but was also partly glad to know.

The next couple of days were uneventful. Doing my normal routine of home and work. Wednesday was no different. When I got home there was a message from my wife on the answering machine. She said she wouldn't be able to talk to me tonight because she was invited to a business dinner with some of her coworkers. So I spent my night being bored as usual. Going to bed early I was just dozing off when I heard Jerome get home. I was surprised, it being past ten at night which is much later than normal. Then I realized why, he wasn't alone. I could her him speaking then the faint sound of a woman's voice. The voices got louder as they moved towards his bedroom then everything went silent.

As I slowly started settling back in the silence was broken several minutes later.

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