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A woman's voyage into submission.

Male bisexuality is every bit as prevalent as female bisexuality, perhaps more so. And, a man can be bisexual without becoming less of a man. I often find myself pulling back from including male bisexuality (or, at least a reference to it) from most of my stories.

I believe bisexual people are grossly misunderstood by the greater population who would prefer bisexuals would make up their minds or pick a gender. Additionally, many of us bisexuals further clutter the issue by being selectively bisexual. For example: I enjoy sucking dick, however, I have zero interest in kissing another man on the lips.

It's a political statement for me to include male bisexuality in my stories. I'm purposely trying to subvert your thinking by presenting a strong, outwardly heterosexual man as hetero-flexible. I believe there can be as much beauty and fun found in two men willing to touch as most people find with the idea of two women who are willing to touch.

I believe writers should be allowed to write from any perspective they wish. Being a male writing from a female POV shouldn't disqualify my writings as being valid. Us writers are observers by nature. We pay attention to minutia, do our research, and struggle to make our characters believable. Dismissing a story because you believe the gender of its author doesn't match the gender of its content is foolish. You're risking missing out on a real gem!

Women are allowed to be strong and in charge. Even if they're not in charge, they're allowed to be strong. Anyone who still clings to the idea of the helpless fair maiden is disrespecting half of the human race. In many ways, I believe women may be stronger than most men from an emotional point of view.

Other themes that are frequent in my stories? First times and young, not-so-innocent women show up pretty frequently. First times are fun to write because it's automatically a seduction of some sort. Young, not-so-innocent women show up frequently because I've known so many of them! Trust me, guys, our overly sexualized imaginations don't have a crap on the overly sexualized imaginations of most women!

Married people are often struggling with kids and are often in the middle of their married lives, because I know from experience how challenging life gets from say 35-45. Middle age starts to settle in. You're still young enough to have a shitload of fun, but all those 18-25 year olds start calling you "sir" or "ma'am" and crossing you off their "doable" lists. At the same time, you're often struggling with maintaining your inner identity while playing Mom or Dad to rugrats.

I have a real problem when it comes to writing inter-racial themes because I find the entire concept of big, black cock inherently racist. I've had BBC and I can personally vouch that a black cock feels exactly the same between your lips as a white or Asian cock does. Implied size differences between black and white cock are mostly fictional (as anyone who prefers African-American men will tell you). I have nothing against those who prefer a race different their own anymore than I would have something against those who prefer blondes. We each have our preferences.

Women in my stories are often small breasted because that's what I prefer. They often shave their pussies, too. Again, it's because that's something I prefer. People who enjoy reading about hairy pussies should look elsewhere. You're unlikely to find that in one of my stories.

Innocence, to me, is difficult to come by in my stories. I'm too aware of how so many people discover sexuality earlier than eighteen and Literotica has a firm rule about all participants being at least eighteen.

I believe my stories mostly qualify as an advanced course in relationships, tolerance, and sexuality.

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