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Phil's dream comes true with the model next door.

Denise started grunting into Hank's mouth as he worked her nipple, pulling and pinching it. He felt her body twitch with every squeeze of her nipple.

Jean continued to grind her pelvis into Hank's cock after her orgasm subsided. She felt her arousal building again as she watched Hank playing with Denise.

Hank pulled her head back. He kissed and nibbled his way down her neck and over her collarbone until he got to her heaving tit. He sucked her hard nub into his mouth and nibbled on it with his teeth while strumming it over and over with his tongue. Denise squealed with delight as he drove her body for their mutual pleasure.

His hand slid down her body, over her stomach, until it was cupping her throbbing cunt. His hand was soaked within seconds. He slipped two fingers inside her and played with the walls of her womb. Denise began to grind her pussy into his hand, pushing herself closer and closer to another orgasm. Just before her body responded with another orgasm Hank pulled his fingers out of her cunt and his mouth off her tit. "Lay on your back!" he told her. "Get up!" he said to Jean. "Let's make room for our kitten."

Jean climbed off Hank's cock disappointed and not knowing what he had in mind for Denise next. He positioned Denise in the middle of the bed. Hank looked at Jean. "Straddle her face! Let's both have some fun with our fucktoy!" Jean threw her leg over Denise's face almost giggling as she did so. Jean's musky smell filled Denise's nostrils as her cunt hovered over her face. Jean lowered herself till her cunt was almost smothering Denise. Jean moaned as Denise's mouth wrapped around her cunt and sucked it in.

Hank smiled as the sensations Jean felt between her legs registered on her face. Jean began to grind her pelvis in a circular motion as Denise worked her cunt with an eagerness to please. Hank crawled between Denise's legs, lifted them, and pushed them back to Jean.

"Hold these for me!" Jean grabbed her legs by the ankles and pulled them back, exposing her cunt and ass for whatever Hank in mind. He straddled up between her legs, laid his cock on her cunt and began to rub the length of her slit with it. Denise moaned into Jean's cunt and her body shook as Hank's cock worked her clit.

Hank slipped his cock in her cunt and began a steady fucking, knowing he was going to last a long time since he'd just cum not too long ago. Jean and Hank smiled at each other as they worked Denise's body. Hank reached out and began playing with Jean's tits. "Is our bitch as good a cunt sucker as she is a cock sucker?" he asked smiling.

"Oooohhhh, she's incredible!" Jean moaned as she renewed the grinding motion of her cunt. Hank pinched both Jean's nipples and pulled on them. The sensations surged from her nipples through her body and down to her cunt. "Oohh, shit!" Jean moaned with eyes closed.

"So tell me! Does our bitch have any fantasies I should know about?" Hank asked Jean.

Jean grinned. "She's talked about how erotic it would be to be taken by a bunch of guys!"

Hank and Jean talked about Denise as though she was in another room instead of beneath them, servicing them like the slut she was being used as. Their conversation only added to her own sexual arousal. Hank's eyebrows rose. "Really!? I think we can arrange that." Hank thought for a few seconds. "What do you think? Should I invite the guys over?"

"Ooohhh!" Jean groaned. "That sounds like fun! Do it!"

"I'll make some calls right after we're done here. Now come here!" Hank grabbed Jean by the back of her neck and pulled her forward. Their mouths locked together as Hank continued to maul her heaving tits with his free hand. Jean was climaxing within a minute, her cunt gushing all over Denise's mouth and face as Hank worked her tits. Jean grunted and moaned into Hank's mouth as he held her tightly. Wave after wave of euphoric pleasure washed over her body.

As Jean's orgasm subsided Hank pulled her head back and stared into her eyes smil

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