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The Academy has not forgotten Adam & Eve.

This time with more passion. Our arms hugged each other and our lips were clamped tight together. I felt Serena's tongue pushing against my lips. They parted automatically and her tongue entered my mouth. I sucked on it as if it was a small cock in my mouth. I returned the favour to her and put my tongue in her mouth. We snogged passionately for several minutes.

I felt Serena's breasts pressing against me. She moved her chest and rubbed her nipples against my blouse. She ground her pubic area against mine. She was turning me on. Then she moved away slightly although our lips were still planted firmly against each others.

She reached down to my hands and put them on her breasts. I loved the feel of her erect nipples. I did what I love having done to my nipples. I pinched them and squeezed them. I loved the feel as they hardened even more between my fingers.

I was so wet and horny now and Serena sensed it. She broke away from our kiss and said, 'I think we need to get you undressed..'

I didn't answer. I didn't need to.

I stood still and let her undress me. Whenever I could I played with her nipples. I desperately wanted Serena to do the same to me. She unclipped my bra. My nipples were already getting larger. I wanted to say, 'Suck them, bite them.' But I was too nervous.

Then she slipped my knickers down and stroked my pussy. I parted my legs for her. I wanted Serena to make me cum. I shuddered as I felt a long manicured finger slip inside. I stood with my legs apart as Serena slowly finger fucked me. I was still playing with her nipples. I felt her part her legs. I knew what she wanted.

Her pussy was so wet, so wonderfully wet and warm and inviting. I slipped a finger inside her. Inside the first pussy that wasn't mine.

We leaned foward and our lips met again. Our mouths opened and our tongues clashed. Then Serena said, 'Let's lay down.'

We moved to the bed. I lay on my back and Serena lay beside me. We kissed again. I could taste her lipstick, her tarty red lipstick. Our tongues clashed in each others mouth. Our fingers found each others pussy. We finger fucked each other and built up a steady orgasm inducing rhythm. I wanted her to rub my clit.

I found hers. I did what I love to do myself. I traced one of my long fingernails all the way to my clit and gently rubbed, gently ran my fingernail over her clit. She realised this was what I liked and did the same to me.

I felt my orgasm nearing. I knew I was going to have my first female to female orgasm. I wanted Serena to cum too. We both knew what each wanted. Our shattering orgasms happened almost simultaneously, something that very rarely happens between Ed and I.

We relaxed in each others arms. Our lips kissed passionately again. We both knew we wanted more.

Serena moved down the bed. She parted my legs as far as they would go. My pussy was fully exposed. Fully open to her view. I felt dirty and sexy. I LOVED IT.

Serena licked up my thighs getting closer and closer to my pussy. My lovely wet inviting pussy. She teased me. Just as she was almost there she would then move further away. I knew she would get there soon but I wanted it now. I reached down to her head and pulled her closer to me. Pulled her tongue closer to my pussy. CLOSER TO MY CUNT.

Now she stopped teasing me. Her tongue opened my pussy lips. Her tongue probed inside me. Deep inside my lovely wet pussy. I was in heaven. Ed was good at pussy licking but Serena was first class. She knew what she liked and therefore knew what I liked. Soon she was heading towards my clit. First of all her tongue teased it. Licking gently and then flicking it. Then she did what I really wanted.

She clamped her lovely lipstick coated lips around it sucked it and when her teeth nibbled at it my orgasm hit me with such force I thought I was never going to stop cumming. Serena gave me a genuine multiple orgasm. Just as she sensed one was dying down she sucked harder and forced me to cum yet again.

I lost count of how many times she made me cum.

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