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The last chapter for Jack and Rachel.

She just looks like someone who could kill you. He butt was nice and round which she was very proud off. Her strength surpass any man. He legs were long and strong making her able to move faster then any animal. His hair was long with dreadlocks. She had beautiful red juicy lips and hazel eyes that seem to look into your soul. She wore golden armor. It was a breast plate that sold off her cleavage. The Armor was made out of golden dragon skin of a dragon she slayed. It was light but very tough. The best part is it was skin tight.

At her side was a sexy busty purple hair sorceress name silk. She was her friend and dealt with the dark arts. She was also her sex partner after battles. They Weren't serious but people who enjoyed having fun.

She held a sword that she got fighting the army of the dead. It was the strongest sword ever. She smiled looking at the army she was going after. The battle all ways made her sexually excited. The sorceress fired giving Alicia covered as she attack. She was followed by the other Amazons. Arrows and fire hit each other in a fierce battle under the moonlight. The Darkness was strong but they were no match for skill and quickness of the amazons. The battle was becoming a slaughter. Alisha felt a wetness under nearth as she headed for the leader. She saw fear in his eyes and bared down on with a bare hand fist. Scar was sent flying. Left after right hit them drawing tears in front of the men. Alisah vanquish Scar with his sword. After that the darkness fleed. Some were capture and some escaped.


Alisah stood over the spoils of war. She was standing over gold and cleaning her sword when silk start sneaking behind her. Alisah grabbed silk before she could react. She slammed him againts the tree and kissed her. She slipped her hands down silks dress and started playing with her clit. Silk smiled and kissed Alisah. Their lips met and their tongue mixed with each other. They were both sweating from the thrill of battle.

Alisha was friends with Silk for years. She knew here body. She knew what spots to touch. She plunge her finger deep into Silk cunt and played with the clit in her finger. Silk dripped on her finger

"Ohhhhhhh yesssssss." Silk moan.

Alisha tore open her top showing perky pink nipples. Alisha started kissing her neck and chest.

"How goes the prisoners of war." Alisah asked.

"Good. We made most of them into sex slaves. A lot of them being grind and all ready kissing our feet. Most of these so called tough guys mmmmmmm love to be ooooo dominated" Silk moaned.

Alisha kissed her neck and nibbled her ear.

"Any loot or slaves that they had" Alisha asked.

"mmmmmm lots of loot. A fortune. We haven't check out the love slaves let mmmmmmmmmmm Oh I'm cumming . I cumming." Silk cried.

She came on Alisha hands. Alisha licked her finger clean. Silk pulled off Alisha bottom armor. She use magic to push Alisha back to a tree. Alisha was down her knees and went to work on her pussy. Silk had an extra long tounge and shoved deep into Alisah pussy. It was bigger then most cocks. Alisha moans as the big tongue went all around. Silk was nibbling and biting on her clit.

"Ohhhhhh yessssss." Alisha cried.

Fingers and hands slipped deep inside of Alisah as her pussy contracted. The pussy lips squeeze around Silk hands and she sucked her swollen clit. Alisah grabbed her hair.

"mmmmmm lick it slut." She said squeezing her legs dangerously around Silk.

"mmmm so sweet". Silk moan

Cum came out of Alisha as she moan with pleasure. Silk's face was covered in love juice.

"Commander." A woman warrior said.

"Yes." Alisha said still holding Silk head as she licked.

"You may want to look over some of the bounty. Apparently the darkness had a slave shipment. We thought you would want first pick" The young warrior said

Alisha smiled and helped Silk up.

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