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A Mailman that delivers more than the mail.

And his capacity for ale was staggering. He confessed that ale had been one of the things he had missed the most on the long march. Few of the paladins could match his pace, yet despite the amount he drank, he seemed not to get drunk.

The longer she watched him, the more she wanted him. For the first time in her life, she found herself wondering what it would be like to give pleasure to a man, to share, instead of taking and demanding. She wanted to know what he liked, to use her hands and mouth on him not just to force him into arousal but to delight him.

Bevri became aware that she was the object of intense scrutiny from Selvaine and the higher members of the church and order. She would be recieving a lecture later for her impulsive actions, a lecture fully well-deserved. She had not directly disobeyed any orders, and thus felt fairly secure that her discipline would be light. Whatever it was, she would undertake it gladly.

After the meal came the time for evening prayers. She noticed that Rick listened carefully, and at one point he explained to her in a whisper that in his travels, he had encountered many different variants of Dorianism and was relieved to finally find one that seemed so close to the religion with which he was familiar. As they left the chapel, she asked him to explain and he told her about Rakvi, where men and women were both often kept as slaves and women were so subject to the wills of their husbands and male relatives that they did not even have the freedom to dress as they liked or walk where it pleased them.

She showed him to his room, a duplicate to her own except that it lacked the few personal effects she chose to keep. She yearned to kiss him goodnight, partly in hopes that such a kiss would turn out to be a good morning kiss instead, but she hesitated. He, too, seemed to be wishing for more than a fond goodnight, but similarly hesitated. The door had closed between them as a woeful barrier.

And so it was that she had come to be lying alone in her bed. Her body felt out of sorts, at once languid yet tingling. Her breasts felt full, ripe, ready for the firm touch of a man's hands. Her pulse buzzed faintly in her ears. Her loins and lower belly throbbed in a way that was not entirely unpleasant, an unfulfilled ache.

She tried to think of other things, tried to concentrate on her training regime or her lessons, but all she could think of was Rick. She considered pleasuring herself, so that she could gain release and get some sleep, but the idea left her unsatisfied. Dorian didn't mind, although pleasure was meant to be shared. But she somehow knew that it would not be enough. She needed to feel a man inside her, filling her. Not just any man. She needed Rick.

She got out of bed and started go to him, even going so far as to don a light silken wrapper. Yet as she reached for the doorhandle, she realized that he must be peacefully asleep, the first time he'd slept in a bed in months. Sighing, she crawled back in bed and buried her face in the pillow. She would sleep! And in time, she did. But even sleep could not distract her, for she dreamt of Rick.

She awoke with the dawn, feeling refreshed and still needful. Her morning exercises calmed her, and a splash of cold water helped even more. She dressed in a simple white tunic and brushed her hair loose over her shoulders. On bare feet, she padded down the curved corridor to Rick's door and knocked softly.

"Come in," he called, obviously awake.

Bevri opened the door a bit and saw that he was still in bed, the sheets pulled up to just above his chest. Against the pristine white linen, his skin was a pure deep bronze. His hair fanned over the pillow just as she'd imagined. He smiled when he saw her. "Good morning," he said, and meant it.

"I just came around to see if you were up yet," she said. She immediately wished she'd chosen other words, for a quick involuntary glance showed that while he might still be in bed, part of him was, indeed, up.

He stifled a cough, leaving her no doubt that he, too caught the refer

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