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Come join me in my backyard.

"Don't move," I whisper, "or I'll have to add more."

You freeze...your skin rippling, your tongue tracing the outline of your lips.

"Thirsty?" I murmur, dipping my finger into the quivering pool, then running my wet nail along your lower lip. "Well, that's all you get...for the moment anyway."

Teasingly, I circle the aromatic puddle with my tongue, then, in one fell swoop I inhale its contents, swallowing lustily.

"Slam," I whisper. The second of your torments slick against my lips.

You lower your hands...straining to reach me...to touch my warm and waiting body, but I pin them once more to the sand above your head.

"Stay." I command...and you obey. What else can you do? This is my game...your time will come... but not now.

Slowly, I reach once more toward the tray that lies unheeded to your right. You feel me wriggle...shift against you...sliding this time between your thighs. The smell of fresh-cut lime assails your nostrils, and the next "act" becomes clear.

Smiling once more, a secret smile that remains hidden from your shuttered gaze, I raise my fist above your straining erection and squeeze the small green morsel until a thin stream of pungent liquid begins to drizzle down the length of your silken hardness.

You feel the warmth of my breath on your delicate flesh. "Suck." I whisper huskily as my lips begin to caress your shivering sex. Your hips thrust against me...your hands struggling against their bonds. This is too much...too much!

I hear a tear...muted against the sound of your growing passion...a tiny rasp, and my bikini top has become fodder for the ragbag. I feel your fingers twine franticly in my hair...drawing me closer...holding me as I feast upon your rigid offering.

You whip off your blindfold, the sight of me toiling between your outstretched limbs orgasmic in itself as you slide deeper and deeper into the warm, wet vacuum of my lips.

I open my throat, swallowing you completely, taking you far down into the murmuring reaches of my body. My tongue begins to work against your writhing member... taking you to the edge...to the very...


Your command freezes me in my "tracks", and I must obey. I raise my head...my lips glistening already with the minute drops that have escaped the impending flood...advance guards sacrificed to the cause.

You reach below, your hands encircling my hips as you draw my naked body forward...poised just above your throbbing sex...your body nudging the wet, open petals of my hungering core. I lower my hands, tucking you gently where we both want you to be. You arch your back, thrusting your hardened shaft eagerly into my waiting depths.

I shiver as I feel you move within me, filling me with your heat...your full, swollen member. I close my eyes, isolating the sensation, my focus on you and the mystery that fills my soul...my body finding your rhythm...your pulse. I feel you stiffen, your breath quickening, becoming ragged as your control fades and your thrusts become more frantic.

My soft moans change in the stillness of that surrounds us, my flesh quivering as my cry of completion rends the calm night sky. So much...so much!

A strangled groan (not mine), and you begin to flood my body, cascading like molten lava from my heated core down my quivering thighs. I collapse against you...undone, my reserve lost and forgotten. My cheek softly brushes the warm planes of your chest. This place has taken my heart...my soul, and given them to you...and for that, I'll be eternally grateful.

Silently, you rise, lifting my limp remains in your arms and carrying me to our warm and welcome bed in the green embrace of our cottage refuge. The night is young...and the possibilities are endless.


Morning dawns, creeping silently into our window on tiptoe as we lay warm and secure in each other's arms. My eyelids flutter, and the realization of where we are fills my mind.

The thought of sunrise over the calm and peaceful waters of the South Pacific draws me to the window, helpless to resist.

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