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A Persian MILF reveals she likes it Greek style!

" The "house" was perfect at least that's what everyone kept saying. When you're a rich guy and the C.E.O. of a very fast growing company that had just gone public, you can pretty much afford anything you fancy. I had great furniture, great art hanging on the walls, great lighting, a great fireplace and the paint and tiles were great too.

Shonda was clearly impressed with this work of art. After a great tour of the house, we sat on the couch and talked about life in general. After a couple of more drinks I moved in a little closer to "talk". As Shonda kept talking I just sat quite and looked into her eyes and after a while she knew I was in the mood to kiss her. Shonda stopped talking and after a moment of silence, I placed my hands on her thighs and I leaned in to kiss her. She was quite accepting as she opened her mouth for my tongue to enter. Soon we were kissing passionately on the couch.

I suggested we move to the bed room which had a more sensual feeling. I directed her to the bedroom by her hand. I sat on the edge of the bed and Shonda came up to me, standing in front of me. I pulled her to me and soon she was sitting on my lap with her slender legs by my side. We kissed for sometime and then I lowered my face to her cleavage. I kissed her breasts with her blouse on. She let out a "yeah" that sounded like a "yeah" one would do when your team makes a bucket. She backed up and stood up in front of me and then undid her blouse exposing her amazing tits. She stood semi-nude in front of me and I stood up to suck on her amazing tits. I chewed on her nipples with my hands groping her ass still covered by her skirt. I went back to kissing in between her breasts and then I went back to the neck as we ended up French kissing again. I quickly undressed and then I proceeded to undress this goddess.

"Clint you need to know something," she said with a shaky voice, resisting me from undressing her further.

"There's something that's important enough to say now?"

"Yeah well... You know I'm a, you know...'"

I wasn't going to listen to her now. I was in the heat of the moment and this wasn't the time for emotional talk. I pulled down her skirt and to my surprise I saw a bulge in her underwear. "What the hell is this shit?" I said in amusement.

"Well, that's what I wanted to say. I am a, you know, a shemale, a girl with a cock, a ladyboy, you know..." she said in an awkward tone.

"Holy shit" was all I said and with that I pulled down her underwear in curiosity. Out sprang an erect penis around 6 inches in length, uncircumcised. I was in awe for a moment or two. It looked beautiful. It looked familiar to mine only that mine was darker and half an inch or so bigger. I slowly pushed the foreskin back and exposed the whole head. The urge to suck it came naturally to me.

I gave her penis a few good licks and then took the head in my mouth. I played around the edges of the penis with my tongue, tickling her foreskin as she was letting out soft moans. I slowly but steadily began to furiously suck on her penis. Within a few minutes of furious sucking she blew her load into my mouth without any warning. I felt obligated to swallow her semen which tasted quite tasty compared to mine (thanks to a meat and fish diet).

"Oh Clint, that was awesome. Was that your first time?"

"Well, I've been with a few guys before so... but this feels so much better"

"Better? This is mind fucking good. Now it's my turn to return a favor."

With that she gently pushed me on my back on the bed and she got to work.

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