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A late winter storm brings an unexpected surprise.

Then, with it set, she dropped her hair. It was naturally centred on her chest.

Amie turned her body to face the mirror on the counter. She briefly touched the pendant. She loved it. Really loved it. Erik's imposing body was behind her. He continued to feel her. She let him.

"The earrings," he then prompted.

They came out of the case. Matching blue stoned studs. Amie didn't say anything. No protest this time. Amie admired them in her palm for a moment; they glimmered in the overhead lights. Amie held them up to the side of her head. She wisped her neck around and emulated the possibility of those jewels dangling and twinkling sexily.

"They look hot on you," the stud behind her commented. He rubbed her lower back.

In an uncharacteristic fit of confidence, she said, "I know."

While she continued her self-admiration, Erik patted her back. "She'll take them," he announced to the clerk.

There were no words about it from Amie. She watched as he pulled out his credit card and handed it to the woman. Her eyes went between his hand and his face -- his confident, stern face.

As the payment wrapped up, Amie went to take them off so they could be placed in their cases. Erik told her to leave the necklace and put on the earrings. The mom complied. "You're the boss," she smirked.

Outside, Victor was loitering around the street, waiting for them to emerge from the shop. He couldn't watch Erik and his mom. He couldn't support it. How could he? Erik was stalking and hunting prey. He hung behind her, said a few things; she was so...receptive! Then came his rich housemate's active hands. He was stroking and feeling his mom! It was highly inappropriate -- this older, married woman and this much younger, much taller womanizer -- in a public place no less! Even the woman patrolling behind the counter looked like she knew something was wrong. Like Victor, she didn't want to say anything.

He had to get out of there. So he hung out on the sidewalk. He was a pacer. He walked up the length of the shop, turned around and did it again. He peered in the window. It looked like they were wrapping up. His mom reached behind her head but then looked to Erik and stopped what she was doing. She was smiling. Then she laughed. Victor shook his head and turned away.

His mom came out first. A bag hung around her wrist. Erik was behind her -- close behind her. The gems around her neck and at the side of her head really shone in the sun. She looked really happy. Victor grimaced at the sight of his friend's hands bracing her back as they stepped on to the street. Without a word to him, they continued on while he tagged behind.

Reaching a large public park, the trio planned to fill out the rest of the afternoon amongst the other revellers of the square. Or at least, Erik planned to do so with Amie.

Victor was about to take a spot beside his mom in some shaded area when an arm pressed into his chest, preventing him from sitting. He looked up at Erik who was holding a folded twenty dollar at him.

"I think your mother would like some ice cream from Ed's. How's about you go fetch us some, eh?"

Victor shook his head. "There's a line out the door, dude. I wouldn't be back for twenty minutes at least."

Erik just shrugged and nonchalantly said, "Alright. If you don't wanna go, that's fine..."

Victor hated that tone. The guilt tone. Yes, his mom was here and his guest so he should do this for her. But it was ridiculous. Frustrated, he grunted and swiped the money out his fingers. "Fine, I'll go. What do you want mom? Cone, bowl, ice cream, gelato, flavours?"

Amie was piqued at the idea of gelato. "Anything chocolate or banana please!"

"Gelato for me too. Mango. And get something for yourself," Erik ordered. Yes, ordered was a good word. Victor was apparently their servant.

Get something for yourself, Victor repeated to himself. That was real nice of him. He silently walked past him on the way to the little ice cream shop. It was good stuff, but very expensive and with a long wait. He sighed again.

Erik waited until he was away

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