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Vietnamese woman meets Haitian man at university.

Teasing him, taunting him to ravage her. Billy's middle finger, then another, and another found their way over her clit (and over, and over) as she felt an orgasm wash over her.

To Harry, her constant companion, it looked as if she were wrestling with an unseen foe beneath the surface. Water slapped the sides, as Billy was oblivious to the feline's confused stare. In her thoughts the slaps were the sounds of Scott's thrusts into her, over, and over, and over. Her fingers began beckoning towards her G-spot with each thrust.

"OH YES!" Billy shouted, sending Harry fleeing from the room.

The gristle of her long, dirty-blonde hair against the tub was Scott's stubble against her shoulder as he took her from behind. His hard, young cock not confined within boxers but pounding her hard now, driving her wild. His hands exploring her breasts, squeezing them with fervor.

"OOOOHHHH," Billy moaned as her orgasm exploded.

In her mind's eye she could see him, Scott tensing and thrusting, pouring his seed into her pussy. Their bodies coated in sweat, entwined and tangled as only lovers can be. His fingers would be the ones tracing lines along her body.

"RING -- RING.... RING -- RING," the peaceful bliss of their imaginary tryst was torn apart by the telephone.

Annoyed by the interruption, most likely that of a telemarketer, Billy opened her eyes to the sunlight streaming lazily onto the door and the phone rang to no avail just feet away.

Meanwhile, across town...

Scott had been wise to leave the window to his condo open as the early evening breeze blew through, alleviating the heavy heat of the day. It was almost 8 o' clock and he was just getting in after working overtime to make up for the afternoon's appointment. To make matters worse, Adena was gone and he found himself alone on a Friday night. Although it was only a couple weeks, he missed the excitement of being with the sexy, intelligent coed.

After checking his mailbox, which was largely filled with bills, he was delighted to find the latest issue of Playboy. Settling onto his large, comfy leather couch, he opened the illicit magazine. Skimming quickly past the articles, he found the pictorial for the Playmate of the month. The scenes of a gorgeous blonde bent over a barbed-wire fence, implausible as they may be, aroused him. As the stress of the day began to drift away, Scott's pants became unbearably uncomfortable.

Undoing his belt and sliding his dress pants to his ankles enabled his hard cock to spring through the slit of his boxer shorts. The magazine was now dangling from his left hand, within his field of view, as Scott instinctively enclosed his hard-on with his right fist. Tugging slowly on his cock quickly had the desired effect as it stiffened in his hand.

"Oh Miss September, you dirty, dirty girl," Scott scolded the scantily clad image.

As he stroked his cock harder and faster, the grin on his face widened from ear to ear.

"You dirty, dirty blonde. Just like... Ohhhh, naughty nurse Billy..." Scott trailed off as his thoughts passed from the Playmate to Billy.

"Big... juicy... tits... fuck..." Scott grunted as he pounded his cock with abandon.

Billy was so damn sexy. She wasn't Playboy Playmate or porn star 'perfect' sexy, but that imperfect sexiness. Her tummy showing through with the shirt she had on. God, that thing could barely contain her breasts. Oh, and that fat ass. God, she probably hated it, but Scott couldn't get the image of her walking away from him out of his mind.

"Oh yeah, bend over," Scott ordered his imaginary lover.

In his mind, Billy was bent over. Slowly peeling her pants down along her ample butt cheeks. Scott was with her now, not bothering to even take off her panties, just moving them aside and plunging himself into her.

"Oh, sweet ass," he hissed as his hand worked overtime on his cock.

Copious amounts of pre-cum coated the head of his cock and his fingers.

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