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We told each other next morning how well we had slept.

The summer term passed all too quickly, with frequent evening walks, pauses on benches, accounts of sex from me and masturbations from her. There were visits to the boat-house, too, of course, and her periods were no great hindrance to our mutual satisfaction. All the time I was sure that, sooner or later, my cock would be in that sweet, slippery vagina instead of my fingers. Surely her immense curiosity would eventually be too great? Her need to know all would carry the day at last.

As the end of term approached she became edgy, a little distracted on our walks, though ready enough to masturbate when I gave detailed accounts of my intercourse with Tony and Gwen. Two cunts at once really got her going. I thought perhaps she was anxious about her plans for the vacation, and eventually asked her if that were the case as we left the boat-house late one evening.

She seemed more relaxed, maybe because of the powerful climax she had just had with my fingers in her vagina. 'I don't have any plans at all this year,' she said. 'I had thought of going to a friend in Wales. She has a rather primitive cottage near Llangollen. But, actually, I've been having other ideas. Involving you.' She broke off.

'Involving me?'

'Yes. I wondered about staying, so we might be together. Specially. I'm thinking of the year before last, when Theseus and Ariadne got together in paint.'

This was rather oblique. Did she mean she wanted to replicate my time with the artist, so to speak, to the point of full intercourse? Or was she both thinking of it and fearing it, anxious about promising what, in the event, she could not deliver?

'But Theseus and Ariadne didn't get together, did they? She wanted to, but he didn't.'

'That's what I mean,' she said, 'Would Theseus actually want her this time?'

'Well, I don't know about him, but I most certainly would,' I assured her.

'Suppose she couldn't go through with it, though? She asked.

'Does she want to go through with it?'

'Oh yes. When she thinks of it she comes quickly.'

'Why don't we just see what happens. We can go swimming for a start.'

'Naked? Yes. That would be first step. You haven't seen her tits yet.'

'That is so,' I said, 'Nor her pussy, and I've got plans for that.'

'You really want to, even if we go on like now and no further?'

As we were amongst trees and it was nearly dark I took her in my arms and gave her a long, affectionate kiss.

So we had the place virtually to ourselves, and very soon we were in the boat-house and stripping off. And she had no qualms about that. She faced towards me, looking into my face, and took off her shirt. 'I hope you'll like them,' she said, unlatching and slipping off her bra. They were above average size, and as they came free they naturally flopped a little but seemed almost to bounce at their lowest. They hung, touching but pointing outwards. The nipples were small, beige, hardening in the cooler air.

'Absolutely beautiful,' I said. 'Comments inadequate. I could only appreciate them properly with lips and hands.'

'Not just now,' she said, 'We're here to swim, remember.'

She took of her skirt and stood in her knickers. 'You've been into these, these very ones, but now they've got to come off. There just may be a surprise. Here we go!'

She pushed them to her ankles, bent to take them over her feet and stood up. Her stomach was a little rounded, which I liked a lot, and her mons-hair was mid-brown, slightly curly. The surprise was that it formed a crescent. It spread sideways, thinning out as it went, up the join between stomach and thighs.

'I thought about shaving it,' she said, ruffling it with her fingers, but decided you would have to stand it as it is.

'It's charming,' I said, 'I'm so glad you didn't spoil it. I want to rub my face in it.'

'No promises, remember,' she said. 'I'm turning round now and you've seen that.'

'But I want so see it again, and again. And again.'

In reply she walked to the edge of the platform and dived into the lake.

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