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Young wife and sedated father-in-law celebrate Valentine's.

With an exultant groan Nicky pumped his load down her throat but fortunately withdrew quickly trailing a long string of cum from her mouth to his cock. He quickly pulled her up and swung her around so she was sitting on the edge of the bed. Chantal was taking deep breaths and the colour was returning when she said "Come on than you said you could cum twice get it in."

With that she slid over put a leg either side of his waist and pulled him into her pussy, she used one hand to work her clit and shouted at him to "go go go." Despite having just cum he did his very best and started humping. He did have the full length inside but I suspect it was not fully erect.

Still shouting and obviously climaxing she was literally fucking him, I am pretty sure he was now fully hard again because her face was contorting and her shouts and changed to screams of "Yessssss." Incredibly this scene continued for a several minutes until with a half dozen extremely forceful strokes Nicky came again.

These last strokes did get a very surprised look on Chantal's face and some very loud screams which must have had an element of pain included in the cause. Nicky just rested with a hand on the bed each side of her and was breathing very deeply with his cock still inside. Chantal was lying with her eyes shut and little shudders were moving her whole body.

Well I definitely needed a change of trousers and all four girls looked as though they were very near or had just had a climax of their own. Julie broke the silence by saying "She may be a good boss by Christ she must be the best whore in the whole country."

Sally said "Look I have had a lovely time here this week and I have really enjoyed most of the sex but I have never managed to climax with that intensity"

Carol said "I have had a fantastic time the last few days but I too see I need some more practice that was unbelievable."

And lastly I was wondering what Lorna would say, she had not even sold her body yet and this was the only example she had experienced of what was expected of a whore. "That was absolutely unbelievable; I could not possibly give or get that level of satisfaction but I sure would like to try. In fact I would like to try right now I know that he could not be called the average sized punter we get."

I said "The way you all look I think you will be fighting over who gets the next customer but I would like it to be Lorna if nobody objects. Your choice Lorna but Chantal and I will have to see you in action before we are sure about taking you on so if you think its ok bring the next guy into Chantal's room and see how much you both enjoy."

It was just then that the phone rang and it was Carol's husband asking if he could say his goodbyes now has he had managed to get leave for the night as well as tomorrow. I told him no problem come right on over and said to Carol "You can go and show you husband your new skills for the next day or so, the mood you look in at the moment try not to break him - your country needs him."

About twenty minutes later Chantal came into the office with a lovely grin on her face, I told her we had all being watching and said "I wish I had warned you, if you knew it was a training session you may have shown a little more enthusiasm."
She said "Sorry boss you have worked us all so hard the last couple of days the guy just comes in fucks and leaves all very boring. And boy could Nicky 'bore' that was a fantastic fuck."

I told her "I have got to go and change my trousers be back in a minute; when the next guy arrives Lorna is going to show you how it should be done."

I got back in time to see Lorna already cleaning up a youngish guy, well built in a muscle rather than fat way. When she stripped off I saw she had a body which looked as nice as expected. Tits were a little on the small side but the nipples each had a barbell piercing which I liked, she was clean shaven with one small tattoo of a rose which would have been hidden if she had not shaved.


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