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.. home, work, school, interests, family, friends, hobbies, and whatever. Then, and almost without warning, the chatter concluded and silence reigned again. He thought about the evening and what all had transpired, and realized that earlier they had left the others before they themselves had ordered dinner and eaten.

"Kathrine," he turned to her, concerned, "we didn't really have dinner before. Are you hungry?"

Virtually as he spoke she felt the emptiness in her tummy and, relaxed and pleased to be with him now, nodded her head innocently and smiled at him.

"My dear young lady," his heart alight at her smile, he tried to make his tone playfully formal, "would you join me for a pleasant seafood dinner on the verandah?" He presumed that he would get another sweet smile and nod.

He was correct, to his great pleasure.

Their course decided, he stood and offered his hand to help her rise, then his arm for hers.

The resulting bodily contact was like an earthquake. She rose, stepped to his side, and slipped her arm through his, and her motion swept the bare mass of his muscled right bicep past her left breast. The bolt of electricity shocked both of them.

She could not help but gasp and she knew he noticed. It seemed to her as were her knees about to buckle beneath her. Jake slipped his right arm about her waist and held her to him, feeling his own body reacting to the intensity of their physical contact. She felt herself rendered almost senseless by the jolt, but warmed and secure with his arm about her. She laid her head on his shoulder to hide from him her deep blush, and for the first time in her life Katharine felt the sensory thrill of a man's thoughtful and gently supportive embrace.

He was so very conscious of his own heart pounding in his chest at the thrill of holding her he could not have had more than cursory awareness of her reaction to him. After a few moments, wanting not to embarrass her in the least, he kissed her on the top of her head lightly, enjoying the delicate fragrance of her hair, stroked her shoulder appreciatively, and then turned them once again toward dinner.

Jake walked slowly, casually, as if he had not a care in the world, which for the moment he did not. That was fine with Katharine, though she did not really notice. She just hugged his arm and rested her head on his shoulder, oblivious to all else. Shyness and reserve overcome, she basked in the afterglow of the moment and the company of the man who treated her so nicely.

It did not bother her at all that he did not seem to want to go back to the others. When he led her down the beach in the other direction to another place along the beachfront, an outside table by a tiki torch, she thought it very romantic and was pleased with their continuing chat.

He suggested grilled Mahi Mahi, and she agreed, trusting his judgment, though she had no idea whatever as to what he had ordered for them. She found the fish delectable and exotic, thanked him sweetly for his choice, and then they found they could laugh together, enjoying and relaxing in each other's company.

She thought his silly jokes clever, and listened to his deep voice. He told her he liked her beautiful hair, long and glistening in the ribbon she wore, and that she had the most expressive and pretty eyes he had ever seen.

These polite and positive exchanges added substantially to her quite limited fund of encouraging experience with men, and his company delighted her.

It was late when he said good night to her at her door. The evening had been more fun, she thought to herself, than any before, ever. On the sofa, one of the other girls was deeply involved with one of the fellows. It was Red maybe, she thought, and she left the light off and disappeared quickly into the bedroom she shared with Tony.

She thought again of the first question he had asked her that evening, felt the tingle in her entire being at his invitation to go with him to the movie, and then welcomed the slumber that came after a time.

-- --

So, that's the background an

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