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I had settled into a kind of rhythm, when Dan said, "Now deep throat me, boy. Take my hard cock into your throat."

I complied and took his cock all the way into my throat and began to swallow around his cock head. I had my head all the way down on his cock, with my nose buried in his pubic hair and my chin resting on his balls. Dan was moaning loudly and enjoying my throat. He then said, "Ok, now just suck the head."

I pulled his cock out of my throat and concentrated on sucking and licking his cock head. Dan moaned again as I continued. I was sucking his cock head hard and running my tongue over his piss slit and around the crown. Dan then spoke again, saying, "Now back to the shaft and suck the whole thing."

I went back to bobbing my head up and down on his shaft, sucking as I went. I was still jerking his hard cock with one hand and massaging his balls with the other. Dan now added, "Now keep going between these ways. I want you to alternate as you suck my cock. Enjoy yourself, boy. You have a nice fat cock in your mouth."

I was not enjoying myself, but knew I didn't have a choice so I continued as he had instructed. I alternated between deep throating his hard cock, sucking his cock head, and then sucking his whole shaft. I was in my own little world as I continued sucking Dan's cock. I tried to think of anything else, but what I was once again being forced to do. I had been through this alternating techniques of sucking his cock and I was now on my third rotation of bobbing my head up and down as I sucking his whole shaft. Dan was moaning loudly and I felt his balls begin to draw up. I knew he would cum soon.

Dan began to moan out, "Oh, you suck cock so good, boy. Suck that hard cock. I'm going to cum right down your throat. I want you to keep sucking my cock until I get hard again. Then I'm going to fuck your tight asshole. I may even let you cum, when I'm fucking you up the ass. Won't that be nice, boy? Wouldn't you like to cum with my hard cock up your ass?"

I could not answer him. I was too busy still sucking his big cock. But in all honesty, I just wanted to hurry up and get this night over with. The faster I made him cum again and again, then the faster he would leave. I knew he would be fucking my as tonight, probably several times. That was a given. But I had no desire to cum. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of thinking that I enjoyed this. I was busy bobbing my head up and down as I continued to suck his cock, as I was lost in my inner thoughts.

Dan suddenly moaned loudly and filled my mouth with his hot cum. I was shocked. Usually they thrust their cocks into my throat, when they came. That caused most, if not all, of their cum to simply flow down my throat and miss my mouth entirely. This time, he pumped load after salty load directly into my mouth. I had to close my eyes and really concentrate to swallow all of the man seed. I finally succeeded, and then continued to suck his cock. I felt a few more jets of cum fly from his cock, before he stopped.

I then felt his cock begin to soften. I started to really work his cock in my mouth. I put all of my effort into getting him hard again, as fast as I could. I worked his cock shaft, then sucked hard on his cock head. I continued to jerk his cock with my hand as I massaged his balls. Dan laughed at my feverish pace of sucking his cock. He laughed, saying, "Oh, that's the way, boy. Work that cock. Make me hard again. I know you want it in your ass. Keep going like that, and I'll be hard again in no time."

I ignored his taunts, as I continued to suck his cock. "Just get hard again, fuck my ass as much as you want, then get out of my apartment" I thought hatefully.

I apparently did a good job, because I felt his cock twitch in my mouth.

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