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I experience an interesting ride to work.

"Is yours still running?"

"Yep, they're out of range now so they act independently."

I walked back over and took the toy from him; it was still on low. I touched it three times to switch it off and mine cycled up to high. "Now what do I do?"

"I managed to solve that one," he said. "The luggage tags had an override off-switch and so did the vibrators so I wired them together. Just touch and hold for three seconds and it switches both off." I tried it and it switched off without starting the other one again.

I stood up on tip-toes to kiss him but I was still over a foot away, so he leaned down to me and I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing and squeezing him. "Thank you. They're amazing. You're amazing."

"You're welcome. I look forward to hearing about how they go," he smiled.


I showed them to Rupali the following day, she was really excited and christened them Ike and Mike (Ike and Mike, they look - and think! - alike).

"The big one is 'Mike', because 'Mike' is 33% longer then 'Ike'," she reasoned.

We tried them out that night, lying in our own beds and unable to sleep from the excitement of having the plugs in our pussies; every few minutes one of us would touch the button to set both buzzing lightly and we'd peel off into giggles for a little while until one of us held down the button to switch them off. Good night, Rupali; good night, Belinda; and a few minutes later it would happen all over again. I was getting pretty wet and hot, squirming my thighs together to rub the saddle against my clitoris; I was going to have to come otherwise I'd never get to sleep.

I touched the button at exactly the same time Rupali touched hers and they both switched straight to medium, buzzing up to a strong vibration and then dying away almost to nothing. We both yelped with surprise, then realised what we'd done and began giggling again. The sensation was much more intense on medium, but I was so horny I wasn't going to switch it off. My giggles died away and turned into moans of pleasure and sexual frustration; I could hear similar sounds coming from the other bed. I wanted to reach down and grab the plug to fuck myself with it, but it's not made for that; it sits flush against the vagina and almost any touch will set off the button. I had to satisfy myself with squirming and squeezing my thighs together.

I heard the covers move on Rupali's bed and the whisper of satin as her nightie slipped down her body to the floor. Then she was in bed beside me, peeling off my nightie, kissing me and pressing her naked body into mine. I returned her kiss hungrily, my tongue probing forward and finding hers, they locked together in mutual desperation and need. I wrapped my arms around her long, lean body, kneading her bottom and grinding our hips and breasts together in time with the cycle of pleasure the plugs simultaneously delivered to our pussies.

Rupali reached a long arm behind my bottom and I felt her fingers probing between my upper thighs. I opened my legs a little to give her access and quick as a snake her fingers darted in and touched the button on Ike, sending both plugs into a frenzy of buzzing, drawing simultaneous shrieks of pleasure. My thighs crashed back together as the muscles contracted and I felt the orgasm building inside me. Rupali was close as well; she bucked her hips into mine and squeezed my backside with her long, strong fingers; the nails trimmed mercifully short for netball. My entire world contracted down to a single point four inches inside my pussy where the relentlessly buzzing Ike delivered his unforgiving brand of ecstasy. For a moment that single point winked out of existence as my mind and body overloaded with the intensity, then the orgasm exploded outwards, a mushroom cloud of pleasure flowing through my pussy, my thighs, my stomach, breasts, and outwards down my arms and legs. Rupali was coming too, our muscles straining as we locked our bodies together, grinding, writhing and squeezing and trying not to scream.

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