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A reunion and a challenge.

I wanted to say what but when he showed me a video of him fucking some chick, I looked at it in confusion. Then I saw to my horror that he was fucking Sasha! My cheating, crack-whore ex-girlfriend. And she was loving that dick too. I was beginning to feel rage build up inside me when... he pulled back the phone.

"Oops, played the wrong video. It's the next one," and he pressed play.

Again he was fucking some bitch and from what I could hear, she was loving that pipe too. Damn! He had her screaming and moaning like a tramp piece from the street. He was fucking her on the same couch he had been fucking my whore of a girlfriend, giving it to this girl missionary style. I had to contain myself though, couldn't let him see that the sight of his rising buttocks as he pile drived into this bitch was making me horny. Then I heard him moan and saw his ass clench as he came. That's when he pulled out and stood up, lifted her up and on to her knees... only it wasn't a her, it was a dude. Oh shit! It was me. My mouth was open then in shock, just like in the video, only there I had Duke's dick inside it. I was transfixed. I wanted to look away but I couldn't believe this was happening... how had this motherfucker filmed me? I looked at Duke, feeling hopeless. He was smiling unsympathetically.

"So, do you like it?" he asked. I swallowed and looked at him intensely.

"What do you want?" I asked, hoping he would say money.

"Well I think you know," he said and unzipped his fly and fetched out his nine inch dick. I looked at it for one second and didn't hesitate too much because I knew what he wanted. "I think we driving now Vince," he said to the driver. "Ain't that so? Unless you want to suck my dick right here in the middle of the city. In the middle of all these people?" he asked me.

"Yeah, let's go," I said feeling a little frustrated, but I looked at his dick and felt a bit of excitement coming into me. I tasted leaned in and stuck my tongue out, letting the tip lick the head just to give it that taste. It wasn't too bad. It smelled of musk and soap and I leaned in further and kissed the head. I led it slide slowly in mouth, trying to adjust to the rhythm I vaguely remember achieving that few weeks ago. But Duke was obviously less patient than me.

He grabbed me roughly by the neck and forced my head down on his dick, letting every inch of that pipe slid deep into my throat. I had only sucked this dick once before so I was no expert but somehow it worked it's way into my throat, not all the way though. What ever couldn't fit choked my mouth and throat and had me gagging like I was trying to swallow a large piece of steak. The sound of me not being able to cope and the spit running out of my mouth as I splurted and gasped when I finally pulled off got Duke really excited.

"Yeah bitch, suck that black dick. You know how to gag on that shit boy, now here you go," he said and forced my head back on to his cock. He kept one hand on the back of my hand, applying constant gentle pressure and occasionally forceful pressure as he pushed that dick into my throat to try and open it up. I was trying my best to satisfy him, sucking every inch of his long 11 inch dick, licking the shaft and suckling the balls. It wasn't an easy task but he kept giving me instructions and coerced me into doing the right thing. One of his hands went inside my loose jeans and buried itself underneath my boxers. He palmed, squeezed and toyed with my ass.

"Damn nigga, that boy really is sucking your dick? He must be strung as shit. You sure he ain't on drugs?" asked the driver.

"Hell no nigga, he ain't.

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