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A friend wants to show off his new, quite familiar crush.

As the days went by she moved around the house unconcerned in skimpy clothing, a couple of times in bra and panties only, for a while. And of course she would sit or lay in revealing positions that had become characteristically Shelly.

Two weeks into her stay I noticed that beer was going missing and the levels in bottles of hard booze were dropping even when I hadn't touched them in days. I cautioned her about the dangers to the baby and asked her not to hit the bottle too regularly or too heavily. She lay completely off for a few days but then resumed. I was genuinely concerned about the effect of the alcohol on the unborn child but was also aware that this could be of benefit to me so I let selfishness prevail and decided to let her have her way until I got the pussy.

I'd heard her complain more than once about the swelling and pain in her legs and decided that would be my ticket to her chamber. One Saturday evening I left, telling her I was going on a date, but returned home an hour later. When I let myself in she was viewing one of my porn videos and there was a glass with what looked like rum and ginger on a little side table next to the sofa on which she was reclining. She was visibly shaken by my appearance and hastily tried to stop play or eject the cassette but in her obviously tipsy state couldn't get it right before I joined her on the chair. She was wearing only a short black half-slip, her bra-less tits pointing saucily at me, caused me to lick my lips.

I couldn't help laughing at her predicament and when she decided I wasn't going to scold her, burst out laughing herself. I told her my date had an unexpected family problem and had to go back home. She took hold of the glass and got up, saying she was going to the bathroom. I knew she wanted to get rid of the evidence, but there was no denying her drunkenness from the way she walked. I walked along with her and looking at her almost empty glass said:

"I could do with one of those. I'll fix you one while you're in the bathroom." Relief covered her pretty face as I took her glass and headed for the kitchen.

I mixed us both a stiff drink of vodka and orange juice even though I knew she'd been drinking rum. The mixture was sure to get her more high and quickly too. When I exited the kitchen she was already on her way to the living room making an effort to walk straight. I walked behind her enjoying the provocative bounce of her baby fattened ass hugged by the thin half-slip she was wearing. She had pulled the slip up to cover her tits which now effectively left her ass exposed from behind and I realized she hadn't any panties on. I thought:

"Girl, you're gonna get fucked tonight."

I sat beside her and handed her the glass of vodka and orange juice. When she turned to take it I looked, as if by accident, straight at the perky nipples poking against the thin material of the slip. I let my eyes stay long enough on the tits for her to see the appreciation in them. She looked down at the prominent tits.

"Those must hurt a lot now that they're so swollen" I said in a concerned manner devoid of sexual intonation.

She looked at them again and before she could reply I raised my glass and said, "Cheers."

"To what" she asked.

"Cheers to two people alone on a Saturday night - no friends, no lovers, only porn and drink." She giggled and raised her glass.

"Cheers," she said, and putting the glass to her lips, did like me and took a long drink.

I quickly restarted the video she'd been watching and then excused myself to go and get out of my aborted party clothes. I returned in my boxers, not attempting to hide the bulge of the half erection. She glanced at it and with obvious reluctance turned her head away. We sat in silence watching the movie. She was squirming regularly and had dropped her hands, fingers down, on her crotch area between locked thighs, moving them ever so slightly. I pretended not to notice. I got up with a full hard on tenting my briefs and went to fix us a new drink.

When I returned and handed

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